by Jim Floyd


Where are you, fellow? Who the hell are you, this week? Are you blind? Are you as painfully stupid as are your, so called, followers? Can you not hear?

Why were you not moved to some reaction by the horrific cries of that precious Palestinian child? Did you not see him cringing, drawing his little legs into a fetal position, screaming, knowing that these barbaric bastards were going to murder him and his father?

Are you back to being the God that "killeth every man that pisseth upon the wall?"

Can you see the irony, here? These slaughtered bodies were taken to a hospital on the Mount of Olives, goddamn it, the same place were Jesus said, "Suffer little children...to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

Where were you, this week, Jesus?

Why am I talking to you? Because these village idiots who claim to speak for you say that you love Ariel Sharon, that you 'chose' him, that this beast of a Khazar is one of your "chosen." What kind of God would have truck with such an uncivilized monster?

And if it were you who gave me the courage to speak-out against this fifty year Holocaust, then why, in the name of universal justice, did you not give me the courage to cut-out this bastard's black heart, years ago?

Did you really put these people in power? No! They are not people, they are animals! Did you put these animals in power, with the authority over the life and death of the world's children?

I'm talking to you because I can't talk to that duplicitous nigger who runs the U.N.

I'm talking to you, God, because I can't talk to Madeleine Korbel Albright, Dennis Ross, Martin Indyk, or any of your 'new Jews.'

I can't talk to Hillary Clinton who blames this violence on, "incendiary ideas, lessons of hatred and violence... in Palestinian history books, maps, and grammar exercises," Dear God, surely, you didn't pick this sorry bitch to represent and rule me.

Enough! Tell me that I'm wrong, God. Tell me that there is something God-like or Christian in this senseless murdering of innocent children. Tell me why this Christian nation condones, buys the bullets, supplies the missiles, and feeds these inhumane killers.

I don't want to hear about some twisted will or some infallible predestination. I want to know if you saw that child? I want to know if you heard his fearful screams and I want to know if you cried?

I want to know if Jesus wept as did Sylvia and Jim.

I can not continue.

Jim Floyd



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