Open Call For A Moratorium

by Jim Floyd



To: Governor Don Siegelman
c/c: Paul Filben, Chairman,
Alabama Holocaust Commission

..... Governor, when you established the Alabama Holocaust Commission it came as no surprise to the precious few thinking people living in our state. Your alacrity in this matter was painfully predictable.

..... So, as the school year begins, you and your Khazar Jew friends will trudge from school house to school house lamenting the alleged horrors of Nazi Germany. You will demand that our impressionable, innocent children participate, penitently in, and show the proper contrition over, the German's inhumanity to the Jews. In a word, our children will be introduced to a senseless, unmerited, guilt trip.

..... Of course, forcing our youth to join you in the iconic worship of sixty year old corpses is necessary, you say, so that crimes against humanity will never happen again. Never again?

..... Have you no conscience, at long last, have you no conscience, Governor? How can you allow a continuation of this obscene hypocrisy while your Israeli brothers and sisters are vaporizing Palestinian children?

..... Even the most prosaic-minded among us can readily see the parallels between the accusations against the Nazis of yesteryear and the Jew-Nazi thugs in Palestine, today.

..... Don't you dare send your whining Jew buddies to Cullman County, a German community, with a license to characterize themselves and Israel as poor innocent victims! You can not be a victim while blowing the faces off small kids! You can not be the victim while perpetrating a real, ever expanding, Holocaust. You can not be a victim while practicing racial supremacy, separatism and teaching your, already bigoted, children that they are better, favored, and chosen by G-d with special divine rights over others, even the right to murder.

..... You people are not victims, rather, you are the new Hitlers! You are Nazis wearing yarmulkes. You are the concentration camp, death camp, guards. You are the goose-stepping goons, veteran Storm Troopers, war criminals with fifty years of genocide, against the people of Palestine, on your record. This is your sorry legacy.

..... While the Israelis and their serial killer, Fuhrer Ariel Sharon, search for the Final Solution to the Palestinian problem, you, Governor Siegelman, and you Commissioner Paul Filben, are their "Willing Executioners," and accessories to their eliminationist theology!

..... Put a sock in it, you mamzers! I want a complete moratorium on any and all Jew activity, anywhere, near our schools. I demand a cessation of all so-called Holocaust studies, in every school/college and a disbanding of this stupid, duplicitous, double-standard, commission.

..... As long as this merciless slaughtering, this Third Reich type occupation, this Jew inhumanity against Palestinians continues, I don't want to see any of you vile bastards near my grandchildren or their schools!

..... The innocent blood of hundreds of thousands of Palestine's children scream from the sullied dust of a thousand villages and speak far louder than this commission and its trashy Advisory Council.

..... History will not be kind to your depraved race, especially, this degenerate generation of murderers now crushing the ghettos of the Holyland beneath their iron boots.

..... However, you could show a modicum of fairness by founding a Palestinian Holocaust Commission. I volunteer, here and now, to head this organization.

..... We have the pictures of Israel's atrocities, the piles of bodies, the records of the theft of a nation, the eyewitnesses, the land deeds of the true owners, the evil orders from Jew sadist leaders to their henchmen, and enough evidence to indict world Jewry before any war crimes tribunal.

.....Of course, you will not allow the Palestinian Holocaust to be taught in Alabama's schools. But know this, I am here, so are untold numbers of intelligent, honest people who will expose you and your sick friends.

..... I can think of nothing more obscene than an ugly, beastly, little Khazar Jew, standing before our precious school children, with Palestinian blood dripping from his filthy hands.

..... Holocaustalism is a religion, a filthy, gutter religion, used to justify and rationalize the annihilation of Israel's enemies and has no place in our schools! Stop it, goddamn you, stop it!

James Floyd
185 Co. Rd. 254
Cullman Alabama 35057



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