Non Serviam 12/13/02

by Author/Architect of Agression: Luke LaVellian


ZOG Sets System To "Self-Destruct" Mode

Never before have I seen the ZOG so openly contemptous of White people. It takes as a given that "whitey" just loves the feel of spittle running down his face and that he'll lap it up forever. A day hardly goes by that White folks are not collectively cursed and derided for some bogus "offense" or another. Terrified (due to demography)of permanently ceding power to the Zionist Left, the Zionist Right has taken to lambasting and baiting Aryans in a manner that would have embarrased Clinton. These clueless, ivory-tower types think that presenting themselves as self-loathing specks of excrement will increase mud votes for their country-club party. What morons. Muds don't want a slap on the back from 'massa'. They don't want pretty words and phony sentiments. They want your money and maybe your pretty daughter while you're at it.

I think this is a positive development. My hope is that the frothing filth "establishment" whiggers will push and push until us "white-trash haters" have nowhere to go BUT the gun cabinent. The greatest recruiters of extreme White racists are now the conservative religious and political powers in this country. There probably aren't too many salvagble Aryans left who fantasize that the electoral process is anything but a cruel mocking joke.

Hey Zoggie, keep pushing that "amnesty" plan for latrinos who mow the lawns and mop the floors of the absolute worst among us. Keep bringing in those charming Somali mudlims. You're doing a lot our work (bringing you down) for us.

When an enemy is intent upon destroying himself, just get out of his way.



Bush Calls Lott's Remarks "Evil And Anti-Sharon"

By Luke LaVellian, WAP Off-White House Correspondent

WASHINGTON (WAP) -- ZOG CEO Bush said Sen. Trent Lott's endorsement of half-century-old segregationist politics "is heretical and it is evil," orchestrating a party-wide bid Thursday to defuse the controversy threatening Lott's leadership post and Bush's efforts to woo sub-humans into joining the Country-Club Coalition.

"He has debased and humiliated himself, and rightly so," said the ZOG CEO, drawing a lengthy standing ovation from a crowd consisting of muds, duds and cruds in Philadelphia.

Lott's office, given advance notice of Bush's plans, quickly issued a statement embracing the rebuke. "Senator Lott agrees with CEO Bush that his words were evil and he is sorry. He repudiates segregation because it afforded Whites a level of protection and besides the almighty cosmic Sharon (g-dog) says it's immoral," said a Lott spokesman.

Senior Republicans, including Bush's top talMUDic advisers, said Lott must do more to repent. "We are thinking of having him sacrifice a red heifer to the cosmic Sharon (g-dog), said one bearded man in a funny black suit, "and if that fails to placate his righteous anger, his first-born son might do the trick. We judeo-masons do believe in redemption. We are 'compassionate conservatives' after all."

"I think he has to have a full-blown press conference with an opening description of his absolute outright hostility to White survival in any form," Sen. John McCain R-Ariz., told this reporter.

"Any suggestion that the segregated past was acceptable or positive is evil and it is anti-Sharon," CEO Bush said as he continued addressing the congregation. "Recent comments by Senator Lott do not reflect the spirit of our cuntry."

Pausing for "amens" after every sentence, Bush added, "Every day our nation was segregated was a day that America was unfaithful to our judeo-masonic ideals. And the judeo-masonic ideals of our nation and, in fact, the religious ideals of the Likud party I represent was and remains today the equal dignity and equal rights of every coffee-colored serf."

The Congressional Black Caucus called for a "formal censure of Senator Lott's racist remarks." They cited a "long-standing pattern of behavior that can no longer be tolerated," including but not limited to, Lott's support for stiff penalties for the crime of rape, which takes hundreds of thousands of young black men off our streets every year.



Lit Crosses Scare Poor Old Uncle Thomas

Supreme Court Jester Clarence Thomas (lovingly refered to as 'Uncle' by his black friends and supporters -- 'nigger' by the rest of us), broke out the tissue paper and bawled about how "terrifying" it is to see vicious crackers standing out in a corn-field somewhere lighting crosses. "It wounds me deeply and scares the piss out of me", croaked Clarence. "It has caused great pain in my marriage also. You see, everytime I see or hear of lighted crosses, I lash out violently at the first White person that I come across and usually that's my trash-bag whore of a wife." He went on to make a convoluted, jewish argument about how free speech is free unless a member of a "historically victimized" group doesn't want to see or hear said speech. I guess you have to attend a prestigious Jew U. in order to wrap your mind around such a "truth".

To all you reading this who enjoy "scaring" glorified apes by lighting crosses, I've got a great idea. If all so-called "cross-burning", even on your own property, is one day declared an "act of domestic terrorism" (as 'de kneegrowz and their kike pals want), why not switch to "Sol(Sun) Wheel" or "Eye of Odin (celtic cross)" lightings? You would be performing the same rite with basically the same symbol, only wearing a different label. Wouldn't it be fun to watch them scrambling to pass new laws against "defiling" Odinist/Asatru symbols?

You can't be beat if you refuse to play their game.



Recommended CD for 12/13/02

Dimmu Borgir
"Godless Savage Garden"
Nuclear Blast 1998

This disc is a great introduction to one of the better Black Metal Bands active today. It consists of 5 studio tracks and 3 songs performed live. My favorite's are "Hunnerkongen" and "Stormblast". It also features the best cover art of all the DB releases.



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