Center not safe



What would the high priests and technicians babbling the pseudo-science of poly-ticks have the hosting classes believe about those chosen to feed upon them for a few more years?

The status-quo was affirmed because we never had it so good! Meanwhile, in another, unrelated story, we are told voter participation hasn't been lower since Calvin Coolidge ran for President. Our contentment and security levels are the same as in 1924.

Really? Looking at the entrails of the last election, let me share with you a darker augury.

We are all trapped on the same ship with no place to go. We won't all run to the left like we did in 1992 because we figured out the high priests have no philosopher stone turning the tribute a thousand-fold into bread for the masses. We won't all run to the right like we did in 1994 because the new priests handed the shekels over to the merchants. No, we won't tip the ship over.

Instead, we will huddle in the center, hoping the problems will go away somehow while we listen to the rats chew out the rotting bottom and watch the high priests loading their swag and pet rats into lifeboats reserved exclusively for themselves.

But don't worry. We'll get what we deserve . . . .

Martin Lindstedt
Granby, Missouri

Printed in The Joplin Globe,
Tuesday, November 12, 1996



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