God's Jackass (a series, part 1)

(a series, part 1)

by Jim Floyd


Numbers: Chapter 22 Verses 22-30
Verse 23, "And the ass saw. . . . "
Verse 30, "And the ass said. . . . "

God used a jackass. God used a chicken. I ain't no chicken but I may well be the progeny of God's and Balaam's talking donkey. I'll talk and you decide:

he occupied territory of Alabama, my sweet home, has been cursed with a long line of mentally defective judges. And most of them have rode us hard, put us up wet, and smote the hell out us, just like Balaam whupped his ass.

On pain of being drawn and quartered, I wish to talk about Judge Roy Moore's Ten Commandments rock. But first let me establish my credentials as a Bible scholar and to do that we must look at another judge, with a Bible under his arm, who went from being a judge to being our Governor. (You can go from judge to Governor, if you get enough attention.)

Judge Guy Hunt was one of them foot-washing, hard-shell, Baptist. Now, I know everything about the Baptist, and if there are hard-shell ones then there must be some with soft-shells, but I have never met a soft-shell Baptist, or maybe I have, and didn't know it. But I digress.

Guy Hunt got caught using the State's airplane to fly to preaching engagements and was judiciarily removed from office.

I could have saved this dear brother, if he would have listened. I wrote him and gave him a 'word of knowledge.' "Brother Guy," me said, "look at what Jesus said." "Jesus said, LO, I am with you. He didn't say, HIGH I am with you, He said, Lo. Stay low, Guv, stay low," me said.

So, now you know that when I read the Bible, well, I see things that others do not see, just like Balaam's ass.

Now, when I looked at Judge Moore's five ton rock, with the laws of Moses scratched on it, I brayed, bucked, kicked at the pricks, and refused to believe that this was happening; I was struck dumb, dear hearts, and something said, "Behold Jimbo, do you see what I see?"

And I looked and behold, a multitude of people were bowed, lying prostate, on their faces, in front of this huge rock. A graven rock that was carved, deeply impressed, firmly fixed, sculptured, and on this graven-image-rock it said,

"Thou shalt not make.any graven image,
a likeness of anything. Thou shalt not bow
down thyself to them."

Hear me, oh ye jackasses of the world, you got to be dumber than a dead mule to bow down to a rock which says don't make me and don't bow down to no rocks!

But, it gets worse, like everything else in the so-called Judeo-Christian world, it goes from laughable, truly funny, to the unfunny, and on to the apostate.

Enters now, stage right, the Reverent Jerry Falwell.

Firstly, Judeo-Jerry is not the Anti-Christ, but he is to the Anti-Christ what John the Baptist was to Jesus Christ. He is making the way clear. Oh, I can't resist being redundant, please, forgive my redundancies.

Jerry Falwell is a skillet-licking, jangled-jawed, chittling-sucking, gravy-sopping, mamzer, Judaizer. He is, now, and has since the late sixties been a major player in the 'high-jacking of Christianity.' And when he came to Alabama and stood before the rock I shouted in a loud voice. "We need Falwell like we all need a seaport disease. Please God, smite his fat thigh," I prayed.

You are laughing, aren't you? This is serious stuff. I write serio-comical essays and now we will get to the serious part.

Judge Moore is promoting Moses. Moore is promoting the Mosaic Law. Moses doesn't need Roy Moore to campaign for him. Moses has a professional staff of experts, called Rabbis, who do quite well at this enterprise, thank you very much.

The One left out of all this pilpul is Jesus the Christ. I have listened intently to most of Judge Moore's public speeches, on TV, on radio, and I have never heard him say Jesus or Christ. Why? Fundamental, Dr. Watson, our masters, who now control American Christianity, do not allow us to say His name.

Not even our great and wonderful President would dare say, Jesus, publicly. When these clowns say "god" they are referring to a non-specific-deity, a generic god.

May God damn these no-name gods and
the poltroonery of the politically correct!

A word to Roy and Jerry, be a Christian or be a Jew, get yo heart circumcised or give up yo foreskins. You two are those spoken of in 2 Peter 2:20-22, "The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow (this is you Jerry) that was washed to her wallowing in the mire." If you want to return to Judaism, the Law of Moses, temple worship, animal sacrifice, etc., well, you cannot, because Jesus Christ destroyed most of it in His life and death, and [Romans] the remainder in AD 70, and what is left is the hurriedly assembled replacement Judaism, the neo-Judaism of today and it is truly dog puke and a pig's sty.

Enough, is Jesus greater than Abraham, Jacob, and the law-giver Mo-ses (son of Mo, as in Ram-ses son of Ram)? Therefore, brethren let us reason together; why would you give the son of Mo, and his law, primacy over the Son of God and his New Covenant law?

To be continued.


Dr. James Floyd

PS - Congratulations to the ACLU / SPLC Jews for their victory in this 'separation of synagogue and court house,' perhaps, you could help me in the fight I call 'separation of synagogue and grocery store.' I'm damn tired of paying a religious kosher tax on my oats.



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