Bedding Down With Dees (Dees v. Butler)

Parts I, II, III, Sept. 1996

Jim Floyd



Subject: Bedding-down with Dees? (Part 1)

They came for the Christian Identity but I wasn't C.I., so I didn't say a word.

They came for the loners and the misfits but I wasn't a loner or a misfit, so I just stood and watched.

They came for, and killed the Jesus cultist, so?

They came for the Palestinians, ho hum!

They came for the Odonist, all three of them, but who objected?

They came for the Militia but I wasn't a member, so I kept quiet.

They came for the Klan but I wasn't a Klansman, so I said nothing.

They came for the White racialist, separatist, and nationalist but my lips were sealed.

They came for the revisionist, Holocaust 'minimizers' and defamers of Holocaustalism, and I just listened, silently.

They came for the so-called anti-Semites, racist/bigots, but who cares?

They came for the Nazis but I wasn't a Nazi, so I did nothing.

They came for the tax objectors, anti-immigration advocates, even a Baptist Temple, again, I'm silent.

If we continue to allow people like Morris Dees to pervert our laws in order to destroy his enemies, with all his successes, how long will it be before they come for you?

Ed. note; none of the above groups would let me join'um. They say I'm too radical.

I can't write, today, because I'm mad at G-d and my old lady. Every other writer, on this side of the spectrum, has a woman to brag on'um and blow they horn. All, SHE, ever says to me is, "shut-up, they gonna put you in jail again and we ain't got no money to get you out."

And G-d keeps talking and a'calling all these other people and He ain't said a cotton-picking word to me. That ain't fair!

Next article, tomorrow(?)

Butler, Dees and Eve

Yo daddy is the devil. No! Yo daddy is the devil. No! No! No, it's yo daddy! Nan, nan, nany, nan, nan, yo dad-dy is the dev-il! G-d loves us and hates all ya'll!

Hell of a thing to have a trial about, ain't it folks?

Rebe Floyd



Butler, Dees and Eve

Part II

Yo daddy is the devil. No! Yo daddy is the devil. No! No! No, it's yo daddy! Nan, nan, nany, nan, nan, yo dad-dy is the dev-il! G-d loves us and hates all ya'll!

Hell of a thing to have a trial about, ain't it folks?

Yet, this week, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, if they let it all hang-out, would become the universal, epicenter of theological disputations. And it's about damn time! We ain't had a good theomachy since the Tennessee monkey trial. Of course, none of the real, on-going debate will be revealed.

So, what is this trial, really, about? It's about Dees, Morris Dees, a penis-licking, pedophile! It's about Pastor Butler a thief: a filcher of fairy tales. Most importantly, it's about that ancient dirt-road whore, Eve! And a few other little things like the Constitution, free speech, guilt by association, intentional advocacy, political correctness, the fire-wall between government and religion, and intellectual (?) property rights.

Butler, you dummy, you don't purloin and reinterpret J-w fables and you, certainly, do not arrogate to yoself, choseness, racial supremacy, or Holy Sperm status. My governor, Don Siegelman, our next Vice President, Yoseph Lieberman, that Sage of Harvard, Alan Dershowitz et al. own the copy rights to the creation story and Eve's sexual history. You in deep trouble, boy, for yo rewriting and cast changes!

Butler will boil, in hell, in hot excrement, for stealing J-w fairy tales. Meanwhile, he will be convicted of the un-spoken, un-written law of "appearing to intend to commit a crime," and " advocating that others "appear to intend to commit a crime." Why, hell fire, he give a boy a coke bottle, one time.

Yo Momma (or, what the J-ws believe about Eve)

Once upon a time;

Having sex with the animals, or with him/herself, (Adam was created with both male and female plumbing and with two faces) failed to satisfy lonely Adam. So, G-d took pity on him/her and scooped-up another handful of dust and created Adam's first wife, and He named her, Lilith.

Because this first woman was equal to Adam in every way, made from the same earth, on the same day, she insisted on enjoying equal footing with him. Also in the ways of love she wished to share equally, sometimes lying on top and sometimes below him.

Adam didn't like her crap so he complained to G-d and she overheard his criticisms, packed-up her belongings, pronounced the Awesome Name and flew down to the Sea of Reeds. Instantly, at least as soon as Adam got another erection, he was sorry he had dumped her. So, G-d sent Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof to fetch Lilith back to Eden.

(Here, the chronology, as in most J-w stories, gets a bit murky.) It appears that Lilith started sleeping-around, immediately. And by the time the angels reach her, she had spit-out hundreds of half-imp babies. "If you don't return with us," threatened the angels, "you will lose one hundred of your children a day until you change your mind." (Ed. Sounds like an Israeli peace proposal.)

Well, the stubborn bitch wouldn't budge, so, the dire prophecy came to pass and, from that day on, in revenge for her hurt pride and slaughtered children, Lilith prowls the night looking for new born babies to harm. She swoops down, with her long black hair and great flapping wings and sucks the breath out of baby boys and girls during their first twenty days of life.

Act II, scene I

Now comes Eve. Deserted by Lilith, Adam was double lonely, and again G-d had compassion on him. A glimmering mist fell over Adam and he went to sleep. Out of his side G-d drew a rib-bone and formed another creature. Next G-d breathed upon Adam's face with an icy breath so that the two faces, one male and one female, separated, and God gave Eve one of the faces. (the beardless one)

Oh, dear hearts, it was love at first sight! G-d, the hazzan, erected the canopy and adorned everything in gold, pearls, and precious stones. The angel choir sang so sweetly that all the song birds were shamed into silence. Thus human love was born upon the earth.

scene II

Stage right, in walks the snake. The J-w tale of Eve's fall and the Baptist version differ only slightly. The devil-snake talks Momma Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, only it was a fig not an apple. How do we know this, argues the Sages, because when Adam tried to snatch leaves from the other trees, they pulled back in horror. The carob and pomegranate, the olive and the almond, all of them could talk, and they all said, "wicked hands shall take no leaves from me." Only the fig was willing to give its leaves to hide the naked couple, for the fig was already cursed and so shared their shame.

(Ed note, Now, I told you all of the above just to get to the part where the dirt-road whore Eve drops her fig-leaf drawers for the devil-snake. And this is what got Pastor Richard Butler into soooo much trouble.)

Now the serpent lay with Eve, and she became pregnant and gave birth to a son. And she called him Cain, for she said, "I have gotten a son -- kaniti -- through an angel of G-d." For the serpent had come to her disguised as an angel.

Well! Well! Sister Eve then washes-out and lays Adam. Guess what? Yep, knocked-up again! But this time out comes, 'Hevel' son of the mist, the good guy. They call him Abel.

Momma Lieberman, momma Siegelman and momma Dershowitz close the story book, tuck they boys in, and whisper in they ears, " ya'll is chosen, ya'll is the Holy Seed and them goyim ain't even human. Sleep tight boys.

So you see, dear brothers and sisters, this thing about who is and who ain't the children of the devil is as confusing as Father's Day at the housing projects.

And as I sees it, theys only one right way to end this trial, and that is for the judge to take a sword and split Mo Dees in half and give half to the J-ws and half to Butler.

I think I'll stop here, I'm getting me stories mixed-up, again. Shalom.

Rebe Jimmy
185 Co. Rd. 254
Cullman, Al. 35057



Bedding Down With Dees (III)

No, Gertrude, I never followed Morris Dees around trying to 
kill him. I was after his horse! I wanted to shoot that damn 
white horse! 

That's why I spent my own money and time at the Department
of Archives and History, in Montgomery. That's why I have 
dogged this scabrous hypocrite since the early nineties. 

That's why I sent his court records to police, schools, talk- radio,
and to fellow curmudgeons whom I knew would use them to
help kill that damn horse. 

Did it work? Of course, not! Nothing ever works. You can find 
him, this week, still astride his white horse, riding the high moral
road through Idaho.  

Well, Coeur d'Alene, if you find that you like Mo Dees, please,
please, keep him! The people here, in Alabama, will make it well
worth your while. 



> >From Sept. 1996

JAMES FLOYD on 'Dees Day, Doo Dah, Doo Dah'

Yesterday was a rare day indeed. Carl Dettmer, a talk-show-host at WSPD (WSTD?), 1370, Toledo Ohio had the infamous Morris Dees appear, via phone, on his program. However, Mr. Dees was not informed that this writer would also be a guest.

Morris was introduced and proceeded with his routine, braggart diatribe about his book and his long-past accomplishments.

Carl, "but you have enemies, Mr. Dees."

Mo, " of course, the Klan, neo-Nazis, Militia, Christian Identity - they all hate me because I've been so successful."

Carl, "we have, on the line from Alabama, a man Jim Floyd."

Mo, " I don't know any Jim Floyd."

"Hello Mr. Dees, allow me to introduce myself; I'm from Cullman and I'm not a Klan member, neo-Nazi, as a matter of fact, I have joined only three organizations in my life - the Boy Scouts, the Baptist Church and the U.S. Army."

"I do, however, consider you to be nothing but an escape of bad sewer- gases and agree that your silly book should not be laid aside lightly - no, it should be thrown with deliberate force into the nearest trash bin."

Carl, "that's pretty harsh Mr. Floyd."

"No, I'm simply tired of Morris putting himself forward as the 'social conscience' of my State and I'm ashamed of him and for him because his whole life is an unchallenged lie." "Morris this is not accusatory, it is just a question, DID YOU REALLY GO AFTER YOUR SIXTEEN YEAR OLD STEPDAUGHTER WITH A VIBRATOR/DILDO, as sworn in your court papers?"

What followed was a brief silence and then little Morris threw the phone at the receiver - Dees ran! Morris got rabbit in his feet and ran! The day before, as we conspired to trap this slime-ball, Carl had agreed that if Mo absconded, (which I knew would be the outcome) then Carl and I would complete the hour. And I was permitted to continue long enough to cover the incident where Dees hid in the hotel toilet with a P.I. while his wife had intercourse with O'Daugherty of the National Endowment. I described how he had jumped out taking pictures and busting his wife's jaw.

I went on to show Morris at Joe Levin's lake cabin where he arranged a meeting with his wife and mistress so each could tell him how much they loved him so he could decide which he wanted.

I explained that Dees wants to be a quasi-offical arm of the Federal Police with arrest and spy powers outside the purview of Congressional oversight.

Suddenly my brave talk-show boy lost his nerve - thanked me for "calling in" and cut me off. Did Mo call back and threaten? Who knows?

This is an 800 plus e-mail/fax list and I apologize to my friends overseas who may not be interested in this posting, however, you have your own little cockalorums who act as commissars of thought and word and this serves to prove when confronted with truth they cringe and flee. Also, my only protection is public exposure - Dees has 90 million dollars and is the darling of the Feds.

thanks for your indulgence,




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