Non Serviam 01/03/03

by Author/Architect of Agression: Luke LaVellian


How A World without jews Would Still Have jewdism To Contend With

When pollution seeps through the ground and contaminates a body of water it is unnecessary for anyone or anything to follow up by making sure that the pollutives "do their thing". The damage has been done and you have a problem that requires a solution. The only thing important about figuring out who/what is responsible is to prevent it from ever happening again. Your first order of business is to neutralize the corruptor. This is the easy part compared to what logically comes next.

Once you have identified a problem that is ongoing there comes a point of diminishing returns in stating the obvious (i.e., that it wasn't nice for the polluter to have dumped his poison where it would cause harm). What one is now faced with is the task of making pure that which has been tainted.

The water at that point is corrupted and it will take great effort on the part of those who really know what they're doing to make the water free of impurities once again. It certainly wouldn't be very helpful if those trying to fight the contaminants insisted on looking for all the 'good things' that could be said for the poison.

"The poison isn't all bad, let's not be rash and reject all possibility of co-existence. I mean, the contaminants have as much right to be there as the water does". Perhaps, it isn't that which we have labeled poison that is the problem, Maybe we should look for another culprit."
All the while of course, while such a fool runs around looking to blame some 'hidden' force for what is ailing those who drink from the water, the situation only worsens. He had the answer. He'd identified the poison. Why not clean it up and call it a day? Why can't some people just deal with reality and quit chasing phantoms?

Our collective gene pool has been quite deliberately polluted by alien blood and alien philosophies. The culprits are the jews and the unparalleled race- criminal whites who have always colluded with them in exchange for percieved short-term gain. The Zionist/Masonic establishment must be neutralized, check-mated until the end of time. I'm sure we all can see the wisdom in that. It is the ONLY thing that can be done. Anything less than this means genocide for our kind. We will NEVER co-exist with the pigs who have brutalized, enslaved, and slaughtered countless millions of our kind in furtherance of their insane, messianic wet-dream of a religious faith. The only good One-Worlder is a savaged, ravaged, rectally-impaled One-Worlder. This of course is as obvious as the fact that niggers represent an intermediary type of 'man'. This much, almost any White man or woman with a pair of functioning brain-cells to rub together will readily accept. What comes next is where things get a little more difficult.

Let us assume for a moment that we have taken 'special care' to assure that our enemies are not now and never will be again, in any position to cause us further difficulties. Are we all done? Have we fixed everything and can we let down our guards and consider the threats to our kind to be a thing of the past? The answer is an emphatic NO!

In reality, we would in some ways only have just begun. What we would have done at this point is to have made sure that the kike/white traitor establishment would be in no position to do anything else to our kind. While that would be the most glorious achievement of all time, what of the pollution problem we would still have? Wouldn't we have to address this? The answer is obvious. The next step would be to clean-up our own racial backyard.

A lot of well-intentioned folks don't seem to want to know how far the judeo-rot has set in to our racial body. While correct about the miserable kikes, they don't seem to want to accept that Tom Metzger is right when he says that for every jew enemy we have, there are at least ten jew-worshiping "Christians" who will defend him unto death.

Have you ever paid attention to television shows where issues like open-door mud immigration, race-mixing, or the like are 'debated'? Who runs those little pissant groups who sponsor sub-human migration into our White communities? Who hugs every nigger in sight? Who expresses their hatred for Aryans in the ugliest possible manner? Do you indulge in self-delusion by convincing yourself that they must all be 'jews'? Well, if only it were so. It would make what must be done so much easier. These enemies ARE alien to us, but it's a foreign 'spirit' that separates them from all decent people, not biology.

Most of the worst crap to come down the kike (I mean pike) in the last forty years has had precious little to do with direct on-the-street jewish participation. Oh sure, kikes set all of it in motion. With their understanding of the masochistic white lemming, they expertly apply pressure to maximum affect. But then, the jew steps back into the shadows and allows the corrupt, disgraceful judeo-parrot white zeroes do the rest. Then the kike spews forth his praise of 'democracy' and expresses pride in the fact that the will of the sheeple has been honored. This is how we ended up with a successful snivel rights movement, and how we got the '65 Immigration Act. This is how 'we' were suckered into two jew 'Woild Wars' to make the planet safe for the people of Dog, and it's why we have a National HolyHoax museaum. It's why most white people have come to fear the label 'racist' more than they love their own children and it's why they can be counted on to support any policy so long as it benefits OTHER peoples at the expense of their own. Does that sound too harsh? A little exaggerated? Then think again. It is the unvarnished truth of the matter and has been the primary cause of our problems for longer than anyone reading this has been alive.

The biggest thing that has been missed about the whole 'self-loathing whitey' syndrome is the FACT that it is an expression of perverted sexuality. The rush of 'warm and fuzzies' that the whigger scum-froth experiences when aiding and abetting the enemies of his kind is deviancy of a sexual nature.

An extreme example would be the fascination evinced by Coach Tom Landry for the 'washing of black male feet' and the demented 'pride' he felt for the fact that his daughters were knocked up by a pair of his nigger players. I was very happy the day I learned that Dog had taken his servant Landry home. This bastard was a PERVERT. There is no other way to describe a fool who undulates like an epileptic while hurling curses on his own kind, and laying obscene praises upon those who laughed at, and cursed him for his 'support'.

When a friend of mine wrote an "Open Letter" to the people of Arlington Massachusetts concerning the madness of flooding their little town with Somali niggers, (one of whom hardly made it 24 hours before sexually assualting his first White woman), the local 'Church Lady' whose name isn't worth recalling as she and all who share her faith are 'unpersons', labeled the author "worse than Al Qaeda"!?

I have lived in Southern California, Oregon, Michigan and Oregon again, and I can tell you without the slightest hesitation that our deadliest and most numerous enemies are the rank-and-file whiggers who wear their race treason credentials loudly and proudly. If these pukes can't see and SMELL subhumans around them, they feel naked. In ancient times, human sacrifices were performed to placate 'the gods', and this is a practice that has been updated by perverts of the judeo-Christian and judeo-Humanist persuasions. By promoting the raping and murdering of Aryans (integration and open borders) and by 'blessing' the blood-sin of inter-breeding these mad fiends attempt to make themselves 'righteous' in the eyes of their imagined cosmic Netanyahu. Have you ever seen footage of deprogrammers attempting to come between a cult member and his most cherished delusions? It ain't a pretty sight and most remain forever mired in the filth of their faith.

If only our problems WERE as simple as removing kikes and eastern establishment filth from power in America. If the judeo-masonic 'elites' hadn't found such fertile ground in the hearts and minds of fools and deviants of our own kind, they wouldn't have been able to advance the ball so far down the field. Al Gore wrote "Earth In The Balance". An Aryan ought to write a resistance tome on pollution entitled "Race In The Balance" that makes the case for who it is that is really tipping the scales in favor of degradation and death for the Northern peoples of Earth. Democracy is supported by our rulers because it allows pre-determined outcomes to wear the fig-leaves of "rule by consent". Democracy isn't now and never will be an acceptable arrangement for Aryan society.

As we are denied a voice today, the dunderheaded degenerate whiggers will find themselves muzzled tommorow. One of the few good things that have come out of the jew efforts to destroy us is the identification of our biological fifth-column. Let us make damn sure that those who work against us now are shown the mercy TOMMOROW that they are showing us TODAY. As they reap, so shall they sow!




A Ministry of Servant's Heart, a faith-based organization working to aid the suffering people of South Sudan.

PO Box 60075, Renton, WA 98058




At least 2,500,000 niggers will die of AIDS in sub-human, sub-saharan Africa in '03! That's a figure of HolyHoax proportions and is to be in addition to the estimated 'several million' who will slowly starve to death in Ethiopia and other nigger 'nations' that are stuck in a 'feast or famine' stone-age stage of development. The UN is wringing it's hands and planning to throw some major pity parties to get rich deracinated pukes to break out their checkbooks to help feed the animals. No doubt, there are countless American judeo-Christian churches preparing to 'sponsor' tens of thousands of the little culture enrichers. Coming to a town near you! Remember, Dog judges us by how we let our sisters/daughters be treated by the least among us! Glory be!



Rabbi Jewseph LIEberman A.K.A. 'The CONscience Of The Senate'

If you enjoy watching all of the whores who 'represent us' in Washington fall all over themselves praising the 'fearless leadership' of current ZOG CEO Bush, then imagine how fun it would be to watch the obscene heaping-of-endless-praise upon the kike LIEberman, if he assumes the throne in '04. Long ago nicknamed 'the conscience of the senate' by those who think that jewish feces doesn't stink but instead is manna from 'de heavans, Rabbi Joe would be the perfect choice for the next overseer of Pax judaica (america).

The nomination of this child of Dog would give the whiggers and religious lunatics in this country the opportunity to put their money where their mouths are. Here is an avowed jewish piece of filth who openly practices the faith of Dog's chosen people, and puts Isn'tReal first (as all of us should if we hope to have a chance in hell of spending eternity kissing the celestial butt of Dog). Will the 'good' people of America make their voices heard? Will they show that hate (blasphemy) against the moral exemplars (jews) will no longer be tolerated? Why not? If 'we' reject any acknowledgement of what the presence of niggers has done to our country, it shouldn't be that hard to convince ourselves that jews are wonderful and dear souls with our best interests at heart! Americans have had more than enough practice convincing themselves that love of one's own kind is hate and hate for ones own kind leads to the kingdom of Dog. It should be a cinch to get enough of America's cult members (pseudo-synagouge 'church'-goers), to put this sneering mongrel over the top.

I enjoy listening to all the laughable CONservatives make over this guy like he was Dog almighty. Judeophile and nigger-loving 'morality czar', Bill Bennett just loves the 'strong faith' that LIEberman shares in common with him. It means so very much to Bill to find a kike that worships jewry as much as he does. That phony snob Buckley who publishes the "National Review", has long supported the career of Rabbi Joe. William F(word) Buckley is still trying to make 'amends' for the fact that unlike him, his dad was a MAN who saw kikes for who and what they are. In a silly, transparent effort to show how much he loves the 'good patriotic jewish-americans' he latched on to this sack of trash years ago. Every time Rabbi Joe is brought up in his prescence, Buckley will wax none-to-eloquently as to the 'core convictions' and saintly 'decency' of the man that never fails to touch his flabby heart.

I'll leave you with a piece of a semen (I mean sermon) of Jabba the Fallwell's from the other night --

"I thank Dog for the blessings of 2002 and pray that peace and an end to anti-semitism will mark 2003. When Joseph LIEberman was born, he filled the world with a light and joy that haters and evil ones cannot extinguish. May every gentile of good will encounter and experience the power of LIEberman's love and peace, now let us spend the first hours of 2003 in prayer and adoration in the private chapels of our hearts towards the blessing that is Joseph LIEberman. I ask families to sing the Israeli national anthem together each day in order to create a favorable climate for listening to Dog and faithfully doing his will. Booga, Booga! Mojo, Ju-ju! Praise be unto Dog!"



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