Gold Plated Sins of Terror

by Jim Floyd



It is a profanation, plain and simple, to misuse our servicemen and women while they are alive and then make political capital off their dead bodies.

Out of deference for the grieving families of those our sons and daughters killed on the USS Cole, isn't there someone, somewhere, who can stop this unconscionable, political hay-making, until a decent amount of time has been given for us all to lament our grave losses.

Politicians, writers and other assorted vermin began profiteering from these young bodies before they were even cold.


Plate sin with gold and justice lance doth harmless break. Cloth it in rags and a pigmy's dart doth pierce.

America, if you are watching the television, if you are listening to your politicians, if you believe these prophecy novelists, falsely so-called Christian, skillet-licking, jangled jawed, preachers, then I am here to tell you that you don't have a snow-ball's-chance-in-hell of reaching an understanding of the continuing Palestinian Holocaust.

The TV, just now, presented to us another impossible assertion. Do you really believe that Mad Albright is an "eagle?" She said, "...we are eagles." Red hot, blue blazing, hell fire and brimstone, Madeleine "just found out I am a Jew" Albright ain't no eagle!! I know eagles and I know buzzards and MKA is a clumsy, blundering, boggling, filthy in word, filthy in thought, mad fool with a frothy mouth, carrion-eating, bucket-butted, buzzard! Buzzard! Buzzard!

The only way to watch TV is to mute the sound or, better yet, cut it off and refuse to listen to this insanity, this never ending absurd propaganda.

These non-Jew-Jews own the air-ways, these phony-Jews own the politicians, these Khazar-Jews own the political parties, all of'um, and the papers, and the magazines, and the radio, and they own you, America!

They own your hearts and minds!

You will take, or have already taken, the decision that the killing of five Israelis, most of whom were spies in civilian clothing, far out weigh the brutal murdering of over an hundred Palestinians, including 24 children under the age of fifteen, a six-month-old baby, a one-and-a-half year old girl, and a nine-year-old boy. At this moment, over 3500 maimed or slaughtered human beings, 1100 plus children.

Where are you, Jesus? Talk to these people who claim to be your followers. Tell them that it is a mortal sin to be yoked, together, with murderers of children.

No, Gertrude, I did not say that all Christians are "dumb as dead mules." I said that "most" are, truly, "dead mule dumb." Hosea said the same thing. Ho. 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." It's a matter of writing style, Gertrude, but we both, me and old Hosea, are ab-so-dam-lutely right.

You are watching snipers, Israeli (?), Lon Horiuichi types, who are singling-out babies for head-shots. You are seeing Ariel Sharon, a vile demonic murderer, a Larry Potts, Bob Ricks, Floyd Clark type, promoted, rewarded, after slaughtering children.

You are hearing your Senators, presidential candidates, and other moronic lackeys regurgitate, in unison, "We support Israel." Well, why? Begorra, this old Redneck with a library card, knows, exactly, why.

And it didn't just start, yesterday. The first beastly little, Jew, briber was Haym Salomon, and the first takers were members of the Continental Congress.


"He lent money without interest, and often without repayment, to financially embarrassed members...among them congressman Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe..."

"I have been a pensioner for some time on the favor of Haym Salomon, a Jew broker." James Madison.

And, dear hearts, as these murdering mamzars continue their self-promoting, demented, claim to victim status, I must mention Sam Ferkelche, 1858, aka Sam 'Simmy' Fairchild. Simmy was a Jew peddler, a seller of Gmund gold, and phony Havana cigars. Gold that turned the ears and neck green gray and smudgy and cigars that were un-smokable and with an insufferable odor.

Little Simmy went into a German village close on the heels of another Jew peddler who had just taken full advantage of "...the ignorance of the farmer's wives and girls which brings in lots of money... one sees that ignorance is good."

Simmy went back after the German boys had beat the living dog poop out of him and told the world that he was a victim of anti-Jew bigotry. (Anti-Semitism was not a word until 1880-1885)

Sit there, America, watch that boob-tube, ingest this invincibly ignorant, 'Jew be good,' propaganda.

I hope yo goddam ears turn green and you choke on the smoke!

Jim Floyd




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