Non Serviam 01/05/03

by Author/Architect of Agression: Luke LaVellian



I sure hope you all caught the Man-on-Goy verbal violence on Fox News last night. Matt Hale appeared on jew-worshiper John Kasich's "From The Heartland", and did us all proud. PM Hale made this trash-bag traitor look exactly like the mealy-mouthed hypocrite and shill that right-thinking Aryans have long known him to be. Johnny thought it was going to be an easy job to "tear up" one of those "wicked heretic haters" who dare to oppose Dog's holy people in their efforts to murder the White race. Johnny even tried to use his pathetic religious faith as a cudgel with which to knock Matt around. It was a truly proud moment for me when Hale told this sack of dog droppings that "we don't accept your value system" and made it abundantly clear that judging White racists by his sewer standards was an exercise in futility.

This interview showed up the FACT that the enemies of a future for White children enter a debate with intelligent upright Aryans completely unarmed. They haven't a single "truth" that does a damn thing in the way of justifying or making at all palatable the genocide being prosecuted against our people by their precious Zionist Occupation Government. All they have is the jew tactic of pretending to abhor 'hate' (when there is nothing more hateful on earth than a jew or the pigs who worship/emulate them) and a feigned aversion to 'violence' (when kikes and white traitors kill tens of thousands at a time and don't blink an eye as long as it's in furtherance of their messianic gutter faith). Johnny trotted out both of these ('hate'/'violence') laughable charges and Hale threw his silly BS right back in his cowardly face. When KaSick implied that Matt had caused mud-cruds to "be killed" by his attempts to DEFEND his people against kike predation, he fired back by asking this highly-paid enemy agent how many people that his philosophy had caused to be killed. At this point the satellite feed was convienently "lost" and SuperGoyBoy decided it was time to go to commercial.

When Kasich came back from break the 'technical difficulties' seemed to have solved themselves and Johnny went right back to arguing that 'free speech' means we are all free to support White genocide in our own way. You can be a CONservative White genocidist or a liberal White genocidist, but 'free speech' does not include the right to oppose Dog's people and the imposition of the ugliest value system ever known to man (judaism in ALL of its manifestations). When this and other efforts to 'reason' with Matt failed miserably, the race criminal KaSick started to look as scared as a White traitor should look when confronted by an Aryan who has his number.

One of my favorite parts was when Hale was asking this ass-clown why any White man or woman should support their own dispossesion and all Johnny could do was blanky stare while falling back on one of his judeo-cult mantras about how "we're a melting pot"?!? Wow, good one KaSick! The ass-foolery, the vacousness of the arguments this faketriot proffered in defense of the objects of his religious adoration amused me greatly. This is why you rarely see our people given an oppurtunity to be heard on talMUDvision! It's thrashings like these that account for the fact that perhaps once or twice a year is a segment devoted to a Zogling vs. Aryan debate.

Did any of you notice the 'nobody home' glazed over look in the eyes of the traitor, Kasich? Usually one must be in the crowd at a Benny Hinn or Billy Graham revival to see such a worthless, mind-laundered individual. When all else failed, Johnny fell back on the old "what about the HolyHoax" routine. My admiration for Matt Hale grew even greater (if that is possible) when he fired back with the fact that he didn't give a single remote damn what happened to the jews during the second World War, a war which THEY had instigated and during which countless Aryans died. Matt repeatedly called his hapless opponent on the fact that he is a traitor and that one day traitors like him will be held to account. Johnny had hoped to score points with the scum-froths he works and worships with but instead was shown up as the stupid, inane little butt-goy that he and all of his ilk, are. Having had a lousy day, it was loads of fun to vicariously enjoy the intellectual brutalization of one of our enemies.

Towards the end of the second segment, Johnny promised Matt that he would be "saying a prayer" for him that night! For those who are unaware of this game, this is the way that a jew-worshiping coward says to you "I hate your guts". They haven't the testicular fortitude nature provided a gnat, so they avoid directness and honesty the way nigger males avoid an honest day's work. Matt informed him that he(KaSick and co.) worships a 'false jewish god' and he hadn't the slightest interest in his cult beliefs or any of the tenets of his non-White faith. Put that in your kike-pipe and smoke it, GoyBoy!

From start to finish, Matt Hale provided an example to us all. 100% ideological purity coupled with total defiance of the enemy make PM Hale a TRUE representative of his people. This was the most uncompromising presentation of resistance views that I have seen since the last time I saw Tom Metzger interviewed. You can't be beaten if you refuse to play their game. Men of character are never placed on the defensive, because they are too busy taking the fight to the enemy. It is time to differentiate between the men and the goys. The right-wing goys are revealed by their whining about how they don't 'hate' anyone. The MEN are recognizable by their refusal to 'turn the other (butt)cheek' while demonstrating false 'love' for muds, cruds and racial fifth columinsts such as KaSick.




FORT HOOD, Texas (White Associated Press) -- G(oy) W(higger) Bush said on Friday the United $tates was ready to win a potential war with Iraq and "liberate" its people as he rallied soldiers at the largest U.$. Army base amid an intensifying military buildup around the Gulf nation.

"Some crucial hours may lie ahead," Bush, wearing a green military jacket, told about 4,000 dupes at Fort Hood Army Base in his home state of Texas. "We are ready. We're prepared. Glory be!"

"If Israel decides that force is necessary to disarm Iraq, we will move to secure the jewish nation, to keep Dog's people safe, America will act deliberately, America will act decisively, and America will prevail because we've got the blessing of the one true Dog, dung be upon him!" he said. His speech was punctuated with applause, whistles and the soldiers' traditional "amen-hallehoohah" cheers of approval.

Bush lied that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is a real threat to the United $tates and its allies (read: the not-so-holy land) because he had used "weapons of mass destruction" in the past -- including against his "own people".

"Should Saddam seal his fate by refusing to accept the Dog of the jews, by ignoring the opinion of America's religious community, you'll be fighting not to conquer the people of Iraq but to liberate their souls!," Bush told the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd in a base gymnasium as soldiers and their relatives waved six-pointed star banners.

"In the months ahead more soldiers from Fort Hood may be given other essential missions, but wherever you serve or wherever you may be sent you can know that the jewish people are grateful and your commander-in-chief is proud of your service to Dog," Bush said.



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