Jim Floyd



From: James Floyd (jfloyd@airnet.net)
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 13:42:16 -0400 (EDT)
To: senator@fienstein.senate.gov
From: James Floyd (jfloyd@airnet.net)

Mr. President.

The Chair recognizes the Honorable Senator Floyd, from 
Alabama, for five minutes.

Mr. President, I rise in the wake of the Columbine massacre 
and join, in agreement, with my Khazar colleagues from NY, 
California and Minnesota.  I agree that we must do 'something', 
unfortunately, what we have proposed here is predictably  
banal, redundant, and banally un-original. The germane problem 
is that some members seem willing to use the circumstances 
surrounding this massacre, selectively. 

If a fact, involved in this multi-faceted crime, is consistent with 
the gun-grabbing mission of these people then they vault upon it, 
with alacrity, and demand that the circumstance requires 'their' 

Honorable members, and you too Schumer, we must consider 
'all' the facts if we are to use Columbine as justification for new 
and improved gun laws.

Yes, some of the guns were bought at a gun show, a fact! Yes, 
the internet was used, a fact. Music, movies, and video games 
were an influence, facts!

There are, however, two true  facts that we have avoided as if 
they were sea-port diseases. Two ugly little facts that are 
politically incorrect, unspeakable, taboo and Senicidal.

And those facts are that Klebold, the murderer, was a Jew and a 

Therefore and whereas, I summit the Floyd amendment # three 
hundred and sixty nine, to the Juvenile Justice Bill, S. 254, which 
will prohibit the sale of weapons to homo-Jews.  

It says 'no' to the gun-show-Jew-homo-loop-hole! 

Please, Mr. President, will you establish order in this body? 

In conclusion, I have not changed my  belief that mentally disturbed 
people should not be drafting laws to control gun sales to mentally 
disturbed people.  However, I find meself in accord with Mr. Schumer's 
continuing proposal to arrest "those who appear to intend to commit a 
crime" and I am willing to try this idea of 'preemptive punishment' on 
this nation's homo Jews. 

Mr. President, I yield the remainder of my time to anyone except 
Madam Fienstein; can't you stop her from mooning me, Sir? 

Without objection.

Warning! This dream, I am convinced, was the combined result of eating 
too much Welsh rabbit for supper and watching twerps on C-Span. 
                                              Jim Floyd         
                                              185 Co.Rd. 254
                                              Cullman, Al. 35057




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