Raw, Unapologetic, Anti-Khazarism

Jim Floyd



Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 11:40:46 -0600 (CST)
From: James Floyd (jfloyd@hiwaay.net)
Subject: Raw, Unapologetic, Anti-Khazarism

To Gut-Writers of the World  (c)

No! Do not attempt to write anything, today.

You will recieve no attention, whatsoever.

Monica L. is to testify in Washington, this morning.
And when this little Khazar princess opens her mouth, 
well, she grips, clutches, squeezes, and swallows-up
the attention of even the most detached and prosaic-
minded among us.

Speaking of Clinton:

An absurd band of marauding thieves, from the bastard
state of Israel, are here meeting with Billy and the Syrians.
And it ain't going too well, folks.

The silly Syrian  Foreign Minister  began by "opening- 
up old wounds."  How self-serving of him, how dare he!

It is over!  Give it up, get over it!  What is past is past.
Why bring-up what happened 'waaay' back in 1967? 

LikeYitzhak Rabin said, when confronted about the 
Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, 1967, "...it was so 
long ago, I just can't remember."

Can I hear an amen?  Brother Clinton said, "Forget the past!"
The Israeli Ambassador, chimed-in and was appalled at 
bringing up the past sufferings of Syrians who were mutilated,
massacred, and driven off the Golan.

Meanwhile, from the pity-parlors of Bonn and the US
State Department comes, concurrently, the announcement 
that the German people will pay billions, yet again, for alleged,
communal, 'slave labor' crimes against the Khazar J-w.
Last year?  No, no!  Last decade?  No! 

Let's see, now, 39 plus 10 = 49, 49 + 10 = 59, 59 + 10 =
69 + 10 = 79, then 89, then 99, Hell fire and great burning,
smoking, balls of brimstone, that was sixty  frigging years ago!

So, you demand that we forget and you demand that we 
"never forget."  And you demand that we pay 20 billion
tax dollars to buy back the Golan.

Have you lost your goddamn mind?  Take your selective, 
Ashkenazi amnesia and stick-it!

When me son, Epsilon, reached his thirty-eighth birthday, and
was still living at home, I took him out into the garden. It was 
spring and the baby birds were, voluntarily or otherwise, leaving 
the nests and I said, "see, my son, how natural it is for the mommy 
birds to kick their, near grown, nest-fouling little dependents out
into the mean old world to make it on their own." 

It's so normal, so sane.  So? So? Why can't we kick these bird-
faced, beak-nosed, little Khazars out?  Out of our minds and out
of our  billfolds.  Out!

                      Rabbi James Floydstein
                      Economist, Child Psychologist,
                      Gut-Writer and Sanitary Mohel 



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