Non Serviam 12/06/02

by Author/Architect of Agression: Luke LaVellian


Spiritual Black Death

Spiritual Black Death, thy name is judeo-christianity.

Are you tired of the burdens that membership in the Aryan race entails? Fed up with the feeling that a future for White children should matter to you? Are you in the market for the cop-out of all cop-outs? Well, then do I have a deal for you! Just drink this cup of kool-aid, crouch in the general direction of Jurasalem and await the coming of Pax judaica! Join a world where "decency" is measured by the extent of your hatred against your own kind. Submit yourself to the dictates of a band of slavic/gook hybrids known as "jews". Check your brain at the door and worship the "covenant people" who didn't even embrace their vile faith until the eighth century. Slap one of those "What Would Jews Do" stickers on your SUV bumper, practice that ear-to ear vacant smile so typical of American converts to judeolotry, and finally, sponser the importation of some more latrinos or somalis into your "boring" little not-long-to-be-white town. Congratulations! You are now a "born-again" waste-of-oxygen and all-round scum froth! Glory be!

It is now time to take your laughing-stock faith on the road. It is time to "spread the good news" of jewry. Print up some fliers that extol the virtues of self-loathing. Be a door-to-door "witness" for the cosmic Sharon who so loved you that he sent you a razor to cut your children's throats with. What a relief! To no longer have to think! To be responsible for nothing but one's obediance to "gods" little trolls. What a deal!

I have one question to those who resemble the above comments. If you "hate the world" so very much, then why not leave it? More to the point, why not let folks like me help you to forever "live in the spirit". I wouldn't charge you anything. It would truly be a labor of love. Well, at least give it some thought (if you are still capable of that).



"All Those Of Impure Blood Are Chaff"

Who said the above?
Hint: It was a man that was even more "evil" than Saddam Hussein. That's right, Adolf Hitler! The statement is so undeniable that it honestly shocks me that simple observation wouldn't suffice to drum home the truth of it.

Let me use the "first family" of this rotten judeo-masonic corporate entity as an example. The Bush clan is impure and therefore corrupt in biology as well as IDEOLOGY. It is not possible for an ostensible "white" to carry discernable amounts of mud-blood and not exhibit sub-human behaviors and attitudes. It literally NEVER is the case that a mongrel is acceptable as a human being to ideologically pure Aryans. Why shouldn't the Bush family work against Aryan interests? After all, they AREN'T fully Aryan. "Dubya" is a glorified red-nigger with a latrinacita for a wife. Together they created two mongrel daughters. Next time you get the chance, check out the flat face and slanted-eyes of young Jenna. Can you say "Eurasian slime"? Cigar-store injun G.W and his fat brother Jeb both married spicesses and the resulting spawn are a fitting end for a grouping of criminals who are responsible for so much of the misery and pain suffered by decent (ie. White) people in AmeReeka. Neil (the other Bush-bunny), has a bi-polar, soft-brain for a son. This family is truly drowning in its own gene pool! Let us applaud the self-administered death of the Bush clan.



Death To All People Of The Lie

By the above, I do not mean "little white lies". If your wife or girlfriend asks you what you think of her new hideous hair-cut, feel free to tell her you love it. What I'm talking about are those who tell "Big Lies". I am talking about the kind of people who make mega-bucks lying to their own people at the behest of the enemy. Men like Pat Buchanan, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and all of the others of their foul ilk. White people who spout the "color-blind-we're-all-americans" message of jewish neo-CONservatism, are aiding and abetting the murder of our White race.

Butt-goy whiggers in the media who spout aracial sentiments are knowingly lying to you. O'Reilly LIES when he pretends that niggers like Bill Cosby "prove that race doesn't matter." Sean Hannity LIES when he pretends that the "vision of the founders" included snivel-rights for Apes and open-door mud immigration. Pat Buchanan LIES when he offers his phony double-speak "solutions" to what/who ails us. All whiggers lie as a matter of course. They don't all realize it however. Many rank and file whigroids are so lacking in grey-matter that they just repeat the crap they hear put forward by the above mentioned professional race-traitors.

It is completely unacceptable for Whites to benefit themselves at the expense of the biological collective. Moral relativism has done such a number on us that it seems "extreme" to call a spade a spade most of the time. Lying in matters of life and death is criminal. The lies that ZOG sock-puppets tell cost lives. They lead to ruin for our Aryan brothers and sisters. They further the interests of the kike/white traitor establishment. As such, these men are deserving of nothing but our eternal hatred. A whigger ass-clown has no rights that an Aryan need respect.



Recommended CD For 12/06/02

Arch Enemy: Wages Of Sin

The singer in this band is amazing. She is a beautiful blonde girl with sky-blue eyes who has one of the "ugliest", most brutal voices in the scene today. Angela Gossow is her name and she will be a huge star if there is any justice left in the world.

The first printing of the release comes with a bonus seven-track disc of "Rare and Unreleased tracks" featuring their original vocalist, Johan Liiva.

Recommended Book For 12/06/02

"The Doom That Came To Sarnath And Other Stories"
By: H.P. Lovecraft

"In a city of gems and riches- beyond the dreams of mortal men- a race of conquerors celebrates its triumph and reaps the horror of its glory..."



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