A (lump-free) Hominy Grits Homily

by Jim Floyd


Bless G-d and General Lee, brothers and sisters, I feel a homily coming all over me. Theys voices in me head that keeps telling me, "preach it Jim, keep it simple, stay away from them didactic discourses, and tell it like it is."

The sages of the ages keep telling me that I ain't a bad person just because I tell you, fine people, that I'm proud to be White.

And that few people deserve to be White and even fewer deserve to be Southern! Can I hear an Amen?

I feel a moving in my spirit, dearly beloved, just to ask you some questions;

Can I have an all White TV channel?

Can I have an all White radio station?

Can I have an all White magazine?

Can I have an all White circus?

Can I have an all White beauty contest?

Can I, when I become a congressman, have a White caucus?

Can I have a World White Congress or National White Congress.

Can I have an all White college.

Can I have an all White, United College Fund?

Can I have a White Civil Rights Leader?

Can I have an all White national association for my advancement?

Can I have a White Defense League?

Can I have an United Congregation of White Hedge-row Preachers?

Great, white-hot, boiling, smoking, flaming, hell fire! This is depressing! I feel like just giving up, getting drunk, quitting preaching and going out and selling me body! Ain't no money in 'White preaching' anyway.


Bishop Jimmy



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