The Jewification of America, Part 2

by Jim Floyd


To the French government:

. . . . Please be advised that if you take the decision to attack America there will be millions here who will welcome you, with open arms, as liberators. We want, desperately, to rebel but are afraid. We all fear the North American Death Squads such as the FBI, BATF, etc. We are justifiably fearful, because we remember Abe Lincoln, the Saddam Hussein of the 1860ís, and his use of weapons of mass destruction against his own people. His image is everywhere, pictures, and monuments, constant reminders of what could happen if we revolt.

. . . . We will dance with you up and down our streets, but only if we feel that you can protect us from President Wolfowitz and Vice President Perle. Please free us from this iron grip that they have upon our once great country.

. . . . God bless France and may god damn Israel!

James Floyd
Occupied Territory of Alabama(stan)



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