Non Serviam 12/23/02

by Author/Architect of Agression: Luke LaVellian


APRIL 20'th, 2013 -- NEW VINLAND

To finally put to rest the whole "what about the good jews" nonsense that still tugged at the heart-strings of the ideologically impure, this study was commisioned by the government of New Vinland, in the year 2013.

Below you will find a copy of the "Q & A" sheet that was distributed to all of the jews who despite our best efforts to "slave-drive" and "death-march" them out of our hair, still remained alive in the nation's elaborate prison system. The thinking was that when news of the results were released that the fence-straddlers would agree with their government that the only real solution to the jewish problem was a FINAL one.

What could be more fair than to PROVE for a fact that kikes did indeed derive sexual pleasure from the sight of our people being defiled by the glorified chimps and gibbons that they forced into our living spaces? Who would call for any mercy to be shown these fiends, then? Who would dare to persist in calling such filthy souls "holy" and "chosen"? Who would consider them to be even remotely "human" anymore?



Hebrew Sexual Arousal Study

1)What is the study about?

The purpose of this study is to examine what types of audiovisual erotica yids find sexually arousing.

2) Who is required by threat of death to participate?

Kikes of all sexual orientations, age 20-60 years.

3) What is in involved in participation?

There are two components to participating in the study:

A) Coming to the laboratory at Vinlandic University in New Oslo for a hebrew sexual arousal assessment.

B) Filling out questionnaires either here in the laboratory or back in your cells, after the hebrew sexual arousal assessment.

The procedure takes about 1 1/2 hours. You will recieve payment in the form of 5 Vins that will be credited to your prison commissary account once the testing is complete.

4) What is a "hebrew sexual arousal assessment"?

You will be required to watch a series of film clips, some of which will be sexually explicit and all of which will feature criminal bestial conduct, while we monitor your body's sexual arousal. In between the interracial film clips, you will complete a short questionnaire. The purpose is to determine whether the sight of Aryans defiling themselves with sub-humans meets with your approval or not. This study will help settle the dispute that is ongoing over whether or not our treatment of your people has been "fair". There are some Aryans with soft hearts (and even softer brains) who think that there are "good jews" to be found among your tribe. Our hope is that this study will disabuse them of such clap-trap.

Measuring hebrew sexual arousal is done with a probe called an anal photoplethysmograph or "queer gauge". The probe is about the size of a baseball bat and is made of acrylic plastic. Your fellow prisoners will insert this probe into your anus, where it will remain while you watch the film clips. All this is done in a private testing room (seating room of about four hundred) where you communicate with the experimenter (me) via intercom.

5) How are participants protected from potential harm?

We are acutely aware that this procedure could be perceived as potentially "risky" and "uncomfortable" for jews, and frankly we don't care. This concern is unnecessary, because there isn't a thing that you can do to us in the way of retaliation. I'm going to do the White thing and be straight with you -- This is going to hurt -- A LOT!



Excepting a couple of Brazilian judeo-Christians who were mistakenly lumped in with the jews (they had sorta-white skin, nigger noses and afros. I mean, come on, mistakes happen!), ALL of the subjects (100%) were highly aroused by the images of bestiality. A compilation tape consisting of a piece of rancid porn called "Save The Last Dance", clips from movies starring a "Jennifer Lopez" and several other inter-breeding promotional films, were shown to each and every "participant". There wasn't a single one of them that didn't respond in the manner expected (and this was with an unnecessarily large probe up their behinds)! The government was overjoyed with the results and promptly ordered its state-run media to run the story for the next two weeks while a long walk off a real short pier was planned for the remaining children of dog.

It sure has been a pleasure to bring to you the reader, a proud piece of New Vinlandic history. Be sure to join me, Luke LaVellian, next time when I'll be sharing with you the true story of what happened to that place they used to call "Mexico".



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