The Very Last Days of the Sweet Land of LIBERTY

(and my part in it)


Major General Marcus Aurelius Quarrels,

Dictator of the Protectorate, Confederated States of Amerika

Copyright A.D. 1996, 1999, 2001, 2005, 2015, 2028



Table of Contents:

Part One: A Herd of Gadarene Swine

Chapter 1: Formation of a Dictator

Chapter 2: Once a Victim

Chapter 3: First Military Experiences

Chapter 4: Moral Reconnaisance

Chapter 5: Political Awakening

Chapter 6: The Road to War

Part Two: A Terrible Swift Sword

Chapter 7: Lexington and Concord

Chapter 8: Losses' Lessons Learnt

Chapter 9: Die Stunde Uhr

Chapter 10: The Turning of the Tide

Chapter 11: Hiroshima , then Nagasaki, U.S.A.

Chapter 12: Pyrric Victory

Part Three: The Government They Deserved

Chapter 13: With Malice Toward Some . . .

Chapter 14: Let Us Bind Up Amerika's Wounds.

Chapter 15: The Protectorate of the Confederated States of Amerika

Chapter 16: Cromwell & Coventry

Chapter 17: The Retirement of Sulla

Epilogue & Epitaph