Bush's Negrophilia & Kosher HollyWeird TalMUDvision

by Luke LaVellian


Given some of "Dubyas" recent statements concerning the federal role in edjewcation as well as his insistence that no living fossils "be left behind", I wonder if the current prez is just another victim of too much talmudvision. He seemingly accepts the neo-marxist assertion that if every inner shitty youth was parked in front of a brand spanking new computer hooked to the internet, that the blackbrowns would come away knowing something OTHER than the web addresses of 347 different porn sites offering pictures of "nekid ho's". Yes, Georgie, close 'dat "digital divide"! That's the ticket. Why, after just one month in ZOG's Orifice, I mean "Office", I think I can safely guess what sort of TV programs may have inspired his views concerning non-white Amerika. Here goes:

1) "Touched By an Angel"-- Yes, Georgie likes to relax every week, toss back a few cans of Non-Alcoholic Suds, and watch Della Reese "right some more wrongs". If one watches this show, they'll be constantly reminded of the "fact?", that no people are as in touch with their spirituality than the negroes. It seems that no matter how hideously they are treated by us evil White haters, who cling to the ugly notion that our children have a right to a future, that this beautiful, gentle race, never loses it's abiding faith in 'de Lawd.'

2) "Homicide - Life On the Street"-- "Dubya" really gets into watching reruns of this one! Negro, Andre Braughner plays "brilliant" and "intense" Detective Frank Pendelton. Frank is such a hot-shot that he often gets into heated arguments with his typically inferior White partner, over Pendelton's habit of leaving his dumb butt at the station, because as all of us who grew up on television know, all the "honky" is going to do is "get in the way" of the black hero as he saves the day once again. You know, just like it is in real life.

3) "Judge Brown" and "Judge Curtis"--- These two are Bushie's favorites for when he's in the mood for some "Reality TV". Watching these two Congoids hold court over squabbling trailer-park dwellers fills him to the bursting point with pride, that his daddy was truly a man ahead of his time for having the "bravery" to appoint black muslim Thomas to the highest court in the land.

It could be that growing up glued to the boob tube ruined what wasn't much of a mind to begin with, OR we are just witnessing yet another cynical, shameless empty suit, saying and doing whatever he deems benefical to "Numero Uno". Maybe, like most of the White "go along to get alongs" that are besmirching our race, it's a combination of the two.

. --Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs". -- LL

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