Of Wolves and Dogs

by Jim Floyd


Please, do not call here, today. I have postponed all other favorable recreation to celebrate the demise of the two Israeli thugs, Storm Troopers, executed by the brave Palestinian freedom fighters.

Have you ever cheered or expressed approval for the Jewish resistance to the Nazi occupation, in the Warsaw ghetto, during WWII?

Don't you always choke-up with admiration when the Jew movies show these victims of Nazi tyranny, finally, killing Germans, standing together with only single shot rifles and home-made bombs to fight back, to throw off their oppressors?

Then you should join me in this commemoration of the indomitable human spirit of the Palestinians which will always and forever resist the uncivilized and inhumane conduct of their Israeli tormentors.

Of course, these Nazi Jews will retaliate. They will seal-off the ghettos and with the superior weapons, which we have given them, they will methodically kill an hundred Palestinians for each dead Jew.

One expects this kind of conduct from wolves, tolerates it in dogs, but when, goddamnit America, when, we you say enough?

And what you gonna do when they come for you?





by Jim Floyd -- Oct. 13, 2000

To Na-o-mi, (in special english)

A-ri-el Sha-ron go-ing to Ha-ram as-Sha-rif, or the No-ble Sanc-tu-ary, Is-lam's third ho-li-est place, is tan-ta-mount to, (the same as if) A-dolf Hit-ler were to vis-it the Hol-o-caust Mu-se-um.

Ple-ase, feel free to share this with CNN's Jew re-port-ers.

Jim Floyd



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