The Axe Is Laid To The Root

by Jim Floyd

..... "Attack on America," Fox news. "Attack on civilization," Colon Powell. "Attack on democracy," Carter. "Attack on freedom," Bush. To this stupidity I scream, Hell no! Not just NO but hell no! It was an attack on the Jew capital of the world, an attack on Tel Aviv West.

..... They did not attack Harlem, nor Little Havana, nor White racists in Idaho. They went after those who have, for fifty years, slaughtered Palestinian children. You can not murder people's children with impunity. You can not perpetrate a continuous Holocaust without recriminations.

..... If we, or the Israelis, had done this to others it would have been a "surgical strike" followed by a well-thought-out letter of limited regret. Our generals would have laughed and bragged about the timing, accuracy and bravery of the troops. And the Jew fascists of New York would, again, have danced a frenzied hora.

..... Yes, America, cry with me for the innocent people killed in this horrid affair. But where were your tears when Manhattan Jews ran Palestinian boys into the corners of the walls of Jerusalem, and riddled their young bodies with American bullets? Where were your tears while Israelis blew the heads off the bodies of babies and committed hundreds of thousands of other unspeakable atrocities against the helpless and innocent, the powerless, old men and women?

..... I can tell you where the Jews of New York were because I've written it, many times. When New York Jews went to Israel and killed innocent babies, they returned to a hero's welcome.

..... Please America, cut-off the goddamn Jew Television. Say no to the insane, pro-Israel, butt-wipe politicians, and listen to that small voice, somewhere in your inner-being, that has told you over and over again that what we have done regarding the bastard state of Israel and Jew war criminals is, and has always been, wrong and evil.

..... Who did this horrible thing? I don't know and the question of who did it must be secondary to the cardinal question of "Who is responsible?" And this question I can, effortlessly, answer.

..... First I accuse Senator Richard Shelby because I stood in his face and told him that his support of Israel was creating an extremely dangerous situation for my family and friends. Although surrounded by police, and jeered by other politicians, I told him, ten years ago, that his and this nation's policies endangered us all.

..... Listen America, your poltroonish politicians are, at this moment, rattling their swords, blaspheming God, and quoting inappropriate scriptures. And all the while, looking for those "responsible." Look in a mirror, you mamzers, look at yourselves! You killed these people just as surely as if you had flown the planes!

.....You imbeciles, talking about "exterminating" those who are to blame and those who "support" terrorist. Supporters of terror? You brain-dead bastards, you have supported terrorists every time you voted to send Israel our money, our tanks, our helicopter gunships, rockets etc. etc.

..... Speaking now, is that beastly little war stud, Charlie Schumer. Charlie is talking about freedom just like a whore talks about love. What a cruel joke!

..... And now comes Hillary Clinton, wrapped in a Star of David flag and talking mean. Do you really ascribe any credence to this amateurish, Yiddish theater?

.....Oh, but standing a head taller, above all this septic, is that fat-jawed, deluded piece of human shit, the Rebe Jerry Falwell. Did you hear what this Judeo-Christian, Christian-Zionist, idiot, son-of-a-bitch said? Did You hear him, Jesus? He said, "We should do what Ronald Reagan did to Muammar Kaddafi, kill their families." Were it not for Jerry Falwell and his asinine followers there would never have been a Twin Towers suicide attack.

.....You don't have a congressman or woman or prominent religious leader, who can say no, to the Jew. If one refuses, in even a slight way, to support Jew terrorists, they all know that their careers would abruptly end. These cowards, from the President on down, will continue to deny their own culpability and will, forever, sacrifice our people on a stupid, bloody, Zionist altar.

..... Listen to them! They are talking Jewish, thinking Jewish and will soon lash-out in a very unmanly Jewish way. They are talking revenge, blood revenge. Lets go kill somebody, anybody, and their families!

..... "We will find these people and they will suffer," said George. "We gonna hunt-down and punish those responsible."

..... Well, George, why don't we start with those Jew writers who, just last week, advocated exterminating or forcibly expelling all Palestinians from their homeland. Take a hard look at what you, your vice president, and Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld, etc. said when asked about the Israelis assassinating PLO leaders. You people approved of these horrors and some even said that they would do the same things here, if necessary. Extra-judicial assassinations, here?

..... So, look at you. You miserable accessories, accomplices, collaborators, you brought this plague to our shores. Before the fact and after the fact, you will continue to deny guilt for this disaster, and like the Jew, and like your marionette predecessors, you will never question your own responsibility, nor the insanity of your one-sided foreign policies.

..... A few, only a precious few, thinking-people, know that we are already at war. At war with our consciences, and at war with the ignorance of those proles around us whose senses are controlled by the very ones who caused this calamity. As long as we call Israel our friend there will always be an Osama bin Laden.

Two Minutes of Hate

..... And the proles will, again, blame whomever they are told to blame and demand the destruction of Oceania East or Oceania West because:

"It was not desirable that the proles should have strong political feelings. All that was required of them was a primitive patriotism which could be appealed to whenever it was necessary."
George Orwell -- "1984"

..... Can we not stop for just one moment and ask ourselves the simple, simplest, question: Why do people hate us so? Is there something patently wrong with us or what our leaders are doing?

..... We believed them when we traded liberties for security. May we never again allow our "loathing of Big Brother to change into adoration, where Big Brother seems to tower up, an invincible, fearless protector, standing like a rock against the hordes of Asia." (ditto)

..... Israel is not worth the blood or bone of a single American. Oh God in heaven, look what it just cost us! Is this a wake-up call with the worst yet to come? God save us from our leaders and from our ignorance.

James Floyd



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