I Ain't Through Yet

Jim Floyd



From: James Floyd (jfloyd@airnet.net)
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 08:46:01 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: I Ain't Through Yet

      In April 1999, the Electronic Privacy Information Center,
      presented its Big Brother Awards. "The Lifetime Menace
      Award" went to the FBI. 
                 Issues and Views, Oct. 99

Ms. Reno, this is ole Jim  a'writing to you, again. I'm sitting here 
fresh-bathed, I got on my red sport coat, white belt, white socks, 
and Sunday, brogan shoes, unfortunately, I'm out of snuff, so I may 
be a little rough on you because of it.

My fat wife is here too. (weighs about four hundred, huge breast) She's 
laying-out of work from Suds-A-GoGo  because of an infected tattoo, 
which has just about ruin't her personality.  It's hard as hell to be 
moderate, measured, or even semi-reasonable under such conditions. 

Snuff deprivation and the old lady's tattoo are not our only problems. 
Topmost of all our maladies, we suffer from the cruse of independent 
thought and an indestructible memory.  We are 'rednecks with  library 
cards,' obviously, this alone makes us very dangerous enemies of the 

Exposing ourselves to you this way gives you, of course, a tremendous 
advantage in your propaganda programs, which seem to always precede 
the extermination of your enemies, since you must first 'humiliate the 
notion of their humanity' before doing them in.  We know the dangers.

But Janet, despite all our social peccadilloes, and our justifiable 
fears, we are serious students of the history of the FBI and other 
federal terrorists.  We've found that you and the FBI have several 
sores, some large, some small.  What I try to do, old darling, is 
find these cankered boils and rub'um, and rub'um until they are raw, 
then inflamed, irritated, painfully sensitive and then I rub'um some 
damn more.  So, let's do some rubbing!

A Black Sore

Some Black folk, over the past few decades, have begun to look at 
the FBI as their friends and protectors.  Some are even agents. Some 
would willingly kill their own kind, if so ordered.  None will 
discuss the historical relationship between Blacks and the Bureau. 
And for good, damn good, reasons!

You can not imagine the FBI calling Blacks "monkeys,"  can you?

       "In an effort to further polorize (sic) blacks and whites...
        Bureau authority is requested to prepare the following 
        anonymous letter on commercial stationary...

      "Why don't you and the rest of your fellow party monkeys 
        hook up with the Panthers where you'd feel at home?"


      "If authority is granted to prepare and mail the above letter,
       all precautions will be taken to insure the mailing cannot
       be associated with this office."
              New York FBI to Washington

And the rest is history, the N.Y. FBI's 'monkey letter' was approved 
and mailed.  Their targets were not just radical Black nationalists, 
no, no, they went after the so-called "responsible Negro community," 
with the same alacrity. 

And then there is the most infamous FBI letter of all time; a short 
note and the sex tapes from months of wire-taps and buggings of Mike 
King. (aka Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)  These clean-cut, straight-
shooting, white-hat-wearing, good guys, these champions of the Black 
struggle, neatly wrapped and mailed to Mrs. Coretta King and the SCLC 
a package of tapes taken from hotel rooms and other locations.  These 
tapes are full of  phone sex, vile language, "in his Negro vernacular," 
and a permanent record to substantiate the FBI's condemnations of 
King as "a Sybarite of unbridled desire, a communist puppet, and a 
Tom Cat."

Accompanying these tapes was a letter which let King know that "the 
only way out" for him was suicide.  Yes, dear hearts, J. Edgar and 
Clyde spent many a restless night laying there talking this strange 
pillow-talk before they took the decision that they didn't have to 
kill King, naw, if they applied enough pressure, he would kill himself.    

Of course, Judge John L. Smith made it easy for the FBI and Blacks 
to postpone addressing this secret relationship when he sealed the 
letter, tapes, and a mountain of other damning documentation until 
2027. (50 yrs. from 1977) Sweet laud in haben, give me 27 mo' years, 
please laud! 

And thus it has continued. Letters to the editor, ostensibly from "a 
concerned citizen," or even from a "concerned mother."  Fire-bombings, 
burglaries, shootings, approved at the highest level of the Bureau and 
conducted by an endless hoard of well paid agent provocateurs.  Wire-
taps, warehouses full of illegal files, bribery, recruitment of 
convicted criminals, murderers even, employed by the Bureau and turned 
loose on the America public.

During the fifties and onward, the FBI worked both sides of the street 
repeatedly urging and initiating all manner of violence.  It ain't hard 
to catch criminals Colored or White when you got an FBI employee in 
the car or one buying the explosives or training the bombers!  The FBI's 
corrupting effect among Blacks and Whites is legendary, from Thurgood 
Marshall, an undercover agent, until, but not including, the Twin Towers 
bomb maker, the pattern clearly shows that, back then, the Bureau was 
anybody's dog who would hunt with'um, as long as they came out looking 
good.  And their cheap ideological compass kept them going round in 

This has all changed under their new ownership.  They are now 
controlled by beastly little commissars whose hatred for all 
out-groups has remained constant since 740 AD.  And their corruptions 
are now far more clever and sinister.

This corruption has clearly spread to the military as was evident at 
Waco.  Why did two of those Bradley Fighting Vehicles have Alabama 
flags waving from their antennas?  Were these gloating sadists of the 
military species?

Enough! Enough, enough!  We don't want another Warren Report, 
John Danforth.  We want the same freedom from the government 
terrorist in the FBI/BATF that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and the 
Russian people have won from the KGB.  Shut'um down, John, 
shut'um down, now! 

And jail'um!

Jim Floyd                                               
185 Co. Rd. 254
Cullman, Al. 35057 

PS - I'm through, now, and I feel better!



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