Non Serviam 12/16/02

by Author/Architect of Aggression: Luke LaVellian


The Two Kinds Of Racism

A) Parasitic Racism
B) Separatist/Natural Racism

Those who condemn Aryan Separatists have one very important thing in common -- they are all believers in parasitic racism. The "racism" that should be condemned and resisted by all means necessary, is their own.

A separatist is someone whose primary interest is in the perpetuation/advancement of their own Folk. What is wrong with that? Nothing, unless you are a parasitic racist who believes that you have the right to feed off of other (Aryan) peoples.

There are millions of self-loathing, drooling-drone whiggers who also subscribe to the notion that non-whites have the right to feed off/prey upon Aryan peoples. These are the sickest creatures stinking up the planet and it is increasingly difficult to avoid these zeroes. They are everywhere you look -- on their talMUDvision screens, in public "service", behind the pulpits, and in our communities. These mockeries of nature are about as deadly an opponent as you could hope to find, as they are ever on the look-out for White "haters" to project their feelings towards themselves upon. The only good thing that can be said for them is that they are biodegradable.

The foremost parasite is the kike. One need look no further than the self-chosen to learn everything there is to know about this brand of racism. Literally every word-game and act of mental gymnastics that you hear come out of nigger leaders for example, was learned at the knees of the jewish cess-swillers who created the snivel rights movement.

I am certain that you are aware that everytime a jig or spic "spokesperson" comes on TV to debate something or other, all they have in their arsenal is feigned "righteous anger" and obfuscations, right? This holyhoax survivor BS was taught to them by our primary enemy, the jew. Kikes taught those they wished to use to move the ball further down the field to play into the greatest weakness the White man has had inculcated into him, "guilt".

What a blessing it is to be one of the two or three percent of Aryans that haven't a clue what that feels like! "Guilt", if you suffer from it, must be purged. Feelings of sympathy/empathy for other races is a form of mental illness. No other peoples are afflicted by it and that is why they're currently winning the game. A pack of navel-contemplating 'woody allen'-types will get rolled over like a nigger at a spelling bee. "Guilt" over taking appropiate measures to safeguard the Folk is self-defilement, a denial of who and what you really are. Absent this mind-poison, you are immune to the vampiric efforts of jews, shitskins, etc. The parasitic racist NEEDS you to feel responsible as well as SORRY for it.

The Separatist Racist only wishes to be left alone in his/her own living space. Separatists realize that muds and cruds are only a detriment to White culture and since they are willing to mow their own lawns and mop their own kitchen floors, they realize that subhumans are not needed for a damned thing. A White Racist is by definition a Separatist.

Those who play at racism but reject those programs and policies necessary to affect real change, are first-class phonies. Aryans have the absolute right (duty actually) to attempt to leave the world a better place for Whites than it was when they were young. Only a fool would say that a future for White children is conditional upon gaining the approval/love of our biological enemies! Those 'small w' whites who feel that way better steer clear of the rest of us. We are losing what little patience we had and don't want to hear anymore about the "penance" we must make or how we owe the "least among us". Our answer to them is that their philosophy/religion is as a thing unclean. Their ways are not worthy of us and the so-called 'least among us' (subhumans) are what they are because of nature. Nature is our ally in struggle. We never argue with her and despise the arrogant fools who strive to work against her.

Finally, I would like to state that EVERYONE is a racist. There is not a man or woman alive (of any race) who doesn't fit into category "A" or "B". I'm a racist and every kike and his rabbi is one too. There is nothing to be gained by letting filth-mongering kikes or those who worship/emulate them, place you on the defensive over the issue of whether or not you're a racist. Throw it in their dysgenic faces that you are fully aware of their verbal trickery. Inform the scum that they are A-1 parasitic racists, and that their days of abusing the English language for fun and profit, are over!



Trent Lott To Allow Nigger Bucks To Work Him Over On Kike Redstone's BET

I guess Lott doesn't feel he's made it quite clear enough, just what a pile of steaming vomit he is. He deems it necessary to appear on the BET network, where niggers will hurl all kinds of abuse his way, thus partially fulfilling his favorite sex fantasy of finding himself trapped in an enclosed space with large black men intent on tearing up some white "bootie". Trent boldly states that he "regrets that I have but one rectum to give for my country".

In all seriousness, I think this whole phony "scandal" has been wonderful in the way that it has shown just what the CONservative right-wing is all about. Hopefully, the next lying piece of fecal matter, who peppers his speeches with code words and appeals to the "CONstipation as it was originally intended", will be seen for what he truly is -- a Race Traitor and a prostitute.

Some right wingers spit while others swallow, But they all SUCK!



Recommended Book for 12/16/02

Lone Wolf -- True Stories of Spree Killers
Virgin Publishing Ltd
-- 2000

A quite interesting and quick read. Probably not everyones cup of tea, but I found it entertaining. The chapter on Benjamin Nathaniel Smith is pretty good if you ignore the obligatory condemnation of White racism.

Recommended CD for 12/16/02

"Osculam Obscenum"

This disc features a well-done cover of Venom's "Black Metal" and from start to finish is truly intense and brutal. A couple other really good songs on this one are: "Inferior Devotees" and "Necronomicon". Billed as "Music To Mangle Your Mind", this one is worth picking up.



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