Non Serviam 11/30/02

by Author/Architect of Agression: Luke LaVellian


Fear And Force

Fear and force. The ability to instill the former and/or project the latter is what power is all about. Absent this, you are what the niggers would call a "punk-ass bitch".

As a collective, we Aryan males have long played the dutiful "bitches" for every snarling sub-human grouping of trash that has a claim to "victim" status as defined by the enemy of our very existence, the eternal kike. How long have we been "servicing" the apelings, for instance? The answer: Longer than most reading this have been alive. We allowed ourselves to be like the nerds in school, handing over our "lunch money" in the hopes that the "big black bully" would otherwise leave us unmolested. What foolishness! Once we began giving in to these kike-incited savages and their implied and actual violence, we helped give birth to the frothing filth and degeneracy we despise so very much today.

Aryan Men CRUSH the opposition.

"Punk-ass bitches" feed, house, clothe and provide sex-partners (our sisters and daughters), for those who spit upon us in return!

The above is kind of difficult to argue with, isn't it?

The average nigger male has NO RESPECT WHATSOEVER for the average White man, because he is not FEARFUL of us. The nigger male is like a dog that immediately can "sniff out" the stuff you're made of. Anyone who has had any real dealings with shitskins knows that the only thing they understand or respect is something/someone "badder" than they are. That used to be US! It may be hard to believe now, but it wasn't all that long ago that ALL nigger males understood that messing with one of our women meant death for them and an ugly death at that. It is that bug-eyed terror that we need to inject in the nigger male of today. He needs to KNOW that if he commits an act of disrespect or agression against an Aryan, he will not have very long to enjoy recounting his adventure with his monkoid friends. He needs to know that there is nowhere safe for him to suck on his glass dick (crack pipe), or down 'dem 40's'.

All must realize that to trespass against us is to earn a one-way ticket to the big mud-hut in the sky. If Aryan males silently pledge to themselves to act in the historically authentic manner if his family or property is threatened, then the nigger male and his blustering BS is through!

To hell with these musky, feces-smelling things (africans)! To hell with the race of vultures (chosenites) who have spiritually raped generation after generation of White men with their disgusting "morality" and unAryan "ideals".

We reject you in totality, hebrew swine! Your days of using your genetic-cousin apelings as a cudgel against us are OVER! We Awakened, Unreconstructed, Unafraid Aryans, spit in the face of your false god and your rotting empire, and if by some remote chance your ethnocentric kike "lord" is real, we declare war on him and ALL of his children.

Death to the Judeobeast and all that serve it!

Non Serviam!



Don't See "Extreme Op's"

"Extreme Op's" is instalment # 777 in the kosher mind-laundering series of films intended to teach the target audience (us) that only Whites who hate the sight of beautiful, pure children of his/her own kind are decent and fit to live in the new enlightened brothel known as 21'st Century AmeReeka. Surely you've seen this trash before, right? We all know the drill. An evil Nazi/facist/bigot/Serb/German/whatever is hunted down and neutralized by whigger ass-clowns dedicated to the "American way" ie. the Puerto-Rico-nizing of the United Snakes. There is usually at least one mud-crud who tags along, whose primary job is let the whiggers know that while Whiteness is Shameful, they're 'good eggs' for having demonstrated no hesitiation in betraying their race by serving Washington. You must have seen this bit before:

Whigger Piece of Excrement: "My grandparents emigrated from ___________(fill in the blank with whatever wicked White homeland is being trashed on this occasion). "I feel so very dirty!"

Nigger/beaner/gook parner: "It's OK buddy. There are some decent (race traitor garbage that support U.S policies) in________".(fill in the blank with whatever wicked White homeland is being trashed on this occasion)

American Hegemony = Zionist Supremacy



ZOG could just as easily be referred to as THE JUDEOBEAST.

The four legs of the beast:

b)Tel Aviv



Recommended CD For 11/30/02

IMMORTAL: Sons Of Northern Darkness

This whole disc is truly great. It captures the eternal loathing that is with me dusk to dawn. I guess if I had to pick a favorite song, it would be "Tyrants":

"Armored horses gloves of steel, silver blades...time to reveal/We're the tyrants that guard the land...Servants of our great ancestors"

Truly music to visualize making "Fillet of Flesh" out of your enemies by.



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