Non Serviam 12/26/02

by Author/Architect of Agression: Luke LaVellian


GOP (Grand ole' Prostitutes) Pins Its Future On Wooing Muds And Cruds Over to the Country-Club Ticket

"We have just about maxed out with white men,' a key Republican strategist said. "When you look into the future, all you see is smaller numbers and more and more Hispanics. Look at Texas. We have to adapt to survive."

Note the way this anonymous piece of filth passes over the fact that the Aryan race is being overrun with complete indifference, just the way a "good" gentile would. All he and his ass-clown, jew worshiping friends care about is winning over enough beaners to remain politically viable! Can you imagine how far one has sunk when he/she/it has gotten to the pont where it wears its treasonous colors on its sleeve, as though proud of being just another speck of excrement in the frothing filth that is today's U$?



Oregon voters split along urban, rural lines

In Oregon and the rest of the country, the pattern grows more pronounced. Mega-concentrations of muds and cruds decide for the rest of us what pukes take office to steal from us and give to them. Isn't 'democracy' wonderful? That the voting scam still serves as a 'release-valve' to keep Whites from blowing a gasket is truly amazing. If there are still White folks who think an answer lies in selecting between the two arms of the Ameri-ZOG power structure, it seems fair to wonder if they'll ever get a clue. How many times does someone have to say "I HATE YOUR F'ing GUTS" before you will accept that they indeed MEAN IT!?

WASHINGTON ó Oregonís urban-rural political divide continued unabated in the 2002 governorís race ó part of a national trend...In Oregon, Democrat Ted Kulongoski carried just eight of Oregonís 36 counties but defeated GOP opponent Kevin Mannix by more than 36,000 votes thanks largely to a 110,000-vote lead in Multnomah and Lane counties, home to the stateís largest and second-largest cities of Portland and Eugene. --SALEM STATESMEN JOURNAL

What the article fails to mention is that Portland, Eugene and Salem too really, are overrun with the filth-besotten 'rainbow' coalition of muds, cruds, perverts and the white race traitor garbage that love to keep sticking nails in the coffin of their own kind. Sick trash like this get off pseudo-sexually by perverting the natural order. These whigger religious nuts despise nature and all who adhere to her laws. All jew-worshipers are enemies of the true Northern peoples. They always have been and doubtless always will be.



Total War: Spiritual Or Temporal

And Does It Really Matter?

"I call an animal, a species, an individual depraved when it loses its instincts, when it chooses, when it prefers what is harmful to it."
--Friedrich Nietzsche

"What if you are wrong and we are right?", inquire the aiders and abetters of the judeobeast. "What will become of people like you then?".

I suppose this is the part where I'm supposed to fear my immortal soul being consigned to "Gehenna" in punishment for my having opposed the reign of "God's" Little Trolls. I have never had a problem responding to this nonsense (and it is nonsense). I simply tell the truth. I believe with all of my heart that the talMUDic faith of the jew is pure unadulterated BS and that I have nothing to "fear" in a spiritual sense from cursing, resisting and exposing kikes. I am less than impressed by the "manhood" of those who would actually reduce themselves to a state of subjection because some 'man of fraud' told them it says so in psalm such and such. What intellectual abortion is responsible for one reaching a conclusion that says that a future for their kind matters little (if at all) if it causes offense to a biologically and ethically corrupt grouping of parasites who conveniently believe themselves to be "'de light unto 'de Woild'"?

These people are repulsive (jew worshipers) and deserve not the courtesy that would be extended a fly buzzing around the window-sill. These bufoons do not begin to grasp the hatred that is rising up against them. I'm talking about extreme icy hate, towards them for their contemptible collusion in the Zionist agenda as well as towards the objects (kikes) of their religious adoration. To all the pro-Zionist, pro-U$ government advocates of kike supremacy out there, I say this -- You are increasingly seen for what and who you are! In exchange for massive amounts of "jew tokens", you have sided with the murderers of your own kind and you are held in the contempt that is truly befitting mad-dogs such as yourselves. Masking criminal complicity in the guise of "righteousness" is providing you less and less of the "cover" that you so covet.

Back to this whole "what if we butt-goys are right" stuff, I say who cares? If it turns out that your god-dog cosmic Ariel Sharon is for real, it would change absolutely nothing. That would simply tell me that the Aryan race was descendant of a different (and by no means lesser) God. If your "god" is real, than a state of war exists between all Northern peoples and this putrid "lord" of the mongrels.

Either we war for temporal OR spiritual supremacy. Absent proof, I'll just go on in my belief that the religion of judaism and all of it's babyl-masonic offspring are just ego-driven rationalizations for contemptible behavior. If the war is more than that, great! I'll just add Deicide to the Aryan "to-do list".



Recommended CD for 12/26/02

"A Blaze In The Northern Sky"
Peaceville Records, 1991

This is one of my top five favorite Aryan Black Metal releases. Who but a born slaveling could fail to feel and recognize in themselves the Aryan spirit of this disc? My favorite track is "In The Shadow Of The Horns". This is a violent work of art. Darkthrone's music would serve as a good introduction to authentic Aryan music.

Once you turn someone on to stuff like DT, Dissection, Burzum, Celtic Frost and the like, chances are (unless they're not pure) all of their happy, negro-inspired "party" fake metal will end up being exchanged down at the local used record shop. I know that that is the reaction that I had upon discovering the BM scene. All false metal sounded like unadulterated unAryan trash to me from that day forward.



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