Non Serviam 12/2/02

by Author/Architect of Agression: Luke LaVellian


A Penny For Your (Demented) Thoughts, Rabbi?

Kike males have rich sexual fantasy lives. One of their favorite scenarios that helps facilitate auto-erotic activity, is the fantasy of being spat upon, flayed and turned into something useful (lampshades, soap, dog food) by handsome, rugged Nordic males. This is one of the many reasons why these sick puppies have no business enjoying ANY access whatsoever to young Aryans. Many blond children are molested by kike males, who are known to enjoy a good game of "role reversal" on occasion. These mongrels actually feel as though they've "proved something" by defiling a child who cannot do to them what should be done to them by all full-grown Aryans.

The jew is a child of ritualism, make-believe and blood-sacrifice. There are precious little (if any) exceptions to this. These "people" start fights, lose them and then demand their "revenge". They invent "injustice" after "injustice" that must be remedied by the pseudo-Warrior jew-boy who stands on the sidelines behind some traitor white leadership and exhorts the "good goyim" to go kill the "bad goyim", so that "decency"(what's good for the chosenites), "morality" (kikes undisputably in charge) and "freedom" (to rape and rob at will) reign.

The blood-sacrifice part of my charge must be explained. I don't mean the "ritual jewish sacrifice" charge that has often times been levelled against "god's people". I really don't think that this happens very often. You see, this is a little too "hands on" for a people who much prefer that others "do the dirty" for them. It's not "their style" to expend their own energy taking out their enemies when their are so many idiotic "patriots", religious lunatics and other assorted butt-goys, who joyfully take direction from those not of their kind. Their thirst for "blood-sacrifice" is also served by promoting the elimination of Aryan children by endlessly pushing bestiality in the media, the educational system, and the 501c3 status, glorified shitagouges(judeophile churches) that decent Whites are forced to subsidize.

The story that is linked to below is yet another example of how the perversion of the kike knows no limits. Here we have enemy personnel (jewish people) directing innocent White children to aid them in memorializing the greatest act of racial revenge (HolyHoax) that never (but should've) happened. The one part of this sick business that I do agree with is their estimation of what the life of a jewish child is worth. I might even be persuaded to join the "penny-raising" campaign. If the 'eternally poisecuted' would be willing to undergo a REAL "shoah", I'd be more than happy to help raise the sufficient dump-truck loads of pennies so that the last living rabbi could slobber and pleasure himself over them before being sent to the big XXX Peep Show Establishment in the sky.

You can read this crap at:

(Guilty-by-ancestry White children to raise 1.5 million pennies to memorialize all "de dead jewish children in 'de deth kamps'")



Nature Is Taking Out The Trash

Millions of muds and cruds celebrated "World AIDS Day" yesterday. I don't know what they are so excited about. There are only 40 million people thought to have the disease at this time. Another zero will have to be added to that before I feel like celebrating. Overwhelmingly, there are VOLUNTEERS, not VICTIMS of this malady. There is only one group of individuals deserving of sympathy when they test positive and that is the folks who are unwittingly exposed by supposed loved-ones who race-mix, pack fudge or share IV needles with those who do. In the "volunteer" category goes anyone who sleeps with mud people, regardless of how otherwise "innocent" the race traitor may be. Those who sell their souls should suffer the consequences.



Sela Ward -- Race Traitor Slut

The other night I caught an interview with actress Sela Ward on "Hannity and Combs" in which this slattern expressed "pride" over the fact that her father was a pile of feces who begged the FBI to let him help "infiltrate" the Ku Klux Klan during the snivel rights era. To be fair, the fact that her dad was a race criminal does not make her one, automatically. It is the fact that she proudly recollects acts of treason against her own people that makes her the same frothing filth that the patriarch of the Ward family was. This negrophilic THING is now as ugly as Irv Rubin was in my eyes. Once you see through the exterior and get a load of what's really in the heart of a whigress like Sela, you will agree that true beauty is from within. An enemy is an enemy is an enemy, and they are all unspeakably ugly in the eyes of Non Serviam. Maybe Ms. Ward can join Susan Sarandon and Martin Sheen in trying to get some poor opressed nigger rapist out of the racist prison system. Trash doesn't begin to be a strong enough word to describe her.



Recommended CD for 12/2/02

Darkthrone: "Panzerfaust"

"True Norwegian Black Metal" That's what it says on the back of the packaging, and I agree with them completely. The best songs to me are "Hans Siste Vinter" and "Beholding The Throne Of Might". This disc is heavily Celtic Frost-influenced and as they're about my favorite band of all time, I consider this a very good thing.

Recommended Book for 12/2/02

Myths Of The Norsemen From the Eddas and Sagas by: H.A Guerber

Reclaim the true history of our race that's been denied us by the judeobeast. Knowledge is indeed, POWER. Awaken the blood and never again see things through a kosher prism. Aryanism doesn't demand WORSHIP. It requires STUDY.



Monday, December 2, 2002

Kids collect coins in memory of young Holocaust victims
Norwich Bulletin

NORWICH -- The Beth Jacob Synagogue School plans to count the 1.5 million children killed 
in the Holocaust one penny at a time. 

In an effort known as the "penny project," the school hopes to collect 1.5 million pennies 
in time for the annual Southeastern Connecticut Community Holocaust Remembrance program 
in April. 

If successful, the money would go toward construction of a memorial sculpture at a 
local site to be determined to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Nazi campaign 
that killed some six million European Jews. 

The school kicked off the effort during a brief ceremony at the synagogue Sunday. 

Students in grades one through seven made personal donations by pouring pennies into an 
empty 10-gallon fish tank. It is estimated that four such tanks will have to be filled 
to meet the goal. 

Josh Ladd, a seventh-grader at the school, dumped the copper contents of a Ziploc bag 
into the tank. The 12-year-old Franklin resident said he had been collecting the pennies 
for as long as he could remember. 

"We thought we were going to use them for spending money, but I'm glad we used them for 
this instead," he said. "I think it's just a great thing to do for all those kids who 
died just because they were Jewish -- I'm just happy to be a part of it." 

Rabbi Gary Atkins said that Hanukkah, a holiday of dedication and renewal, was an 
appropriate time to remember the young lives lost during the Holocaust. 

"If they had lived, they would be parents and grandparents," Atkins said. "They would 
have had children of their own." 

Atkins said the project, which is new to southeastern Connecticut, has received the 
support of the city government. He said penny depositories would be located throughout 
the city. 

"We're going beyond the synagogue, because we think this is something that we hope 
other people outside the Jewish community will be interested in," Atkins said. 

Mayor Arthur Lathrop and his wife attended the ceremony and emptied penny rolls into 
the tank. 

"It commemorates one of the most horrible incidents in world history," Lathrop said of 
the project. "These pennies are bright and they will be like lights. It's the least we 
can do to commemorate the Holocaust and do something good for the community." 



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