The Jewification of America, Part 3

Hijacking the Christian Religion

by Jim Floyd


. . . . This crime began in anno Domini 740. In that year of our Lord, the non-Semite, non-Hebrew, non-Israelite king of the Khazars, Bulan, and 4000 of his feudal nobles gave up their foreskins and added ten million filthy, beastly, little unwashed, phallic-worshiping savages to the membership roles of the Pharisaic religion, Babylonian diocese. This religion would, much later, be called Judaism and these Turko-Mongol people would be called Jews.

. . . . It took them over fifteen hundred years to hijack the Israelite identity, steal the Hebrew religion, and occupy Palestine, but they did, and they have, and they do. What an accomplishment! One would think that ‘stealing a religion’ would be a one-time caper but no, no, not for these tenacious thieves. In the brief period of my life time, they have managed, also, to completely hijack the Christian religion.

+ + + + + + +

. . . . Oh dear Jesus, this is old Jim, coming to you Lord. Can we talk? I hate to tell you this Jesus, but You have got the sorriest, dumbest, bunch of followers ever to sing a hymn. They call themselves Judeo-Christians or Christian-Zionist. They embarrass me and I know they must surely be an embarrassment to You. Spit in they eyes, Jesus, and heal these blind buffoons!

. . . . Alas, it would be impertinently bold of me to tell You what to do, Jesus, but You must do something. Do You know that a Southern Baptist official is claiming that killing innocent Iraqi people is Christian and You approve? He claims that if You had come along, before the good Samaritan, at the moment that a certain man fell among thieves on the Jericho road, he claims, that You would have been carrying an Uzi and would have blown their arses all over the roadside.

. . . . And then there is this so-called spirit-filled Christian, Kenneth Copeland, America’s leading ‘name-it-and-claim-it’ preacher, who said today, that God talked to him and told him and I quote:

“America and Israel are fighting for Jesus.”

. . . . He went on to say that anyone demonstrating against Bush, America’s invasion of Iraq, or Israel, is “demonstrating against Jesus.” Our troops should not be afraid to “kill Ishmael’s children, the Amalekites, because they have no covenant with God,” he said. Did You see that program, Jesus? It was on what they call the Jesus channel, TBN.

. . . . It’s easy, Lord, for me to argue with village idiots like Copeland or Ashcroft, (he says God talks to him too), but when they say “God told me” then am I arguing with God? Perhaps, I’m a little aggravated at God for only talking to the dumbest among us. Is God like those space aliens who only appear to high school drop-outs from Louisiana? Why not talk directly to me, or other men of intellect and conscience? Why does He make us read, think, and work so hard to find the truth?

. . . . Well, Lord, I found the truth and the truth is, Mr. Copeland, lied! The children of Ishmael do have a “covenant” and it is called the ‘Hagaric Covenant.’ Gen.21:17-21. And an angel of God spoke to Hagar, mother of Ishmael, telling her to “fear not,” and verse 20 says “And God was with the lad.”

. . . . So, this Ayatollah Khomeini of the Christian-Zionist, son of a bitch, lied. The angel didn’t lie! And to my way of thinking, Lord, I’ll tell you right now who does not have a covenant with God; it is the Turko-Mongol-Khazar -phony-non-jew-Jew -Ashkenazi-Eastern European-Southern Russian -occidental-non-oriental, self-styled, wanna-be-Jew who now sullies every inch of the land of Palestine.

. . . . Oh sweet Jesus, forgive me. There I go again cussing. Lord. I publicly confess to calling John Hagee and other TV preachers on their toll free donation line and calling them sister-fucking, mother-fucking, Khazar-loving, sons of mamzers and that was wrong, Lord, and I know it. I’m asking You, Lord, to forgive me for using these vulgar Ebonic and Yiddish words and lowering myself to their base level. And with Your help, Jesus, I’m gonna try to stop doing it.

. . . . But Jesus You got to do something. Our troops have stopped two hours outside Baghdad. They are waiting for our President and his Jew handlers to decide if the American public will accept door to door combat, massive bombings, or a medieval siege. If they go door to door it will be another Stalingrad, if they bomb, the way they want to, it will be another Dresden, and if they lay siege it will be another Jerusalem AD 70.

. . . . These so-called preachers are preparing Your so-called followers for a blood fest, and they will do it in Your name, Jesus. Amen

James Floyd

Notes: There are many books on Stalingrad, and Dresden, but for the horrors of a siege read Flavius Josephus' Wars of the Jews.
See My Life, Leon Trotsky, pg.106. Trotsky's first supporters were Baptist.



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