Granby residents hopeful of new chief

By Debbie Robinson
Joplin Globe Staff Writer

GRANBY, Mo. -- Business people and other residents of Granby say they are looking forward to a Police Department that is respectful and even handed.

That hopeful outlook has been with some residents and business owners in the town of 1,900 people since the police chief and two officers were fired last week.

George Chandler, the former chief, and Trevor Keller and John Epperson, officers, were fired after a closed meeting of the City Council.

Chandler and Keller were charged two days later with illegal wiretapping, accused of secretly recording a meeting of the police review board on Sept. 4 at City Hall. They are free on bond and are to be arraigned Monday in Associate Division of Newton County Circuit Court.

An alleged incident involving Epperson at a Granby home was the topic of the Sept. 4 meeting, according to official records. City officials have said that Epperson was placed on suspension for five days in the wake of that meeting.

Sandy Blanchard, a Granby resident, declined to discuss the alleged incident at her home between members of her family and police officers.

"Our lawyers told us not to say too much," she said.

She said the incident involved a juvenile son of hers.

For the past six months, Granby residents have become distrustful of the Police Department because of aggressive tactics, she said.

"My younger son got pulled over by an officer who had his patrol car lights on because he (her 14-year-old son) crossed the street the wrong way on his bicycle," she said.

She said she feels like the police had lost respect for the community.

Said Mrs. Blanchard: "We've got a good group of kids growing up here. There's absolutely no reason to treat them like dogs."

She said the youths allegedly have been subjected to "threats" and "harassment."

"We've seen it personally," she said.

"We need someone here whose here to protect the community, not to rule us," she said.

Mike Logan, owner of a restaurant on Main Street in the heart of the town, said the police have distanced themselves from residents.

"You used to see them on the streets, and they would wave," he said. "That hasn't happened in the past few months."

He said he wants to see more community involvement by the police officers.

Said Logan: "As a businessman, I need to know the police, because if there is a problem in the store and they arrive, they need to know who belongs in here and who doesn't."

Logan said he prefers the police to maintain a "high visibility" and to treat the residents with respect.

"There's 15 churches in this town, not 15 crack houses," he said.

Logan said he would like to see the Police Department restore the former practice of doing security checks at night at local businesses.

"If they make an environment where everybody's nervous about going to the grocery and being followed; that's horrible," he said.

Thomas Craig has been acting police chief for 10 days and says he already is working on implementing some of the suggestions from residents, such as restoring the practice of security checks of businesses.

Craig worked as an officer with the Granby Police Department in 1994, leaving in 1995. He returned to the force in February.

He and his wife, a Granby native, have lived in the community for the past 2 1/2 years.

He is a former officer with the Goodman Police Department and also worked with teen-agers at the Ozark Center's Turnaround Ranch, Joplin.

He said he hopes to restore the public's perception of the local Police Department.

"I am going to try and change the public's eye on the department, so they can rely on us anytime they need us and feel they can call us."

Craig, 26, said he wants to restore foot patrols and work to implement programs for teen-agers, such as basketball and bicycle programs.

His first task is to hire two more full-time officers within the next couple of weeks.

"Then we'll go door-to-door and sit down and speak with them (residents), and let them know it's a changed department," he said.

In addition to Craig, the department currently has a full-time officer, a part-time officer and three reserve officers.

Craig said the town does have some crime problems, including drugs and vandalism, just like other towns. He said officers would continue to work on fighting those problems.

But the department also will focus on working with the public to accomplish goals.

Vern Styron, a longtime resident and former mayor, said residents want the Police Department to "build a good image."

"We want someone who can use discretion and keep the respect of the people, and not get the reputation for harassing everybody who


Page 1B, Saturday, Sept. 20, 1997




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That, dear reader, is exactly what is happening now. I can't keep these underbred inbreds from acting according to their nature, but I certainly can tell everyone about them and their activities.

--Martin Lindstedt

Posted on Sept. 20, 1998



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