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This page is for those people who have been cheated and ripped off by the system and who now want to have a bit of an inkling on how to fight back.

I do not promise that this “law school” will help you. In fact, if you use the knowledge within this page, you might very well end up being persecuted by the current rulers of the government, who have no intention of obeying the law. The current legal system is made up of lawyers -- persons who have sold themselves to the government for a monopoly license to steal. The current legal system is set up to benefit only the people who make up the rules -- nothing more, nothing less.

It has been admitted (by Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes) that the current court system is not a court of justice, but rather courts of law, from which you are supposed to try deriving “justice.”

Nonsense. The law has always been the whore of the rich and powerful. Sooner or later everyone loses confidence in the system and the civilization collapses, with the ones at the top falling the furtherest.

If you want “justice,” then I advise you to go out and buy an assault rifle or learn chemistry or molecular biology and then go out and make your own brand of “justice.” Don't waste your time learning government-made "law."

However, these files are included so you will have an inkling of how to start going about causing trouble for an unjust system working within “their” rules. Just remember and be forewarned that the government, the lawyers, the judges, and the police do not obey the rules themselves. This school of "law" is in place to function as a method of learning and as a fountain of anti-government propaganda.

The first step to learning anything is a willingness to learn. Hopefully you will learn from the literal "trial and error" method which I have used, without learning from "Experience -- a teacher which keeps a dear school but one from which fools will learn in no other way" to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin.



Table of Contents:

Lindstedt's Lawsuit Cookbook

Combat Law Case Readings -- The Lindstedt Files

Reading the Law -- Selected Cases and Statutes

Common Law

WWW Law Libraries

As of yet, no electronic access has the authority or the convenience of paper lawbooks. Most of the law predates the electronic age and has as yet not been scanned in and formatted to be accessible in the electronic age. Where it has been done, it is usually on CD-ROM or on computer banks not available to the general public since it is usually expensive and limited to lawyers.

Some companies, especially West Publishing, feel that their previous monopoly in the print market should translate over to the electronic age. They even bribed 7 of 9 of the current U.S. Supreme Court justices with junkets and cash rewards. Such a stink was created that a law upholding the West Publishing monopoly did not pass Congress a few years ago. However, West will be back, although how public information can be lawfully copyrighted by special interests is open to debate -- and the debate will increase.

The cases presented by the editor of this WWW page are perceived as important and pivotal enough to be presented and commented upon. The U.S. Supreme Court's pronouncements are so much like Papal rulings, supposedly infallible, that advantage can be taken of them by the wily and the determined.

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