Non Serviam 12/10/02

by Author/Architect of Agression: Luke LaVellian


Spiritual Black Death

XXXXX wrote: You call it black death.

[Spiritual Black Death to be precise]

Did it ever happen to occur to you that your ranting and raving about the strawman version of Christianity that you made up in your mind might be wrong?

[No, because much study and observation prove me correct. I have read dozens of books by prominent "intellects" of the judeo-Christian world. What I have found to be the norm is jew worship, promotion (or at least acceptance) of miscegenation and foolish, uninformed "patriotism" that only serves to validate and further the aims of the ZOG. By the way, a "strawman" is something put forward by one without a real argument. A "strawman" is easily pushed down. You are saying that I am wrong. Saying it doesn't make it so. If I am wrong then show me all of the millions upon millions of White racist judeo-Christians who can somehow manage to put Isreal AND their own race first, at the same time! Good luck. Oh, and feel free to list off those 501c3 churches who oppose the ZOG and its so-called "covenant people" (slavic/gook hybrids). Worship of kikes and "love" for the mud races is NOT conducive to a healthy Aryan race. I am as far away from being "wrong" as one can get. Read Pat Robber-Son, Jabba The Falwell, Texe Marrs, John Hagee, Jack(off)Van Impe, etc. When you are done, tune into the CBN cable network and take a listen to any random hour of programming that you wish. I certainly have not "made this up" in my own mind. Most of the Bush administration subscribes to these judeo-masonic ideas. Finally, whenever one shows any degree of passion, it is easily called "ranting and raving". I "rant and rave" about ALL things that redound to the detriment of my race. It's called giving a damn.]

Did you ever think about how your prattling on about religion would tick off about 80 or 90% of White people?

[This is a variant of the "mass appeal" argument that I reject. Anyone who so cherishes their judeolotrous, negrophilic faith that they will reject what I'm saying without examining the facts of the matter are beyond help. The ones who can be reached are the ones who already have had the "demon" of doubt enter their minds. The "true believer" is a nut I won't bother trying to crack.]

Did it ever come into your mind that the struggle we are in is P-O-L-I-T-I-C-A-L, NOT RELIGIOUS?

[Did it ever come into your mind that the struggle we are in is being fought on many fronts? Religion is political/racial in either a positive or negative sense. There is no neat compartamentalizing of "politics" and culture/religion. They all form worldview and worldview dictates your worth to your people. One cannot deify the enemy of one's people on the one hand while supporting policies to eliminate the object of their worship on the other. Pretty simple, isn't it?]

Commander Rockwell was an agnostic but he knew that religious bickering was only serving to divide us. Are you smarter than he was? I doubt it.

[While I cannot say for certain, my guess is that Commander Rockwell would utterly despise and speak against the pro-White genocide, Isreal First, CONservative jew-worship of today. I find it very hard to believe that he would be accepting of a religion that teaches such filthy values as the race-mixing "Promise Keepers", for an example. As for "who's smarter", who cares? GLR was far more accomplished than myself, so he was superior to me in the only way that counts -- accomplishments.]

Try to get a grip. The majority of the White population holds to some type of Christian religion.

[You mean the majority holds to some version or other of judeo-Christianity and this is responsible for much of what/who ails us today. I refuse to run from this or pretend that it isn't so, so as not to "offend". I know with all my heart that this poison is killing us and I will continue to make my case. Anyone who knows me realizes that I am NOT talking about the estimated 50,000 or so Christian Identity practioners that we have in North America. I am talking about the tens of millions of others who practice an alien faith where the interests of a self-chosen band of scum (kikes) take precedence over a future for White children. I deal in facts. This situation is injurious to the race and must be condemned.]

If that bothers you so much then just try to deal with it. If you can't deal with it then at least quit whining about it.

[Right. Great advice. Race-mixing is "here to stay to". Should we all learn to "deal with" this also? Maybe if we don't offend race-mixed couples some of them will adopt a watered-down version of racialism, huh? I can "deal" just fine, thank you.]

It sounds like you are just jealous of the Christians.

[Yeah, you got me! I'm jealous of those idiotic ear-to-ear "feel the spirit" grins and those really cool "Left Behind" books. Look, you might as well accuse me of being jealous of kikes, niggers, beaners, purple polka-dotted lesbians and every other variant of mud and crud in this rapidly declining brothel of an empire. This is hardly effective argument.]

They meet openly, give their money freely and seem to be getting along ok. That is pretty different from the losers who oppose them. Need an example? How about Madelynn Murray O'Hair? Great leadership qualities there, right? Hacked up by her own follower and put in a shallow Texas grave. What a legacy. What's the shortest book in the world? Is it "Honest Jews" or "Negroes With High IQ "? No, it is "Great Contributions made by Pagans In The Last 300 Years". How many hospitals made by pagans? How many universities started by pagans? Not many.

[None of the above is relevant to the discussion. I put race first, last and always. As for "pagans", they are folks who believe in living in accordance with nature. If we all did that the world would be a far better (and whiter) place. I could just as easily ask you to list the racial accomplishments of Whites who idolize/emulate kikes. That would be the shortest book of all.]

A lot of people seem to think highly of the Vikings and their religion. Of course modern day Odinism wouldn't be recognized by a Viking if he could see it today. These Vikings were great warriors. Isn't it a shame they only seemed to spend most of their time attacking other White people? England, Scotland, Ireland etc. were their targets. Maybe we have some verbal Vikings today.

[Yawn. Ever heard of forcible conversion? Does the "Holy Roman Empire" ring a bell? No? What about the Inquisition? Fratricidal violence is hardly unique to our heathen ancestors.]

You don't like people who have beliefs they base on the Bible? I guess you would have hated Vicki Weaver, right? She had more courage in her little finger than you have probably had in your whole life. She didn't just talk, she acted. She lived her beliefs. But that doesn't count in your world, does it?

[Vicki Weaver was CI. She hated the jewish people every bit as much as I do. Stop confusing Christian Identity with Fallwellian judeo-khazarianity. As for courage, if my loved one's are attacked I would defend them. "Talk" doesn't preclude "action" when action is called for. What is your point? Should we all stop using the internet lest we be accused of "just talking"? Your post seems a little confused. Please cite where I have criticized those Aryans who "live their beliefs". I have only criticized muds and cruds and the whigger traitors who support/emulate them.]

If you were walking down the street in my town and I saw you were being attacked by non-Whites, I would rush to your defense. Would you do the same for me?

[I most certainly would and I've a broken collar-bone, chipped teeth, and a fractured left arm in my recent past to prove it. I have never stood idly by while a member of my race is being menaced or attacked verbally OR physically. I appreciate your sentiments on this issue.]

I don't care what your religious beliefs are, we are supposed to be comrades in the struggle.Think about it. Magda Goebbles was a Buddhist. Hiler gave her his own Party badge as a medal for bravery. Let's fight the battle and not each other.

[I don't care what your religious beliefs are, either. You seem to be a good White racist who clearly doesn't follow the ways of Jabba the Falwell, et al. I agree with your last sentence. Let us indeed fight the battle, BUT let us realize that the enemy fights on multiple fronts and one of them is in the arena of religion.--Luke LaVellian]



Recommended CD For 12/10/02

Darkthrone -- "Preparing For War"
Peaceville Records -- 2000

This is a 15 song combo "best-of"/rare tracks package. The "Snowfall" demo (track 2) is really a treat to own. I enjoyed the two live songs recorded in Oslo back in 1989 to. All true Fenriz/Nocturno Culto fans must buy this.

Norwegian Aryan Black metal at its finest.

Recommended Book For 12/10/02

A Practical Guide To The Runes
Lisa Peschel

Llwellyn Worldwide

Created by the Nordic and Germanic tribes of Northern Europe, the runes began as a magickal system of pictographs representing the forces and objects in nature. This book contains complete descriptions of the entire Elder Futhark.



[Martin Lindstedt note: The feminized whigger with its idiotic programmed notions sounds suspiciously like one Meggie 'Baal-Bitch' Butts --, a forty-fiftyish lesboskank and agent provacateur with a history of getting Resistance, particularly Dual-Seedline Christian Identity politicals jew-censored & removed because of the I Corinthians 14:34-35 Biblical policy of not allowing females to speak within the Congregation of the House of Israel, both secular and ecclesiastical. With the tone and the e-mail suffix, I am certain that it is indeed Meggie Baal-Bitch Butts, up to her old criminal history of trying to separate the White Nationalist Resistance into its Odinist and Christian Identity doxologies. For some perverse reason (camoflague) this nasty troublemaking lesboskank kicked out of every single Dual-Seedline Christian Identity congregation in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee loves to pretend to its physically & morally flatulent self that it is 'another Vickie Weaver.'

Any Satanic whiggroid lesboskank ass-clown so versatile with jew straw-dogs and jewdeo-khazarianity is deliberately repeating the exact same lies that are in its genetic heritage. It isn't a matter of some nut not worth the cracking, but rather some spawn of Satan acting according to its Genesis 3:15 nature. Nothing more -- and most certainly nothing less.

Luke Lavellian or Alex Curtis has NEVER offended or acted against the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity doxology, regardless of whether or not each or any of the above individuals consider themselves to be Odinists or One-Seedline (ha!) or Presbyterian. White nature and White thinking are in each of the above-mentioned Resistance writings, and it should be considered Racial Secular Writ. -- M.L.]



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