Two Courts of Law

Last week, a federal judge affirmed the principal of one law for the rich and powerful and another law for the poor and weak by in essence pardoning convicted Arkansas ex-governor Jim Guy Tucker, thus sparing Clinton the political embarrassment.

Not a day of time will be spent in the prisons for which Tucker, as Arkansas Chief Executive Officer was responsible. The First Felon of Arkansas is in poor health and life with the criminal peasantry is deemed a death sentence, although he signed more than a few death warrants in his time.

So Tucker looted a few banks of hundreds of thousands of dollars which the taxpayers had to make good on. He shouldn't have to spend time with the lower class of criminals who write bad checks over $50 and welfare cheats who improperly filled out forms under misdirection by social workers. Noooo! Instead he will get on the lecture tour to public schools and lecture the kiddies on 'values,' 'respect for authority,' and other topics of high ethical importance. That'll teach the nippers due respect for the power of hypocrisy.

Such are the notions of lawyers who know politicians like ex-governor Tucker. They get appointed to the bench -- a pulpit to mouth the words "Equal Justice for All."

Martin Lindstedt
Granby, Missouri

Above letter was published in the Saturday, August 31, 1996 issue of The Joplin Globe.

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