Sleeping . . . . or Comatose?

by Luke LaVellian


The jewsmedia seems to think it very important to keep reports of ape-on-human assaults to a minimum. I don't think it would make any difference if they reported in great depth, EVERY act of simian-on-White violence. Just so long as the local D.A. assures the "community" that the latest five raped and skinned-alive females were chosen by their "misunderstood" attackers "at random". As long as the young men didn't "hate" the White women, then there is really no cause for alarm. Is there?

The system-shills that employ such Alice In Wonderland logic in their dealings with the stultified masses, are enough to make you pray that a roving band of the "disadvantaged" will "randomly" select them for tomorrow nights' tribal festivities.

I live and work around "whites", whose minds are but filth-besotten sponges. Whenever I attempt to "make a point" on any matter even remotely related to race, they react with the ferocity of Teddy Kennedy, when he's been forced to go six hours without a "snort". It's not a pretty picture. On occasion, I feel that I know what a cult "deprogrammer" must feel like, when a particularly "hard case" Moonie is placed in front of him.

It must seem a daunting task, and at times hardly worth the effort. The "go along to get alongs'" must be left to their own devices. Nothing will reach these "happy campers". They could not be any less concerned for their people than they are right now. The only way one could get them "up in arms" would be to pour sugar into the tank of their latest gas guzzler, or if one wished to really "get a rise" out of them, inform them that Courtney Cox walked off the set of "Friends" in mid-taping, and isn't coming back.

The preceding is not "defeatist". It is factual. The masses are not merely "sleeping". When one is asleep, it's reasonable to expect that eventually they will "wake up". Unless, of course, if they die in their sleep, in which case they are no longer "sleeping". I think it far more accurate to say that the m(asses) are comatose. When one is in a coma, there is no guarantee of the individual EVER awakening. I think that to be a far more accurate analogy than the beaten-into-the-ground "sleeping" one. In short, what "minds" that the drooling drones' could be said to be in possession of, will remain impervious to the most strenous poundings of a thousand Rockwell's.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately, from a strictly Redbeardian standpoint), these cretins who will cheer as the "killing of the messengers" continue, will refuse to accept that there are any problems in their Sheeples' Paradise, until that glorious day in the not to distant future, when the problem will drag it's knuckle's up onto their porches and kick their door's in. I'll just bet that when those "underprivileged" "victims of oppression" are "sharing the pain they feel as a result of White Institutional Racism" with one of these pro-system swine, that said swine would all of a sudden not mind one little bit, if one of those "ignorant, trailer-park kooks" that they felt so "warm and fuzzy" about hating in agreement with that "nice MonHell Swilliams fella", just walked on into their living rooms and proceeded to seriously "ventilate" their court-ordered "ekulz".

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs". -- LL

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