From Marx to Maharishi: New Swindles for Old

A "Reactionary" View in Eight Paragraphs

A Reform Party Activist



When Negro youth go bad, they become robbers. When Jewish youth go bad, they become swindlers. When Nordic youth go bad, they sometimes become President. This essay is about swindlers.

When the world got sick of the swindle called Marxism, swindlers needed a new swindle to replace the old. The diamond trade, which forces American men to indenture themselves, for oversize pieces of industrial grit, was already saturated. So was central banking, which in America already had stolen from public officials, the privilege of issuing fiat money. Where would Marxist Jewish youth find new jobs? Remembering that Edward I had expelled Jews from England for their inability or unwillingness to ply honest trades, some Jews made a movie ("Braveheart") libeling Edward. This made them feel better, but did not solve their problem.

Communism wasn't Marx's invention; it was so well known in ancient Greece that it was lampooned in a popular comedy by Aristophanes. Similarly, the key equations of the greatest work of the greatest Jewish scientist, Einstein, originated on the blackboard of an Irish professor. Some older texts call the equations, the "Fitzgerald - Lorentz transformation". The German professor, Planck, who invented quantum theory, introduced the name, "theory of relativity". So, "Einstein's" theory of relativity was invented by an Irishman and named by a German.

True to form, now Jews have appropriated the Upanishads from the ancient Indo-Aryans. These Indo-Aryans were as wise to religious sophistry as the ancient Greeks were wise to political sophistry, but to swindlers, sophistry is the good part. The Jews are now in the Maharishi business. I heard an invigorated Jew, fresh from the Hagelinite rump Reform Party convention in Long Beach, glibly recount his radical "anti-war protesting" and his political organizing for the Marxist Fulaniite party. That Jew is now a Hagelinite.

When crooked Jews fight, they like to form a flying wedge behind a gifted Gentile. Hagelin is what Ulyanov was: the Gentile point man for a gang of Jews. Indeed, Hagelin's running mate is, like Ulyanov's helpers, a Jew. Hagelin appears pacifistic, but so did Ulyanov (Lenin) much of the time. Hagelin and Ulyanov are both more or less Aryan, though in Ulyanov's case, at least, there was (according to the recent biography by General Volkogonov) enough non-Aryan admixture to lessen his solidarity with Nordic people.

Like the "Bolshevik" Party, the "Natural Law" Party has its share of confused sons and daughters of the Aryan middle class, who contribute money and fill the footsoldier ranks of the cult. Like Bolshevism, "Natural Law" is one-world internationalist, nonracist, and nonsexist; all barriers against swindlers are to be swept away. Buchananite nationalists, whether Aryan, Negro, or even Jewish, are as anathema to the Hagelinites, as Russian, Cossack, or honest Jewish nationalists were to the Bolsheviks.

If you are a Jewish youth who has gone bad and become a swindler, go straight, or you will be devoured by the evil you construct. Remember what Stalin did, to Lenin's, and his own, Jewish helpers.

If you are an Aryan Hagelinite, do not allow Aryan families to be exterminated like the Czar's. Make Maharishiism into an Aryan-friendly religion, or get another.

A Reform Nationalist August 22, 2000



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