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   And this, Frederick is my response:   --M.L.

Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 12:46:09 -0700
From: (Ed Wolfe)
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    I'm sending this to as many folks as possible with the request 
>that they pass it on, especially to lists and other such places.  

   As is typical with the mass of cowardly moral degenerates which 
infest this decaying social order on the verge of collapse, Mr. L. 
Neil Smith, a typical LibberToon, saw fit to "pass it on" to everyone 
but the object of his misinformation.

>    It's come to my attention that a person named Martin Lindstet, 
>possibly encouraged by another named Jeff Randall, 

    Now where in the world did Mr. L. ("L" is for Liar) Neil Smith 
dig up that canard except from Ed-the-Dog (Misnomered Wolfe)?
    I have not been in contact with Mr. Randall since he dropped 
out of the Movement back in Nov. 1996.  Mr. Randall said a number 
of very many mean, but absolutely true things about the militia 
movement, which some of them loveless militia generals took to 
heart.  For my part, I think Mr. Randall has gone underground with 
a few of his friends, not caring spit for the absolute idiots and 
their infilltraitors he left behind.
    As an advocate for "Leaderless Resistance" I certainly have no 
grounds for complaint by Mr. Randall not wishing to associate 
himself with the aboveground militia, their crowds of infilltraitors 
and regime informants, libberToons, and other assorted degenerate 
idiots infesting and finishing off today's social order.

>                                               has been posting 
>messages urging an alliance between libertarians 

    I would not wish an alliance, impossible to achieve in any event, 
between ANYONE and libberToons.  The working definition of a libberToon 
is a solipsistic mattoid anarchy-fascist.  I had thought that Mr. 
Smith was something I called a "Real Libertarian."  I apologise for 
my mistake.

>                                            and various racists 
>or neofascists, 

    For those people on my e-mail list of Christian Identity / White 
Nationalist belief or persuasion I have never, ever advocated any 
idiotic policy of yoking yourself to LibberToons.

>               and advocating violent acts against innocent people.  

    I suppose it all depends on what you call innocent people. I 
do not define the criminal regime's regime criminals as 'innocent 
people' but Mr. Smith obviously does -- although since he is 
proudly "pro-abortion" I suppose that those Mr. Smith does not 
consider either "innocent" or "people" are indeed fair game.

>What's worse -- at least from my viewpoint -- is that he claims 
>to be acting on principles I've espoused over 20 years in my 
>novels, essays, and speeches.

   I am about to get chastized for my incursion into LibberToon 
space -- the end all and be all of the typical LibberToon's 
preoccupation with himself.  Of course, this is to be expected 
given the moral and mental limitations of the scruffy breed. See:

>    It's not the first time something like this has happened.  People 
will read anything they wish into what they read; if they have an ax 
to grind it can get fairly demented.  A few years ago I was accused by 
a stooge of one of the Libertarian Party's most unprincipled hacks of 
being a right-wing crazy because I live in the same state as Focus on 
the Family!  I've also been called a "thug" in the national LP paper 
>because of my lifelong advocacy of self-defense.  

   It was exactly this boast which I quoted in mentioning Mr. L. Neil 
Smith to Red Mike Vanderboegh's shrill threat to report me to the 
LibberToon Establishment.  As I pointed out, there are some "Real 
Libertarians" who have not gotten along well with the LP 
Establishment, so such is no big deal.  However L-is-for-Liar Neil 
Smith has correctly pointed out that such differences are not ones 
concerning principle, but merely just another one of the typical 
pissfights between solipsistic mattoids, much like what one sees 
on them nature pictures in Africa where the vultures are squabbling 
and shitting on one another over an abandoned carcass.  L. Neil 
Smith is a 'Toon.

>    Not long ago, a sleazy little Canadian magazine tried to smear me 
by associating my name with racists and neofascists on the internet 
because I wrote a piece arguing that the Oklahoma City bombing was a 
direct consequence of Clinton Administration policies, and warning 
>that it would probably be used as an excuse to suppress dissent.

   Is that sort of like Red Mike Vanderboegh, the 'former' Tri-States 
Militia colonel, leader of a Bolshevik gang of 4-5 horseless mattoids 
calling itself a CONstitutional cavalry regiment does in running his 
infiltraitor gang as an offshoot of the Moreass the Sleezester 
propaganda front?  Why don't you go over to Red Mike's hate page 
at the Informant's Lie-bury at:

and read all about how the entire OKC bombing was caused by Neo-Nazis, 
and search in vain for something about how the criminal regime might 
have had any involvement in the matter.
   Oh, by the way, when you log on, Red Mike's Webmaster keeps track 
of who you are and where you come from, but not to worry.  It's only 
us Resistance 'Nazis' who are the source of all the evil in the world. 
   Maybe you might wish to go to Red Mike's new series, "Why, We Will 
Fight" against that source of all evil in the world, Mr. Louis Beam 
and myself.  Whatever you do, don't provoke Mr. Beam into eating 
a bowl of popcorn on his couch in his living room on April 19th of 
any year.  Entire federal buildings full of 'innocents' could be 
dead if you do. 
   When Resistance is no longer futile -- it must be Nazi, or so 
say a criminal regime's professional corps of 'intellectual' lackeys, 
ass-lickers, and witch-dokturds.

>    Those interested in seeing my reaction to this accusation may 
>read it at  Perhaps 
>I made a mistake in choosing not to sue these "journalists".  At 
>the very least it might have prevented the situation I have to take 
>time and energy away from my work to deal with now.

    Give in to your anarchy-fascist tendencies, Mr. L. Neil Smith. 
Go before the regime korts and make them Canadians pay for disturbing 
your title to other people's good opinion.  Stringing up is too good 
for 'em.  Don't let them Canadians put up a Bill of Rights until they 
have been in the grave for at least a day or so.  And make this Bill 
of Rights inapplicable for Holohoax Revisionists or people who say 
non-PC things which hurt your little feelings.

   I would advise people to go visit Mr. Smith's WWW page and this 
link for a good insight into LibberToon thought, such as it is:

   One can read the synopsis' of novel after novel of masturbatory 
drivel concerning Politically Correct revolutionaries fighting a 
revolution in which nobody 'innocent' gets killed and the revolution 
is always successful in putting LibberToons in power to do LibberToon 
stuff, whatever that is.  After all is set in order by the end of this 
LibberToonian wet-dream, the hero can retire to a suburb in White 
Amerika, segregated by as many blocks if at all possible from the 
people he calls in his heart "niggers, Chinks, Mexicans, Pakis, and 
white trash" -- especially the white trash -- who are his sacrifices 
upon the altar of his Politically Correct reality.

>    For the record:  as far back as memory reaches (50 years or 
>so), racism has been the _definition_ of stupidity in my family, 
>a way of announcing to the world that you're a brain-dead 
>protoplasmic lump.  A person's race is never the first thing I 
>notice; I'm more concerned with where he or she stands on Bill 
>of Rights enforcement.  

   Yes, yes, granted Mr. L. Neil Smith is a LibberToon of 
impeccible prejudices and  PC amoral pedigree.  
   And yes, those of us who would enforce our paper protections 
ennumerated in the Bill of Goods by the extermination of those 
people who would violate the Bill of Goods and their families 
are a matter of concern to Mr. L. Neil Smith.  Since the only 
L. Neil approved enforcement mechanism is emitting a high-pitched 
fretful eunuchoid whine, doubtless people like myself would be 
turned in to the vengeful regime enforcers by Mr. L.Neil Smith 
faster than you could say "Red Mike Vanderboegh" or "Ed-the-Dog."

>    Similarly, for something like 36 years, I've been an adherent of 
>the Non-Aggression Principle, which states that no one has a right, 
>under any circumstances, to initiate force against another individual.

   So Mr. L.Neil Smith in effect either advocates no violence 
against others, (hence a pacifist -- a coward demanding a halo) 
or would set himself up as a self-appoined judge to determine just 
where and when the motivation to use violence originated.
   Such a task would be beyond Solomon himself, but LibberToonian 
do-gooders are up to it, especially given a handy moral shortcut of 
declaring anyone who is called a Nazi guilty as charged absent having 
to search for any proof.  A shortcut such as this L.Neil Smith creature 
used against myself to render summary judgment on behalf of Red Mike 
Vanderboegh's and Ed-the-Dog's bringing up of charges.
>So vocal have I been about it that some self-styled libertarians 
>(those who called me a right-wing crazy and a thug) hate me because 
>I hamper their effort to "bend" libertarian philosophy "just a 
>little" to make it more palatable to nonlibertarian contributors. 
>Their hatred doesn't bother me; when I think about it at all, I 
>consider it a badge of honor.

    Back to that nature picture.  The most shit-encrusted vulture 
with the biggest belly is L. Neil Smith.  What a successful vulture, 
so on top of the food-chain, getting to eat on both man and 
wildebeest!  Life is good!!

>    As far as being fellow "exiles" from the LP (another of Lindstet's 
>claims) I've never seen it that way.  

    Except when giving self-satisfied speeches before other 
LibberToons at odds with the National LibberToon Party.
See Address to the Arizona LibberToon Party:

>   I'm the most widely-published and prolific libertarian writer 
>in the world.  I _am_ libertarianism to millions of readers.  My 
>books are read by many times the number who ever voted for any 
>LP presidential candidate, and I'm content that it's my "version" 
>of libertarianism that'll survive to influence the course of 
>future events.  It's today's LP fourflushers who (along with 
>the racists and neofascists) will be "exiled" -- by history.

    Doubtful.  In a world filled with solipsistic mattoids like 
yourself adept at justifying whatever you do, where exactly are 
you going to get followers to follow yourself?  I mean, how does 
advancing YOUR agenda benefit anybody other than yourself?  Your 
fellow solipsists & anarchy-fascists are too busy aggrandising 
themselves to have any time to work to benefit yourself, even if 
they did have over a five-second attention span concerning something 
other than themselves. 
   So in the end, yes, the National LibberToonian 'four-flushers' 
with their buying and selling of nominations will be gone -- as 
opposed to "exiled" as you wish, because "exiled" implies survival 
away from the collective for a purpose, and solipsists have no 
purpose other than themselves. 
    Likewise with the Missery LibberToons, who by majority vote 
kicked me out of the MoLP, and had me arrested for 'trespassing' 
for daring to videotape a public meeting concerning this 
illegal expulsion to which I was invited to a public restaurant 
managed by one of their stooges.  10-15 'Toons run things like their 
private club, thus unable to accomodate grass-roots political 
party building.  Since they are no longer the only third party 
on the ballot, doubtless they will lose ballot access this year.
   But that won't do you any good, L. Neil.  You can of course 
destroy the moral foundation of the National LibberToons, but 
having no honor or integrity yourself, you certainly cannot rebuild 
any sort of political order among your fellow solipcistic mattoid 
anarchy-fascist 'Toons.  So when the National 'Toon four-flushers 
are indeed in the dustbin of history, you yourself won't be 
even a footnote or a dust mote.

>    I bring all this up because it should be clear that the 
>Non-Aggression Principle -- which is all libertarianism consists 
>of, nothing more, nothing less -- makes any alliance between 
>libertarians and neofascists impossible.  Fascism in all its many 
>and varied forms consists of little besides the glorification of 
>initiated force. Fascism is the antithesis and natural enemy of 

    Not that I have noticed.  As said before, 'Toons are solipsistic 
mattoid anarchy-fascists.  So you people have no problem with 
fascism, per se.  Your problem is that you are such solipsists and 
mattoids and anarchists that whenever you attempt to practice 
any type of organized fascism that you inevitably fuck it up. So 
your natural fascist tendencies are only good on the retail -- as 
opposed to wholesale -- fronts.  Thus you are all in favor of 
limited government up until the time you think you have a chance 
to seize power.  Then your first act is to organize a lynch mob 
to purge weaker LibberToons while you still have power.
   Now I don't think incompetence in fully implementing evil can 
be attributed as "doing good."  I mean, non-LibberToons should 
consider LibberToon motivation, as opposed to opportunity and 
ability to engage in criminal activity in assessing LibberToonians.
   I've been observing LibberToons for six years now.  I've learned 
to judge LibberToons by what they do, as opposed to what they say, 
as they will say most anything, and perhaps even mean it for the 
moment, as they are incessantly saying something pretentious and 
   By the way, I deny that I ever proposed any alliance between 
libberToonians and the Resistance.  In the off chance I did say 
anything so stupid, I hereby apologize for saying anything so 
idiotic and out of character for myself.

>    Put another way, I oppose the Clintons because -- particularly in 
>matters like Ruby Ridge and Waco, but also for the utter contempt they 
>show the Bill of Rights -- they act just like Nazis.  I don't see how 
>allying myself with more Nazis would help things.

    You sound just like Red Mike Vanderboegh.  Is everybody you don't 
like, or you are on the outs with  'Nazis' as well?

>    To anyone who doubts what I've said here, I urge you to examine 
>my web site or read any of my novels.  I'd suggest you begin with 
>my first, _The Probability Broach_, or with my latest, _Bretta 

    I have read your WWW page and some of your writings.  Hey, I 
was wrong about you, L. Neil Smith.  Now that I have been chastised 
in the first person thirdhand, I know full well you are a liar, a 
hypocrite, a coward -- a typical libberToon 'intellectual' without 
much in the way of intellect except for self-aggrandisement.
   Looking at the snyopsis of your drivel, very few of us in the 
Resistance are as politically correct as yourself, wish to engage 
in interracial marriage, don't want to live next to people of a 
different race any more than you actually do, and we want a real 
bloody Revolution where we kill every pig and lawyer and judge 
and politician and maybe have a little sport with their families 
before we make them perpetual hewers of wood and drawers of water.  
I imagine that more than enough hatred and vindictiveness has built 
up to where the inevitable payback will make Genghis Khan's romp 
through 13th Century Iran look like a Easter Sunday picnic. 
   I really hope that one of you sactimonius shits gets in the 
way of the aggrieved seeking red justice when that day occurs.  
But probably, coward that you are, you will cower in your home 
and whine about the injustice of it all, instead.

>    This Lindstet has also implicated two other fine libertarian 
>writers whom I'll leave to speak for themselves.  

   Claire-the-Dog has already wussed out, if that's what you mean. 
   I would advise nobody who has any respect for the truth to buy 
books from Liar Neil Smith or Claire-the-Dog.  Like Massa Thomas 
Jefferson, they write all manner of blood-thirsty shit while 
making sure they won't serve a day in any Revolutionary army.

>                                                    To Lindstet and 
>those behind him, I say this:  I am _not_ your ally but your enemy.  
>I am _not_ your mentor but your nemesis.  

    OK. No big deal.

>                                    The purpose of my work (when 
>I'm not striving to prevent the bloody upheaval that the Clintons 
>and their ilk seem hell-bent on fomenting) 

    I suppose L.Neil means that he will whine louder while writing 
his masturbatory escapist drivel begging for a PC revolution without 
any bloodshed.

>                                         is to send things like you 
>scuttling back under the rocks and baseboards where they belong.  

   Let's see.  I'm not scared of the CONstitutional criminal regime 
and not too awful scared of their regime criminal enforcers, but I 
am somehow in L.Neil's wet-dreams scared of cowardly LibberToons?  
Not likely.
   But in the interest of making this chickenshit piss down his 
leg during his few aware moments, I suppose I'll hereby announce 
that I'll especially polish my jackboots in anticipation of 
squashing this particular pretentious cowardly cockroach.

>    Maybe I made a mistake not suing that nasty little magazine.  
>If so, I won't make the same mistake again.  I'll bury you in 
>lawyers; you'll spend the rest of your life in court; win or lose, 
>you'll have to give up everything you possess or ever hoped to 
>possess, unless you immediately cease associating my hard-earned 
>name and reputation with your evil and stupid opinions. 

   Go ahead and give in to your little fascist delusions common 
to your kind.  So much for the First Amendment you profess to 
love.  Why don't you haul me before a regime kort to whine about 
how I might have said or done something that the criminal regime 
informants and infilltraitors Red Mike and Ed-the-Dog said 
that I said or did?    
   By the way, I am an experienced litigant before the state and 
federal kort, having fought 10-12 lawsuits before.  I have even 
sued your fellow LibberToons for civil rights violations.  If a 
cowardly dickless little fascist like yourself wants to "bury me 
in lawyers" then go for it.  I've not found one yet I didn't catch 
misquoting the law and ended up beating him over the head with it 
so that none of them ever wanted to face me again.  Tell them all 
what an asshole I am in running a non-lawyer for a judgeship as 
a Libertarian. (See: 
That'll piss off both lawyers and typical 'Toons but good.  Sure 
did in Missery with the Missery Toons.  Go ahead and pay out the ass 
some lawyers with the profits from your LibberToonian Enterprize.  
I am an in forma pauperis litigant, but the last time I checked I 
had several reams of paper, a full toner cartridge and a bad attitude.  
I always look forward to having fun at the expense of a cretinous 
cowardly sneaking anarchy-fascist such as yourself.

   As far as your name and reputation are concerned, I consider 
you to be a liar, a hypocrite, a coward, and a typical libberToon, 
i.e. a solipsistic mattoid anarchy-fascist.  Put that in your hash 
pipe and smoke it.

>    Better yet, why not denounce me?  I'd consider it another 
>badge of honor.

>L. Neil Smith

    Back to the nature film:  
    The fat vulture befouls the sleeping lions who provided the 
carcass laying gorged underneath the thorn tree -- and is pleased.  
He knows lions don't climb trees.  He wouldn't dare shit on a 
leopard because they can climb trees.  The fat vulture has 
fullfilled his destiny and is all a vulture can be.

--Martin Lindstedt

Novelist and political essayist  L. Neil Smith  has been characterized 
by one disgruntled reader as having written the "single most repugnant 
... piece of tripe ... ever seen in an American newspaper."     In his 
spare time, he's also the Prometheus Award-winning author of 19 novels 
(and counting), as well as founder and publisher of   _The Libertarian 
Enterprise_ ( Order his books 
from at his home web site "L. Neil Smith's Webley Page" at 
(,  from Laissez Faire Books 
at  or call toll-free at  1-800-326-0996.


To my Fellow Resistance Brethren reading this:   

   I wrote a note claiming that these LibberToons were exiled from 
the National LibberToon Party, and thus had no right to dump on me 
concerning LibberToonianism or my being kicked out of the Missery 
LibberToon Party and getting arrested by the police at the order 
of the Missery LibberToons.

   I could say that I don't care if many of you reading this are 
of Christian Identity or White Nationalist belief and persuation. 
But in fact, it is because many of you in the militia/Resistance 
ARE of such fixed and fanatical beliefs that I know we are on the 
winning side of this civil war and that we shall not betray one 
other by word or deed.  I am proud to call you my comrades-in-arms.

   Three of these LibberToons write inflammatory rhetoric which is 
quoted by patriots.  Two of them, Claire-the-Dog and Liar Neil Smith 
have seen fit to denounce me for my admittedly Revolutionist writings 
and because I urged last year a political alliance between the 
open public militias and the Resistance element which is largely 
of Christian Identity/Racial Nationalist belief and persuasion.
(I do not advocate this today because the militia movement aboveground 
is filled with idiotic militia generals and their criminal regime 
infilltraitors.  There is nothing to be gained through contact, but 
much to be lost.  Today's Resistance talent is safely underground 
and must stay that way until we have muscle to openly finish this 
war forced upon us by a criminal regime.)

   These people write books glorifying Revolution -- but only by 
people like themselves and on their own terms.  Claire-the-Dog in 
fact, in her Loompanics book "101 Things to Do Until the Revolution", 
throws in all sorts of good/bad advice.  However, the first thing 
these phonies who write books do when confronted by real 
Revolutionists of the type who have made every successful revolution 
in the history of the world -- these fakirs immediately in effect 
disclaim everything they have written for money and a fame based 
upon falsehood and dishonest pretense.
   I'm not saying don't buy their books if you have nothing else 
to do and need to entertain yourself somehow.  But if you would 
read effective books, check out of the library Clausewitcz's 
"On War" or Mao Tse-tung's "Reports on the Japanese Campaign" or 
Menacham Begin's "The Revolt."  Download for free Sun-Tzu's 
"The Art of War" or Lothrup Stoddard's "The Revolt Against 
Civilization" (see: 
For a more recent analysis, buy and study Thomas Chittum's "Civil 
War II,"  even if (or especially because) he gave a speech at the 
Liberty Lobby's 'Racial Congress' last September. 

    My fellow Resistance members, below and above ground, I wouldn't 
support by your custom the very regime offal which despises and fears 
you.  Or which would judge you on the dishonest report of regime 
infilltraitors who have already brought imprisonment and death for 
our fellow Militia/Resistance soldiers.  That especially includes 
these libberToons Liar Neal Smith and Clair-the-Dog.  

    Don't buy books by pro-regime crooks.

--Martin Lindstedt, 
Libertarian Candidate for u.S. Senate from Missouri,
Resistance Political Front.

The Patriot Coalition


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>>Subject: Nazi Tapeworm Lindstedt Speaks Expertly On "Parasitism"
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>>Nazi Tapeworm Lindstedt Speaks Expertly On the Subject of "Parasitism."
>>In a message dated 98-06-04 17:31:00 EDT, you write:
>><< Subj:	 LibberToons & Infilltraitors -- Parasitism in common.
>> Date:	98-06-04 17:31:00 EDT
>> From: (Martin Lindstedt)
>> To:
>> CC:,, misc-activism-
>> At 6/1/98, you wrote:
>> >PIML is run by Bill Utterback - a Libertarian - or worse.
>> >
>> >PDML is also run by ? also a Libertarian - or worse.
>>    There are Libertarians, such as Neil Smith, Vin Suprenowitz, 
>> Claire Wolfe and myself who are in effect exiles from what I call 
>> the LibberToon community.  Anyone who speaks the truth about 
>> LibberToon shortcomings, such as hypocrisy and corruption are 
>> usually soon banished from the company of LibberToonians.
>>    Most LibberToons are essentially gubbnmint lackeys except on the 
>> principles of its disallowment of their vices, such as 'smokin'-dope-
>> &-sodomy.'  I' >>
>>I wonder if Neil Smith, Vin Suprinowitz and Claire Wolfe consider 
>>you (with your racialist-collectivist-pus-philsophy) a Kameraden?  
>>I think I shall ask them.  Nazi dogs ought not try to hide in crowd 
>>of real Americans.  They stand out like a sore thumb.
>>Glory be to God, and God save the Republic!
>>-- Mike Vanderboegh, 1ACR
>>My Motto: "Trust in the Lord, Walk in the Light, Carry a .45 and Count on
>>Competent Fire Support."
>>   Bolshevik swine and professional infilltraitors such as yourself 
>>should not bother Real Libertarians.
>>   Real Libertarians such as the above named people have no problem 
>>with people like myself, but doubtless massive contempt for a regime 
>>criminal infilltraitor such as yourself.  They despise liars, cowards, 
>>and professional confidential informants probably as much as I do, 
>>Red Mike.  
>>   I doubt that they'd find much to admire in yourself.  What is 
>>there to admire?  You clothe yourself in the CONstitution and in 
>>Christ, plotting how to imprison and murder people who have had 
>>enough of the criminal regime which is paying you off.  There is 
>>nothing admirable about a coward, a liar, a snitch, a hypocrite, 
>>an informant, and a sneak such as yourself.
>>   We were discussing Real Libertarians: 
>>      Mr. L. Neil Smith always puts at the end of all his articles 
>>in "The Libertarian Enterprize" at 
>>the line that he "is the only libertarian to ever be called a thug 
>>by the Libertarian Party News.
>>    Mr. Vin Suprenowictz has advocated, in a column I reprinted 
>>in Modern Militiaman, private citizens ambushing police goons and 
>>pre-emptively killing them. 
>>   However, my favorite column explains the endemic corruption 
>>of the National Libertarian Party bureaucracy selling the 1996 
>>presidential nomination in 1996 like they did in 1992.
>>    See
>>  I go to it all the time to explain why the LibberToonian Party 
>>has become synonymous with corruption, just like the Republican, 
>>Democrat, and your Communist parties.
>>   Claire Wolfe doesn't have much good to say about the National 
>>    She did write an article about "Liberal Baiting" and using 
>>a false "Leaderless Resistance" approach to drive Moreass the 
>>Sleezester and professional fascist regime infilltraitors such as 
>>yourself nuts by making you look more stupid than usual.  Even 
>>suggested people like myself form Nazi- or racist-sounding 
>>dummy militia groups to drive Communist regime infilltraitors and 
>>confidential informants like yourself, Red Mike, wild, and make 
>>mad-dog maggots such as yourself rave more than usual.  Does 
>>"White Storm-Panthers" make your little penis hard enough for 
>>you and Moreass the Sleezester to get it on during your next 
>>collaboration at the SPLC?
>>   See
>>   Of course my favorite is the aptly named "Kill Them All Now," 
>>a satirical manifesto advocating killing all you regime goons NOW. 
>>I have no doubt that this would include sneaking, snivelling, 
>>lying, cowardly, santimonious, infilltraitors such as yourself, 
>>Red Mike.  
>>   See
>>   No, all these real Libertarians, although they don't agree with 
>>me on a number of other issues, probably won't be too miffed at me 
>>because I advocate forming small cells of "Leaderless Resistance" 
>>which gubbnmint informants and agents provacateur such as yourself 
>>cannot infiltrate.  All for the purpose of exterminating you regime 
>>parasites sucking the life out of our nation, as these Libertarian 
>>writers have advocated in many of their columns.
>>   But I can understand how a Communist collectivist gubbnmint 
>>regime mad-dog infilltraitor maggot like yourself is just foaming 
>>at the mouth to inform on somebody.  So just let yourself go, Red 
>>Mike, before you squirm like the maggot you are under the hot 
>>Alabama sun, sliming and biting innocent people.  
>>   Go ahead and tattle on me to the Real Libertarians mentioned 
>>   See, you got your prospective victim's permission.  That's a 
>>whole lot more than you have ever got before when you spied and 
>>lied about other people, possibly starting with Wild Willy 
>>Lampley and then making your fellow Tri-States Militia Colonel 
>>John Parsons take the rap for it.
>>   When you get done tattling on me to the Real Libertarians, 
>>perhaps you can show the rest of your Bolshevik Gang of 4-5 
>>criminally insane horseless mattoids and two uncircumcised dogs 
>>(Does that include Ed-the-Dog, or does he count twice to inflate 
>>membership figures in the Tri-States Militia?) calling itself 
>>a cavalry regiment how to learn something from your 
>>rebuff.  You oughtn't to try blackmail based upon lies before an 
>>independent audience.  You didn't do any research, Red Mike. 
>>Sure, your testi-lying as a confidential informant before a 
>>regime kort might be good enough for gubbnmint work, but it is 
>>woefullyinadequate before an intelligent patriot audience in the 
>>real world.
>>   Perhaps you need a refresher course at the Moreass-the-Sleezester 
>>Skule of the Amerikkkas in basic disinformation, lying, sleezing and 
>>   You sound a bit shrill.  The militia generals beginning to avoid 
>>you?  Nobody but your criminally insane witless Bolshevik gang to 
>>keep you company? Are they thieving you out of house and home?  
>>A directive from Moscow, your warehouse boss threating to fire 
>>you again, all out of lithium, your rabies shot beginning to fade?  
>>I bet you have it rough.  You'll never make brevit corporal in the 
>>BATF if you slip up again.
>>   I'll leave you alone now to chew on your carpet or one of your 
>>uncircumcised dogs (maybe Ed-the-Dog?).  
>>Sincerely Yours,
>>--Martin Lindstedt
>>Patrick Henry On-Line