Suicidally Yours

Jim Floyd



From: James Floyd []
Sent: Friday, Dec. 18, 1998
Subject: Suicidally Yours

Perhaps you slept well last night. Some of us did not. We are the unfortunate ones, informed men and women of conscience who remain immune from the effects of this latest blitz of vile war propaganda. We are 'the few' who still retain our mental abilities and vision. Clear vision which allows us to see, in our minds-eye, the mutilated bodies of innocent Iraqi children and we see without dependence on a TV picture and a pinched-face, little, Khazar Jew, announcer. And we reason outside the silly parameters so conveniently established for us.

We look at this President with extreme, total disgust and this congress fares no better. We know and have long known that this is not about a Khazaric, oval office blow-job but rather it is just another blatant manifestation of Israeli/American Zionist muscle. It should, of course, be apparent to the dumbest among us but it isn't.

Our stupid people sit in front of the boob tube and sop-up the gaseous septic flowing from the mouths of Madlenka Albright, William Cohen, uh, uh, uh, Sandy Berger or any other piece of media dominating, Khazar crap and they believe the most infantile, amateurish propaganda imaginable.

So who should we blame?

Dear God in heaven, how many times have I written this? I don't blame the pavid poltroonish American politicians nor do I blame the Zionist Khazars because they are doing what their demonic natures dictate. Does one blame a snake for biting? - that is what snakes do, they bite!

What I am about to write may well destroy me as a writer but I'm mad and I don't give a damn! And don't tell me not to cuss; at this moment they are murdering children in my name, goddamn them to hell!

I blame imbecilic so-called Christians and stingy goddamn Arab billionaires and rich, cowardly, stingy, goddamn American Palestinians. I've written and broadcast over radio, for years, condemnations of the bastard state of Israel and I have yet to receive one red cent from an Arab or Palestinian.

Don't you stupid goddamn people know that you have to buy some politicians? The Khazar Jews buy'um, train'um, suck'um, jerk'um, make'um sit-up, lay down, roll over and bomb your children whenever they, damn well, feel their insatiable need for blood.

And what do you do with the minuscule funds ear-marked to solve the Jew problem in this country? You give it to a panty-waist bunch of Washington intellectuals who do little more than post your pictures in their goddamn magazine.

What you silly bastards had better do, and do now, is find you some men and women with the courage to stand-up against our mutual Khazar enemies, people who will go to their gatherings and make their goddamn lives miserable. You need a thousand good gut-writers and broadcasters to champion your cause. You need capable theologians to attack this nations' Christian Zionist.

You need to buy your way into the FBI - the Jews did. And you need to finance the meanest, toughest Southern discontents available. We hate this goddamn government and we cry for your children. But we can do almost nothing without money.

Naw, you rich bastards just keep playing the appeasement game and sitting on your billfolds. Surely you must realize that what you did yesterday didn't work, what you are doing today is not working and what you will do tomorrow won't work. Try something new!

Victor Ilyushin is at this very moment trying to expel our enemies from the Russian Duma and break their death grip on his motherland. Help this man, now! And start, right now, helping those in America who want nothing less than the Khazar, Jew, Zionist in Palestine transformed into Mediterranean fishbait.

Sing it with me, brothers and sisters, Jesus loves the little children of the world, yes he does! Its his so-called followers who hate them enough to holocaust their precious little bodies.


Jim Floyd
185 Co. Rd. 254
Cullman, Al. 35057



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