Israel Must Perish

(a series, part 1)

by Jim Floyd


I hate Holocaust deniers! I hate Holocaust minimizers! I hate, with a virile hate, the perpetrators of this contemptible, contemporary Holocaust and I hate their willing executioners! And with equal fervor, I hate the propagandist who justify and rationalize this Holocaust.

I hate, with a perfect hate, those who use the Bible and the name of Christ to approve war crimes and I hate every paralyzingly stupid follower of these pulpit-promoters of today's, in progress, Holocaust.

I hate American-Judeo-Christianity, which has become the most apostate and murderous variety of this religion, ever, in its two thousand year history. I hate the pseudo- evangelists, their rabbis, and the new free-booter Jew-clergy-apologist who forever deify all things Israeli.

I hate apartheid. I hate racism! I hate racial supremacy! I hate the accompanying and ever present hubris of unmanly thugs that kill children from the safety of helicopter gunships, jet planes and armored tanks!

I hate the vulgar term, "no moral equivalence." A phrase that simply means that my Holocaust is more moral than your Holocaust and it is, truly, a demonic assertion from the bowels of Moloch.

I hate 'Jew only' roads. I hate 'Jew only' communities. I hate 'Jew only' voting booths. I hate 'Jew only' water. I hate 'Jew only' electricity. I hate even the words 'occupied territories.' I hate 'Jew only' theology. I hate any god who would have as his 'chosen people' such an uncivilized, inhumane, diseased-minded, gang of murdering thugs as those who now squat on stolen land in so-called greater Israel.

I hate collective punishment. I hate the ease with which Israelis transfer the alleged guilt and culpability of Palestinian resistance fighters to their children and mothers in order to destroy them and their homes. I hate every bull dozer in Palestine.

But the healthiest hate, the most virile hate, from the depths of my innermost zone of hate, is reserved for our poltroonish politicians who use our money to facilitate these crimes against humanity.


Every young Palestinian girl is an authentic Ann Frank!

Every night in Palestine is Kristallnacht!

Gaza is a concentration/death camp, as is Jenin, and Hebron and every other so-called refuge camp.

These walled-in cities have evolved from filthy Warsaw type ghettos into Auschwitz reconstructs; the new holding pens for those Palestinians awaiting the final solution.

Mr. Sharon, take down this wall!

Stop firing rockets into Gaza, Sharon! Rockets which were given to you by our equally demented American government. It is an international war crime to fire into this city, one of the world's most densely populated. Stop this, daily, blitzkrieg.

The souls of all men of intellect and conscience are sick of seeing the limp arms of dead babies hanging from stretchers.

The wall is ugly! Sharon, Israel's most infamous serial killer, is ugly! Adolphish Israel is ugly! America is ugly because the Khazar Jew has spawned a new and uglier America!

Jews R Us and we are them. Who are they, you ask? They are those proselytes of whom Jesus the Christ spoke in Matthew 23:15 ". . . [ye make him] twofold more the child of hell [than yourselves] . . . " Read it! Read it!

These twofold sons of hell live in the stygian blackness of their vulgar war-religion. They are non-Hebrew proselytes, an infernal breed, driven only by their vile instincts and penchant for ever more monstrous acts of savagery.

Their fanaticisms are the products of the centuries old nurturing of an inbred lust for conquest of land by mass murder. An Israeli is the most wicked inhabitant of our planet with a blood-lust soul, fetid mind, and living in their ever-expanding clusters of poisonous reptiles that they call Settlements.

The sadistic proselytes of the bastard state of Israel are not at war with terrorism; they are terrorist at war! Single-minded, megalomaniacal, men and women whose souls, if we can any longer assume that they have souls, are permeated with a cruelty and viciousness only essential in beast of prey.

You know precisely what the sick nation of mamzer Israel and their leaders believe. They believe that;

"The world is populated by hyenas crouching
on plots of earth from which they ought to be
dislodged by this invincible race, elected by God."

These mail-fisted, jack-booted, innately evil, thugs have grandiose mystic notions of the cosmos; a belief in Destiny; a personal divine mission; an exclusive, god given, right to kill every one that pisseth upon the wall.

The truth is that while most of the rest of the world was slowly developing civilized, humane rules of conduct, these backward, barbaric people have fantasized that some god has ordained them to be marauding thieves with the right to live on land that is not theirs, in houses they did not build and eat off the trees and vines that once belonged to their chattel.

What must we do? First, we must get nuclear weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of this suicidal, fanatical, rogue nation and the evil Sharon regime. Israeli nukes are the Sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of our precious children; God help us to remove this threat, now, not later, now!

Next, we must remove the fifth-columnist and unregistered agents of Israel from the Bush administration, Bush included. We need to go, methodically, from one governmental department to the next and expunge these disloyal Israel-firsters. Every branch of our government has become a teeming rat's nest of Jews! Your sons and daughters are dying for them every day! As for our Senate, House and staff members, I have a vision of them all standing up to their necks in bilge water, in the hole of a slow moving ship, destined for Haifa.

Then, let us settle this silly question of Israel's survival, once and for all time. Should Israel be allowed to exist? Certainly Not!

Israel Must Perish!


James Floyd



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