Arafat the Kapo

by Jim Floyd


The media, the congress, the Bush/Sharon administration, et al., are screeching at Abu Amar, aka, Yasser Arafat, to kill any and every Palestinian who would dare resist their continuing and increasingly brutal occupation. An occupation, by the bastard state of Israel, that has been and is now the longest running Holocaust in the history of man.

The Hitlero-Zionist thugs such as Sharon, aka, Arik Shine-er-man, in their search for a final solution to the Palestinian problem, have adopted a plan from a shameful period of their shameful past. They are determined, with the ever-present help of America, to make Yasser Arafat their Kapo.

Kapo was the name given to Jews in WWII concentration camps who were placed in charge of other Jew prisoners. They were incredibly sadistic. Jews beat, raped, robbed, and killed other Jews for meager benefits.

And this is what these yarmulke-wearing, international terrorist, Khazar Jews are doing in their efforts to eradicate the Palestinian race. They want a Palestinian civil war. They want Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank concentration camps to kill each other. They want Arafat the Kapo to do it for them.

Why are the Khazar Jews doing this? Perhaps, for at least two reasons. First they have tried repeatedly to convince the world that the pervert, Kapo Jews' conduct, given their situation in the camps, was no different from how any other race would have reacted. And the second reason is even clearer. If the Palestinians kill each other it means less world condemnation for the, almost daily, killing of children and other innocent people.


Amen Ariel

Washington is full, full-up like an overflowing toilet, with the most immoral hypocrites ever to leave a heel print in the sands of time. However, there are two butt-wipes for the Jew who must surely hold the record for rancid duplicity. They are Colon Powell and Condoleeza Rice.

These two are not people of color. They are not role models for black children. They are not humanitarians or believers in equality or advocates for civil rights, no, no, they are Shabbas niggers, garden variety Shabbas niggers! Support of Sharon and the bastard state of Israel makes their whole life a lie, one huge, black, dark lie.

Powell said, in an interview with Tony Snowiwitz, Foxnews, that Israel was a democracy. Mr. Powell, Israel is as far from democracy as you are from being an honest man. If they are a democracy then you should have no trouble telling me how the Palestinians voted in this last election, or how many voted for the war criminal Sharon?

Ms. Rice fares no better. Each year she comes back to Birmingham to moan over three or four little black girls, blown-up forty years ago, yet she remains silent while the apartheid government of Israel slaughters children by the thousands.

I've seen these two super-hypocrites on TV excoriating Arafat while the tape across the bottom of the screen announced the killing of toddlers by Israeli soldiers, or other racist atrocities.

Would these two Shabbas niggers have demanded that Nelson Mandela denounce violence and jail or kill his South African brothers and sisters who were fighting against apartheid? I don't think so.

One would be hard pressed to find historical examples of comparable inconsistencies. Martin Luther King be a good martyr but they roundly condemn Palestinians who are willing to die for freedom. These tormented people are fighting back, fighting for freedom for themselves and their children with the only methods and weapons available to them.

So, why does Powell and Rice support Bull Sharon, (that is his nickname, you know) and forever condemn Bull Connor? Fundamentally simple, they know that if they say the things they should say or do the right thing, they damn well know that the Jews will nail their black asses to a cross.

Powell and Rice will occasionally feign displeasure with the Israelis and pretend to play good cop / bad cop with other members of the administration but it amounts to nothing more than transparently bad theatrics.

The only difference between Powell and his predecessor, Mad Albright, is the shape of his nose and the size of his hips. And Ms. Rice has much in common, too much, with Sandy Berger.

Enough! I am offering a twenty five million dollar reward to anyone in the State Department, or other branch of government, who will drag the war criminal Ariel Sharon to Belgium and help convict him of crimes against humanity. Also, rewards will be given for information leading to the arrest and conviction of American Jews who go to Israel and murder Palestinians.

I'm old and I don't have much time left. I do not want to leave my children and grandchildren in mortal danger from an on-going idiotic, bad, foreign policy that keeps them in a vice between an Arab terrorist and a damnable Jew terrorist.

Can you say amen, brother Powell? Do I hear an amen from you, sister Rice? No, no, you are true Kapos and you love the freedom of your chains, don't you? And you will not relent until Arafat joins your sullied ranks. Damn you!

James Floyd
185 Co. Rd. 254
Cullman, Al 35057



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