Preaching the Faith to the K.C. Red Star

To: Candidates for Missouri governor
From: The Kansas City Star Editorial Board

Thank you for filling out this questionnaire. If you need additional space 
for these or other subjects, please answer on the back or add a page.

Please state your name, address, and all telephone numbers where we can 
reach you, including campaign headquarters, if we have additional 

Martin Lindstedt, Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Missouri
Rt. 2 Box 2008
Granby, Missouri 64844
(417) 472-6901 Voice & Fax

WWW page: Patrick Henry On-Line, Your One Stop Shopping for Sedition at 

I may be reached at my home, which is my campaign headquarters.

1. Why are you running for this office and what would be your priorities 
if elected? PLEASE BE SPECIFIC. For example, if education is your 
priority, state in what ways you would make changes in funding or state 
laws concerning education.

  The purpose of my running is to polarize the electorate. The majority 
of the voters sense full well the coming storm, but continue to vote 
for more of the same big government which is currently destroying the 
social order. Since we are at that point in history which I call "The 
choosing of sides," my job is to rally the discontented and the wise 
onto the side of the Resistance, so that the coming conflict, anarchy, 
and eventual despotism will be as short and as cheaply purchased in 
terms of human misery as possible. Since there does not seem to be very 
many political options left in the remaining time, it is far better to 
get as many of the more decent people radicalized to the point where 
the government dares not destroy via means of legal usurpation the 
social order further. With great good luck, maybe the people will 
change, and a true Republic can be re-established.

  On the off chance that I get elected, my immediate priority will be 
to use my powers of veto and recission to dismantle the government 
controlled school system in favor of thousands of private schools 
chosen by parents and children for their benefit. This will curtail the 
supply of future statists, disempower the current crop of bureaucrats, 
cut taxation and people's attitudes toward the desirability of taxation 
for the "public good," and actually improve the quality of education by 
promoting freedom to choose from a variety of free-market alternatives.

2. Do you currently hold elective or appointive office; if so, what? 
What accomplishments are you most proud of and how would you transfer 
your skills in creating those accomplishments into the governor's office?

   Currently, I am Chairman of the Newton County Libertarian Party. I 
was, until the May 25, 1996 Missouri Libertarian Convention, a 7th 
Congressional District Delegate to the Missouri Expediting Committee. I 
intend to stage a revolt from the grass-roots to regain that seat and 
curtail the power of the Expediting Committee, as they are not living 
up to their fine Libertarian principles.
  I am a commanding officer of one militia, the 7th Missouri Militia, 
and am a member of several other militia organizations. I act as a 
conduit for information and communications between the far-flung and 
jealously independent militia movement.
  I write and publish a militant Libertarian newsletter, "The 
Southwestern Missouri Libertarian." I also maintain a WWW page dedicated
to Libertarianism and militia matters. I have also written numerous 
pamphlets, novels, and short stories to fill that WWW page.

  How would my political, literary, and organizational accomplishments 
translate to serving as Governor? Simple. Any competent Revolutionary 
knows which social changes will make him irrelevant. The father of 
revolution is injustice, the mother of revolution is inability to make 
necessary changes. To forestall revolution, it will become necessary to 
restore justice and allow people to flexibly arrange to meet new social 
changes. I do not love anarchy and bloodshed for its own sake, and would
prefer to forestall revolution by curtailing the conditions which make 
it inevitable.

  Also the time spent kidnapped as a political prisoner under color of 
law between April 2 - May 1, 1996 because I refused to borrow money to 
pay a bogus traffic fine showed me that the entire Missouri court system 
from the municipal courts to the Missouri supreme court is politically 
dependent and corrupt. Lawyers and judges who refuse to obey 
Constitutional and statutory law should be impeached, fined, and 
imprisoned with their victims, thus achieving a raw form of justice. This 
policy will be second only to finishing off the government school system.

3. If you are elected governor, what powers of office would you use to 
help the state maintain economic stability and growth?

  Cut taxes and unConstitutional regulations, bureaucracies, and usurped
powers mandated by the oversized State government through the use of 
vetoes and recission of tax money. The current level of spending will 
not increase, and if the General Assembly votes in higher taxes, as 
Governor I shall not collect those taxes and I shall impound money 
already alloted to cut the current level of taxation and spending.
  With more of their own money remaining in their pocket, the citizens of 
Missouri will be better able to look after their own interests in 
maintaining economic stability and growth. 

4. What steps should the governor take to encourage economic development?

   Reduce taxes and state government regulation whenever possible and 
the people will provide for their own economic interests.

5. What are the transportation needs of Missouri? What is your position 
on creation of a funding source for mass transit/light rail in Kansas 

  Maintain the current highway system in full repair using the gasoline 
use taxes paid into the treasury for that purpose. Perhaps, even a small 
expantion of the current highway system can be implimented if funds 
  I oppose using tax money from highway gas taxes for purposes other 
than road repair. State funds should not be diverted to purposes other 
than from which it was derived, nor should the overall state pay taxes 
for local government projects. 

6. Do you favor changing Missouri gambling laws by removing or increasing 
the cap on loss limits per "cruise," by doing away with cruising 
requirements entirely, by allowing casinos to be land-based, or by any 
other change?

  No. The current provisions were voted upon after a political struggle 
as to whether to allow gambling at all. I do not favor reopening that 
kettle of fish because those who won and got their nose into the tent 
are now greedy for even more gambling money.

7. Do you favor or oppose state licensure and inspection of church child 
care centers on the same basis as other child care centers currently 

  I oppose increasing the burdens upon such child care centers. Those 
parents who wish for the supposed "benefits" of a state bureaucracy 
snooping into their child-care arrangements can choose to send their 
children to licensed child care centers. There is supposed to be a 
separation between church and state. Those parents who trust their 
children with their church more than the government should not be forced 
into a "one-size-fits-all" child-care collectivism.

8. Do you support state appropriations to provide family planning/birth 
control services to low income women and teen-agers? Do you support 
state appropriations to planned parenthood for this purpose?

  No. Such funding inevitably becomes an excuse to fund abortions or 
pro-abortion propaganda. There is not any Constitutional rational for 
any such funding, and to make people pay taxes in opposition to moral 
principles is tyranny.
  Let those who want more abortions pay for them out of their own pocket.

9. Do you favor or oppose a woman's right to choose to terminate an 
unwanted pregnancy?

  No human being has the right to end the life of another human being, 
even when the existence of the unwanted human being is inconvienient to 
the interests of the more powerful.

10. Are there circumstances in which a woman's right to abortion should 
be restricted, without a complete ban on abortion?

  If a bill allowing an abortion in the case of medical necessity to 
save the mother's life was passed by the general assembly, I would sign 
it into law. 

11. Do you favor legislation which would impose a life sentence for 
child abuse that results in death?

  In light of question #9 and #10, I assume you are talking about those 
children allowed to be born.
  I will look at such legislation and if it is a simple matter of 
punishing infanticide or murder, I will sign it. However, if this is a 
means of sneaking more social-welfare legislation or bureaucracy, the 
objectionable parts shall be vetoed.

12. Should there be penalties for failure to report suspected cases of 
child abuse by persons mandated to do so under the law?

  If within current Constitutional provisions, yes.

13. Do you favor or oppose changing state law to allow Missourians to 
carry concealed weapons?

   Since concealed carry is a difficult process now, the current 
unConstitutional prohibition of carrying concealed weapons should be 
changed to allow concealed carry. Since society is breaking down, decent
citizens should be allowed to defend themselves without worrying about 
police and judicial harrassment.
   In the interim, as Governor, the judicious use of pardons can 
eliminate bogus prosecutions.

14. Should public officials be banned from accepting anything of value, 
including meals and drinks, from lobbyists?


15. Would you favor prohibiting public officials from becoming paid 
lobbyists for a year or longer after they leave office?

  Yes, in theory. However it raises First Amendment issues and unless 
tightly drafted would fail judicial review. 

16. Do you favor prohibiting public officials from representing clients 
before state agencies while they are in office?

  Constitution of Missouri Article 2, Distribution of Powers, already 
forbids lawyers, as holding a monopoly position as officers of the court 
from serving in Executive or Legislative positions. It is already illegal 
and a conflict of interest for them to be representing clients before 
state agencies now. However, lawyers, having no respect for law or 
decency, currently ignore the law and the Constitution.
  The reason for lawyers wanting to represent any clients while they are 
illegally holding public office in the executive or legislative branches 
is that a savvy criminal can pay the lawyer a large amount of money to 
delay justice while the "public servant" is performing official 
  So I suppose my answer is "Yes," although it is merely a pinprick of 
the current corrupt status lawyers are allowed to hold. It would be far 
better to simply strip the lawyer guild of legal monopoly status and all
funds acquired while engaged in enjoying monopoly atatus. 

17. Do you support the Missouri non-partisan court plan whereby Judges 
are nominated by a nominating commission and chosen by the governor?

  No. While it would be a temptation to try to only appoint honest people 
to the courts, the current system only allows the governor to choose 
from three crooks appointed by the lawyers' guild. The current lack of 
judicial integrety and independence of the Missouri courts show the 
failings of this alleged "non-partisan Missouri" scheme.
  Far better to let the people elect the judges and to allow them to 
choose non-lawyer judges, with terms of only two years. Or better yet, 
allow juries to take over judicial functions with the most intelligent 
and honest of jurors trained in the principles of law to act as a neutral 
presiding officers. This jury would undertake its historic function as 
tryers of both fact and law.  

18. What are the biggest problems facing Missouri education?

  Government schools are nothing more than a way for political interests
to indoctrinate the next generation into worshipping the government 
while providing political patronage. Setting up a government school is 
equivalent to establishing a government religion. It is the means by 
which government interests produce a new generation of drones by taking 
children away from their parents, teaching them to worship the state-god 
and dumbing them down into docility.
  Government schools are the largest items of both taxation and government 
spending, indoctrinating the taxpayer that all he has to do is vote "yes" 
and everyone else will pay most of the tax bills, further eroding the 
social order as taxes rise beyond peoples' ability to pay.
  Since the people most responsible for creating awful government schools 
cannot be trusted with "reforming" their mess, it would be best to 
exterminate the government schools and allow free-market schools to 
return to parental control by all means possible. 

19. Do you support the outstanding Schools Act, Missouri's school funding 
and reform law passed in 1993 (SB 380)? Does it need modification in any 

  No. I met a number of school board officials who were forced to expand 
their tax levies without any need for the $2.75 per $100 assessed 
valuation while campaigning for Hancock II in 1994. SB 380 was nothing 
less than blackmail forced on school districts in order to pay for the 
Kansas City federal desegregation scheme.
  The only modification SB 380 needs is repeal.

20. Do you support the state's current legal efforts to end court 
oversight of the Kansas City school desegregation program? Please 
explain your position on the case, including any alternatives you favor.
  Yes, although I don't like the way the State of Missouri is even 
bothering to acknowledge that the federal government has a say in the 
  If the feds like overseeing Kansas City schools so much, let them pay 
for it.
  My alternative is eliminating public schooling force-financed at the 
federal and state level in favor of local control and privatization.

21. Where there is a difference or opinion between the attorney general 
and the governor concerning the Kansas City desegregation case, which 
official should ultimately determine state policy?

  The governor, as he is responsible for the executive branch of 
government. I am, of course, running for governor.

22. Does the Missouri tax limitation amendment approved by voters in 
April go far enough to protect taxpayers?

  I was opposed to that amendment fraud wherein governor Carnahan and 
the politicians of the general assembly snuck in a $50 million dollar 
tax increase under guise of tax limitation. I despise Margaret Kelly for 
endorsing this crookedness.
  I was the only local politician in this area that I know of who 
collected over 250 signatures in favor of Hancock II when I ran for 
132nd State Representative in 1994. Hancock II didn't go far enough, but 
it was a start.
  Sooner, rather than later, the citizens of Missouri will need serious 
TAX CUTS rather than mere cosmetic tax limitation. 

23. Do you support the ballot question later this year to allow cities 
and counties to reinstate the 1.5 percent use tax which was struck down 
by the Supreme Court?

  No. It would be the equivalent of kissing direct mail sales good-bye. 
I certainly am not going to report on my mail-order purchases.

24. What do you think of the performance goals set by the state Board of 
Education for school districts?

  Cosmetic paper shuffling dictated by the political aspirations of 
school bureaucrats.

25. Do you support or oppose the use of tax dollars to pay for vouchers 
for private or parochial education?

  Of course I support vouchers as a necessary interim step to dismantle 
government schools. Eventually, though, there will be very low or no 
school taxes collected at the state and federal levels when local and 
parental control is established and customized free-market educational 
alternatives are the norm. Then vouchers will be unnecessary.

26. Do you favor continuation of the one-tenth-cent sales tax for soil 
and water conservation without change as currently proposed by a citizens' 
initiative petition drive? Does there need to be a change in the tax to 
include urban parks and stormwater projects in the funding?

  No.  End the tax.  Do not expand it to cover the wants of more 
political constituencies.

27. Should there be further restrictions on the development and location 
of hog farms in Missouri, in addition to what the legislature passed 
this session?

  I favor bonding and insurance by the corporate hog farmers to cover 
complaints arising from operations. Not further legislation which allows 
pollution via means of fines paid to government bureaucracies without 
restitution to private interests harmed by corporate operations.  

28. Should Missouri pass a tax cut for families who care for elderly 

  Not if it means that other taxpayers must take up the slack. I prefer 
tax cuts for all Missouri citizens.

29. Would you favor steps to simplify Missouri's income tax structure? 
If so, what steps? Do you favor simplifying Missouri's income tax forms 
for individuals and corporations?

  Yes, abolition of income taxes for individuals. A person who does not 
have control of his income is a slave. Since all legitimate government 
flows from the consent of the governed, the individual has no duty to 
support the government, much less a duty to fill out papers detailing 
how much money and property he has for the government to take. 

30. Do you support reform of health care, including medical insurance? 
What kind of changes would you make and how would you pay for them?

  I am all for free-market-based reform of the health care system. 
  The best way to do that is to increase the supply of medical 
alternatives by abolishing the medical monopoly and government licensing 
of physicians and allowing people to prescribe their own medical wants 
and needs. Since everyone is going to die someday anyway, the number of 
deaths will not exceed live births. With the wide range of medical 
alternatives available, medical attention will become cheaper and better 
as people who want to live will avail themselves of increased 
  Employers, insurers, and patients, having more money to spend because 
of less government regulation and taxes, will be able to pay for their 
own medical attention. Since we will always have the poor among us, 
private charity will take up the rest of the slack. 

31. How do you feel about government help for child care and training for
persons who are transitioning from welfare to work?

  The notion of having the government pay for a babysitter in order for 
the mother to work at McDonald's is absurd. Right now, only 28 cents or 
less out of a welfare dollar is given directly to the mother, the rest 
is eaten out in bureaucratic overhead.
  The solution is to up the rate of money paid to the welfare mom and 
child to 45 cents on the dollar, cut the social welfare bureaucracy to 
where it is only using a nickel of the dollar, and refund the remaining 
50 cents to the taxpayer.
  Note: Only one welfare child will be paid for, if the mother chooses 
Norplant, voluntary sterilization, or to give the surplus children up for
adoption, welfare money will be allowed for those options.
  Government "help" for child care and training for non-existant or 
low-wage jobs is a waste of money in order to further more government 
welfare overhead.

Please include basic biographical information involving education, work 
history, family or other information that helps define who you are. 
Please enclose or send any campaign literature you may have which talks 
about you or your position on the issues.

Martin Lindstedt, Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Missouri
CO, 7th Missouri Militia, member of other militia groups
Filed a lawsuit against the Missouri Libertarian Party, a federal 
lawsuit against MSSC College and the City of Joplin, a suit against the 
Missouri Department of Revenue, and several others.               
Born: 12-25-57           
Bachelor Science, Business Administration  Dec. 1984 Missouri Southern 
State College
Truck Driver, Writer, print and electronic Publisher, Litigator

The Kansas City Star is referred to as the KC Red-Star in this neck of 
the woods and I doubt that I have a chance as a conservative Libertarian 
to gain your endorsement. However, I am available for an interview at 
your newspaper's  convenience. Thank you.

Martin Lindstedt