Yours in Mischief

by Jim Floyd


I'm planning to get in trouble, again. Usually, I just get real mad and act accordingly. This time I am soliciting your advice, in advance, so I may act responsibly and do as little jail-time as possible.

Meanwhile, some crooks broke into me house last night. They got into the safe and stole over ten thousand dollars worth of pledges and twenty dollars cash. Thanks to them the defense fund is now empty.

I've been working, all year, for a group called 'The Center For Blacks With Bad Credit,' (CBBC) but they ain't paid me yet.

Nevertheless, here are the two situations, please, reply and give me your best, well-thought-out, advisory comments.

What Should I Do? - A Poll

Most of you already know that I live in the Occupied Territory of Alabama, on the West Bank of Cullman.


The Cullman Times, our northern, Jew-owned, local, paper ran a piece, Oct. 17, front page, headline, "Mexican Officials to Visit Cullman."

Ramon Moreno, consulate, out of Atlanta, will be at the Cow Barn, Ag. Trade Center, to issue identification cards. These are for Wet-Backs with no ID's and are called "Matricula Consular," a Mexican form of ID offered by the consulate.

The article highlights a group of locals who are aiding and abetting this criminal activity, also, "There will be tables set up for local government agencies and businesses," also, police chief Kenny Culpepper said, "INS isn't going to raid while the consulate is there." (? a deal, has he worked out a deal?)

And theys more, people are ask to donate, money, to pay for this ethnic- cleansing -- genocide. Unbelievable!

Now, here's me game plan. I'm going to dress in me best peon outfit, sandals, no socks, and me sombrero and get in line. I want an ID which will permit me and me family to go to Mexico and get a job, pay no taxes, no Social Security, we want all signs in English, drivers test in English, free health care, free day care, food stamps etc. etc. and the support of every dumb-arse Methodist church member, police chief, and news writer, down there! Begorra, with the understanding that our ultimate goal is the inevitable Whiting of Mexico!

Well yes, I'm gonna film it too, I want pictures of the businesses who are hiring illegals, knowing that they have no tax number, SS number, etc. And I want to know if the IRS, Fraud Div. is interested?

Anything you can add will be appreciated.

Problem #2

I'm writing a novel. In this fictional work a well known local becomes Governor of Alabama. He rips the flag of the Confederacy from atop the State House, greatly antagonizing the story's hero, me.

This year his wife is running for the congress and makes an appearance, on TV, talking about "family values."

In the book, the hero, is taken back to a time when this gal was dating his best friend, a married man with children. He can still see her plant her large butt, in his plane, for a weekend of sex by the sea, Ft. Walton Beach style.

He can still hear his, now divorced, friend laughing about her fellatioic skills, downstairs in the game room, pausing only long enough to holler upstairs to assure that the wife (her friend) was still at the stove cooking their supper.

The sex is not the rub, few if any, could pass a litmus test on love, me included. However, there is something prodigiously sinister, dark, intrinsically evil and warped about this woman's hypocrisy.

Quoting from the novel, "Each time I hear this woman say, family values, I want to scream, what about Brenda's family?"

End of book quotes.

So, kind hearted, advisors, should I publish a few hot pages of this 'novel', before election day? Should I send this to the editor? Am I already in trouble? Should a vicious, dirt road whore, running for congress, be exposed? Does Washington need anymore of her kind?

Should I drop these silly projects, join a main stream hate group and send in a pledge?

Or, dang me, dang me, should they take a rope and hang me? They probably will!

Please, straighten me out, folks. I don't know what to do any-damn-more.


Yo friend in mischief, Jim



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