From the Mouth of the Ass (Num. 22:28)

by Jim Floyd


ParaOur Father who art, I been praying, Lord, for You to smite 'Arik' Scheinerman, aka Ariel Sharon. It has been a week already and ain't nothing happened.

ParaLook, I don't mean to be pushy but everyday young children are being killed in your Holy Land, in your Name. I can only imagine the great discomfiture that this must cause for You.

ParaYou are the One who sees every fallen sparrow, surely, You see the young bodies that litter this ugly place.

ParaAs the sun rises this Sabbath morning, I ask You once again, Lord, turn Shin-er-man over to Satan for the total destruction of his fat, greasy flesh. I Cor. 5:5

ParaHolocaust that mamzer, Lord, and let the stench of his mangy hide fill the lungs of these child-molesting Khazaric sons and daughters of Gog and Magog.

A Kabbalist Prayer (just in case)

Our Emanator, You willed the existence of an evil spirit into the world as an instrument for the punishment of wicked men such as Sharon. Let the Sitra Ahara do this filthy work.

This bloated impostor dares insult the first Parezuf, Arik. Arik, the prevader of all the Parezufim. The Macroprospus, Arik, the "Crown" of the world of Emanation.

May he, 'Arik' Shin-er-man, this barbaric 'husk,' be striped from the branches through the power of the fount called, " and clears." And may the memory of all except for his burning be so extensively erased that nothing will be left in this husk not even an infinitesimal trace.

ParaAmen. And you may be seated.

ParaBrothers and sisters, we must call on the supernatural to remove this sewer rat, Sharon. In this so-called 'land of the free and home of the brave' it is against the law to conspire with anyone, except G-d, for the removal of the murderer in question.

ParaUnfortunately, we have a chosen master race who chooses our enemies for us and has arrogated to themselves the authority to say who should live or die.

ParaWe are permitted, encouraged even, to plot, plan, and openly wish for the assassination of Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi, Arafat, Khomeini, amen, we may wear T-shirts with these people in the cross-hairs, but Shin-er-man Sharon is protected by the same law that enjoins us from threatening the President, Senators, and poultry inspectors.

ParaSo, join me in asking the Almighty (Blessed be He) to rid the world of this maniacal manure that is, Ariel Sharon.

ParaFirst Sharon and then we will be asking that the much maligned Palestinians be pulled-back a safe distance and that all the nuclear weapons, which these so-called Israelis have stolen from us, be removed, and then that G-d Almighty make Mediterranean fish-bait out of every mamzer bastard over there!

James Floyd
Pontifex Maximus



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