What The Enemy Means By "Liberty"

by Luke LaVellian


What our biological enemies mean by "Liberty" might surprise the average uninitiated, morally upright White person. What these dialectical liars MEAN when they employ the word, and the word's ACTUAL meaning are two very different things. What they feverishly work for is a "nice", stultified mass of "tolerant", doltish citizens who are ripe for the proverbial picking. Their desire is to continue to be at "Liberty" to exploit what remains of America and all of the other formerly White nations. What they require, is a "freedom-loving" (how Orwellian can you get!), people that are conducive to further predations at the hands of of their fellow jews and their tame judeophile lap-dogs. I'll provide a couple of examples of jewish doublespeak that passes for today's revisionist "Americanism", and what these words translated, really are conveying:

WHAT THEY SAY: "We all have freedom of movement in America. Everyone has the right to live in the community of their choosing. Discrimination is Un-Amerikan".

WHAT THEY MEAN: "No White Community will be permitted to maintain it's racial integrity. For if one All-White territory is permitted to serve as an example of what once was and could be again, then the "dream" is forever in jeopardy. White people cannot be permitted to exercise their outmoded right to associate with whom they please. It's bad for business."

WHAT THEY SAY: "We must combat inequality and close the income gap between the races. The percentage of non-whites who live in poverty compared to the percentage of Whites in similar circumstances is a national disgrace."

WHAT THEY MEAN: "The White worker, has historically been a pain in our collective back-side. We are tired of his demands! First, he complained about the 16-hour workday. Then he wanted higher wages, benefits, vacations, etc. He thought if he worked a paltry 8 hours a day, that his wife was entitled to stay home and raise the kids, if she was so inclined! Well, we've shown him! To hell with what he wants, or feels 'entitled' to. He'll now take what we give him , IF we deign to give him anything at all. $5.15 an hour is heaven on Earth to the blackbrowns and the brownblacks. The trailer-park trash will just have to tighten their collective belts and deal with life in a 'free-market', global economy. They brought this on themselves."

There are scores of other examples I could provide of Corporate NewSpeak. It's actually hard to escape nowadays. Remember, whenever an agent or spokesperson of this murderous entity speaks, first there are the words that flow effortlessly from their duplicitous mouths, then there is the entirely self-serving, profit-driven REAL meaning, just barely concealed under the empty phrases and appeals to "American values".

. --Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs". -- LL

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