The Kangajew Kourt in the Hague

by Luke LaVellian


I read an editorial today in my local jewspaper, concerning "our?" current corporate mouthpiece, "Mr. Read-My-Congenitally-Lying-Lips-II. The scummy _____ (insert your favorite 4-letter word here), wrote that "things are really different" under this rePUBICan regime. He waxed (for what passed as) eloquent about "AmeriKa" (aka. the slowly-but-surely- sinking U.S.S Satanicus), and it's role in leading the world and everyone in it, whether they like it or not, into the "global market-place".

What I found most telling about this kike's piece was his figurative pat on the shabbos goy Bush's back, for his willingness to starve out the Serbian people for the next ten years, the way his daddy and Klinton did to the Iraqis, UNLESS internal traitors hand Slobodon Milosevic over to be tried for "crimes" commited during the 567'th HolyHoax of the 20'th century. I'm sure that most of you are familiar with the tired old laundry list of "atrocities" Milosevic "ordered" his men to inflict on the heroin-running Albanian "rebels". After all, it is the SAME list of laughable "horrors" that are trotted out by the usual suspects, EVERY time our gentle, little jewish friends are finding their latest attempted business acquisition to be more of a challenge than expected.

When the vile dwarf, Albright presented her list of demands to the Serbian representatives at Ramboulliet, #1 on the list was "privatizing" the state-run economy and "opening the markets" to kike predation. When she was told she should have her mouth washed out with soap made out of one of her ancestors, the bombing began.

Putting aside for the moment that "our?" government hasn't the moral authority to condemn Pol Pot, in all seriousness, is there a single person reading these words that is actually DUMB enough to believe that the Hauge is about anything more than destroying any leaders who don't stay on the right side of the corporate cabal? Knowing the kind of nigger and kike butchers that ZOG props up with billions of our dollars annually, do any of you really accept the "moral outrage of the International (business) Community" argument, whenever another show-trial is in order?

No doubt, some soulless worms who smell a few shekels in it, will see that Milosevic must face his day in the Kangajew Kourt. No doubt, it will serve the kikes and renegade Aryan scum well, when any potentially honorable men see Slobo sentenced to life in the julag. In the future, when memories of what happened to the last man who placed the good of his people above the wants and demands of a relative handful of hell-spawned mockeries of humankind begin to fade, a new defier of the "International Community" will appear. The intellectual couch-potatoes will begin hearing new "horrific" accounts of "mass-graves", "babies impaled on bayonets", and "rape camps". The political knaves sitting at home, will soon come to accept that "their" country has been presented with a new "moral imperative", and that "America must lead". The folks that don't question for one moment that 500 kikes can be stuffed in a "gas chamber" the size of an outhouse, sprayed with RAID, and "offed" in just under thirty seconds, will NEVER question the "Genocidal Gypsy-Cleansing Eugenics Rape Program".

After all, would Shell Oil and General Electric say it, if it weren't true?

--Luke LaVellian


"Remember, It's a ZOG eats dog world, so don't be one of their servile curs". -- LL

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