Deport Madlenka Korbel Albright

Jim Floyd



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Sent: Monday, December 14, 1998 11:10 AM
Subject: Deport Madlenka Korbel Albright

to:     Richard Shelby
         So-called Senator for Alabama
         Fax 202-224-3416

from James Floyd
         185 Co. Rd. 254
         Cullman, Al. 35057

Of course you remember me, I'm the fellow whom you described to
the police as "a special threat." The one who, although surrounded 
at your town-meetings by Chief Culpepper and crew, always confronts
you regarding your vile money arrangements with Israel and AIPAC.

I'm the one who made you lie about the slaughter of Palestinian
children, J-w money given you from Miami and New York illegally,
and the stupid shopping trip, in Cairo, when you and your old lady
were jet-setting with the J-w Senator Specter, at our expense.

Well, things haven't changed much, over the years, have they? You
still have a war chest of J-w money, (7 - 8 mil.) and the one man 
who ran against you, last election, had to  pawn his pick-up truck 
to get the filing fee.

And the jack-booted Israelis just murdered another four Palestinian
children with hard bullets; sullying the ground upon which our 
President stands, today, complying with Mad Albright's order giving 
these mad-dogs 1.2 billions of our dollars.

So, do I believe that you will question the citizenship of Secretary 
of State, Madlenka Korbel Albright?  Hell no!  But you should, 
because her commie daddy lied on his official request for asylum.  
And you must surely agree that we should react with the same swift 
justice regarding lying Bolsheviks as we do in expunging Nazis or 
Germans in general.

The evidence against Josef Korbel, aka Kurbel, aka Kerbel, aka with 
or without the umlaut, has been neatly packaged in a newly released 
book by Ann Blackman, titled Seasons of Her Life, A Biography of 
Madeleine Korbel Albright.

Sir, I know you are not a reader but would you please assign a 
staffer to read this  sophomoric, syrupy-sweet  apologia.  It was 
written for the sole purpose of exonerating a bunch of beastly 
little J-w communist commissars who destroyed their own country and 
then lied their way into mine.

Ms. Blackman's scribblings are a nauseating, childish attempt to 
whitewash these missionaries of the Comintern sent here to preach 
their "Great Dream" of one world Bolshevism, however, in the course 
of her glorifications of Korbel and family she inadvertently proffers 
documents showing his undeniable work record with the communist  
butchers of Eastern Europe and that he, his wife and daughter gained 
entry into the US through subterfuge.  The history of the Korbels 
parallels that of the many thousands of communist agents (Sleepers)
on assignment.  I am requesting that you, immediately, call for an
investigation by the Justice Department's Office of Special 
Investigation (OSI) and appoint a Special Prosecutor to oversee 
these proceedings.

                     Talking Points

Pg. 120.  Miss Marie Jana Korbel, aka Marie Korbelova, aka Madeleine
Korbel, was given citizenship August 14, 1957 as a direct result of 
her parents becoming citizens on March 25, 1957.

Pg.s 77, 78 etc. and especially see under "Documents" the ninth page, 
the bomb-shell cable to his commie masters showing him in their  
employ right up until his alleged defection thus revealing that he 
lied to gain entry into America.

note Josef Korbel working closely with and for Clementis, and even 
helping the murderer Rudolph Slansky. pg. 8 Documents.

Have staffer place a Star of David, as I did, by the names of the 
J-w 'Red Web Network' who aided the Korbels in this country.  Each 
page is a revelation of the 'Who's Who' of the commie left.

Madlenka Korbel Albright is in this country illegally and is a clear 
and present danger to the entire free world.  Protect us from our 
enemies both foreign and domestic, Senator Shelby,  protect us from  
Maddy Korbel Albright.

James Floyd

To The Choir:

Biography of the Year 98?

The above was written without  umor for the humorless Senator Shelby.
However, I am not finished with my review of this book.  Now, it 
would give me great pleasure, my friends, to share me real feelings 
with you.

Ms. Blackman's first mistake was to copyright this pulp as a 
"biography."  If she had sold it as a comedy, perhaps it would have 
been marginally palatable.  As a matter of fact, I laughed, profusely, 
at her straight-face treatment of the possible innocence of Alger 
Hiss, her scatter-gun attack on Senator McCarthy, the portable 
(diesel) gas chambers, the nude photographs of Albright taken at 
Wellesley and sent to Ivy League schools under the "personal posture" 
program, her wonderment over an ugly Maddy Korbel retaining her  
virginity all the way through college, and the absurd idea that 
Albright didn't know she was a Khazar J-w until she became Sec. of

Then there was, the mid-sixties trip through communist Europe, (pg. 
142 - 147) one of many trips where it becomes painfully clear that 
she is searching for something very special in "the Communist 
Museums."  As I read the account of her encounter with the bloodied 
countryside of Bulgaria I was at once both delighted and awed at 
natures' revenge against this daughter of the mighty camp of 
socialism.  She and her fellow traveler, Mrs. Goldstein, took to the
woods to relieve themselves and stuck their bucket-butts down into 
a patch of prickly green plants; stinging and screaming they got 
the point.  It may well be that the vegetation of Eastern Europe has 
a better grasp of what should be done to this, uh, lady and her 
Zionist friends than has yet become apparent to sane western peoples.

                        Rodents of the World, Unite!

Each page of this book is a violation of propaganda protocol.  We, 
long ago, established the standards  controlling the amount of poison  
permissible in literature, with all sides agreeing that 'good 
propaganda' must be like good rat poison i.e.. 99.9% good food for 
the rats.  This wanna-be-author has given us, in one book, enough rat 
poison to exterminate every semi-literate mouse on earth who is silly 
enough to gobble up this indigestible, banal miasma.  This book is 
unadulterated, total toxin.

Of course, this infantile attempt at revisionism will not deceive 
scholars who know  the history of the communist in Czechoslovakia. 
Perhaps it will relieve Madlenka's dark nightmares -- her fear of 
public exposure of her daddy's communist roots.

Madlenka's own words speak volumes regarding her obsession with her
family history;

         "We have a responsibility in our time... not to
          be prisoners of history, but to shape history.
                        pg. `294, Apr. 1997

         You can not "shape history," you can only re-shape 
         it and this is better known as lying.
                        Floyd, 1998

Now dear hearts, I conclude by bringing your attention to the 
scariest part of this puke propaganda.  It is recorded on page 301 
where Yevgeny Primakov, aka Finkelstein, aka Kirshblat, calls 
Madlenka Albright "Gospazha Stal."  Some of you know that Stalin 
first chose the name Koba and later took the name Stalin, "man of 
steel."  The book says that this phrase is to be translated "Lady 
of Steel."  Could this be an inside joke between two Khazar  
commissars and it's real meaning be Lady of Stalin?

Time will tell.

Jim Floyd


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