Joe Paul Franklin & Larry Flynt's Lost "Little Buddy"

by Luke LaVellian


One of the true unsung heroes in movement history, is Joe Paul Franklin. He saw the enemies of his people rubbing the White Man's collective nose in the foul cess and sewage of post-Snivel Wrongs "progress". He lived and worked under conditions, that our ancestors, if they were to have stepped through a time warp, would have, in short order, proceded to unceremoniously slit our ungrateful throats for having learned to "tolerate". Franklin understood, no if's, and's, or but's about it, that the White Race was at WAR with the kikes, their judeophile-lap-dogs and their brown/black shock-troops. He had NO intention of "celebrating" his people's mass displacement! He had NO intention of figuring out some way that he could enrich himself personally by feeding the beast that was already gorging itself on his beloved White America.

Mr. Franklin, the prototype of a sucessful Lone Wolf, betrayed not a hint of his deeply held convictions to any of the numerous subhumans or denatured, and for-all-intents-and-purposes-dead "whites", that he was forced, on some level, to deal with on a daily basis. Here was a man painfully, as well as pridefully, aware of his separateness. There was no need for him to "train" and "get ready" to effectively confront the murderers of his kindred. This man was BORN ready.

Having seen Franklin interviewed, I can tell you, he is a soldier's soldier! Zero "Remorse"! No "born-again" recanting of his revolutionary views, no "I found 'de Lawd and now I luvs the kikes and the neeegrows"! No betraying the act after the fact, for this White Man! He coldly explained to interviewers how he "hunted" for RMC's (his acronym for race-mixed couples), and how on a couple of occasions, frustrated that no 300-lbs. heifers had waddled down the street with living fossils on their bloated arms, he was forced to settled for lesser enemy targets. After all that laying-in-wait, someone had to get properly dispatched to Hell!

One of Franklin's nigger "victims" was a Klinton pal, and affirmative action beneficiary, in the person? of attorney at (f)law, Vernon Jordan. But if I were compiling a "greatest hits" package for this truly great individual, #1 with a Bullet would be the great piece of work he did on Larry Flynt.

The Flynt Case is a classic example of the old "glass half-full or half-empty" analogy, that my grandaddy used to annoy me with. It was his favorite cliched bit of wisdom and it's sure applicable here. The "glass half-empty" school of thought says -- "Franklin Failed! Flynt is, to this day, a purveyor of Anti-Aryan filth".

On the other hand, the "glass half-full" crowd would point out, and quite correctly in my view, that Flynt suffered a fate, that for him at least, was 6 Million times worse than merely dying. This pathetically lust-addled critter, upon awakening in his hospital bed was informed, horror of all horrors, that his "little buddy" would never be able to come out and play again! Wouldn't you just love to have been a fly on the wall when poor Larry received the news?

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs". -- LL

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