by Jim Floyd


Look Cincinnati, give them niggers and wetbacks a new TV.

You heard me, that's what they want and it is far cheaper to just give 'um all a new one. Why drag the thing out? Why go through all that silliness with the protesting. Haven't you noticed?

Once they get a television the riots stop. What does that tell you?

I've watched them loot these stores, all these years, and some of the gals just steal them X-Large exercise pants, you know, them stretchy kind.

Give 'um a TV or have theirs fixed and throw-in a pair of stretchy britches for the bitches.

And let the police pass 'um out. They would look much better doing that, than just standing in a circle protecting their own butts.

Naw, they ain't scared of you, Whitey. They know you won't do anything. But from the president on down, this country fears the nigger.

James Floyd



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