Non Serviam 12/29/02

by Author/Architect of Agression: Luke LaVellian


Where and When America Went Wrong

(Hint: It wasn't in 1948 and didn't have anything to do with Strom Thurmond and the Dixiecrats)

I'm sure everyone is painfully familiar with the insincere remarks made by Trent Lott at Strom Thurmond's one-hundredth birthday celebration. In his statements Lott gave the impression that he thought that 1948 represented something of a 'turning point' for White America. While 'Reconstruction-The Sequel' came a few short years later, it betrays an ignorance of US history to assert that all was well (in a racial sense) before then.

It's most assuredly false to point ones finger at a movement (snivel rights), while ignoring and giving "a pass" to an alien philosophy (Masonic, jewish-"Christianity") that had long ago taken hold of the hearts and minds of the majority of 'our' elites. We must address the disease and not allow ourselves to be distracted by some of its nasty, noisy symptoms. The truth of the matter is that the so-called "civil-rights" movement, open-door mud immigration, acceptance/promotion of White genocide through demographic swamping and interbreeding, and everything else that now places the race in jeopardy, can be traced back to the alien religious notions that have long danced around in the corrupt noggins of 'our' nation's leadership. These people have near absolute power and have proven that it indeed corrupts, absolutely.

Many Whites who cling to a false view of American history gloss over the ugliest chapter in the 19'th century of this country, the Civil War. Some actually use the words of a guy (disHonest Abe Lincoln) who makes Trent Lott seem like a good Aryan, to promote their racial views. For those who haven't researched the man's career, I'll let you in on something. Lincoln was the Clinton of his era.

One moment (in front of a White audience) he was a racial supremacist, the next (in front of a kike/abolitionist audience) his heart would bleed for the 'pitiful' negro. He was a liar and a piece of Shit! He "believed" the states indeed had a right to secede, it's just he didn't think they had a right to do so under the circumstances?! He "believed" in the first amendment in the same way that the B'nai B'rith do today. He "believed" speech should be free unless it didn't really "qualify" as free speech. He was one of those double-speaking pseudo-intellectuals who could dazzle the small minds of shallow deracianted men.

John Wilkes Booth should be considered a hero. "SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS" (THUS EVER TO TYRANTS!) That is what this great man said right after sending this race traitor to the ninth ring of Niflheim (Nordic Hel). The truth is that this criminal and genocidist was a subscriber to alien doctrines that were and are incompatible with being a loyal Aryan man or woman. He didn't "believe" in America or the CONstituition anymore than today's CEO Bush does. This was a 'man' who begged Africans to help him KILL White men who wouldn't kiss his ring or ass properly. This is a 'man' who imprisoned and murdered White men who spoke against his mis-rule and treason. This is the 'man' who oversaw the creation of the system of duplicity, doublespeak and subversion of the White Aryan Race of people that birthed 'Reconstruction-The Sequel' and today's PC, pluralistic brothel of a 'nation'.

First off, I don't think that I'll get much of an argument from anyone when I say that ANY White man who played ANY role in enforcing the policies of Reconstruction on the South were unadulterated trash. Their memories should be spat upon and scorned, their names synonymous with perversion and treason to one's own kind. The nigger state legislatures, the wholesale ape-on-human rapings, lootings and killings, these represent the TRUE legacy of the much ballyhooed 'party of Lincoln'!

As though this weren't enough, in short order came the fourteenth and fifthteenth amendments to the CONstitution. The 14'th amendment gave niggers "equal protection under the law" and the 15'th gave all "male citizens" the "right to vote", also going on to dictate that there could be no deniel of this new 'right' on "account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude".

Gee, I wonder who they were talking about? Now, here is where a lot of folks get it all wrong. They will tell you, "They didn't mean it. The jigs didn't really become equal after the war." True enough, to a point. What is missing in these people is the knowledge of what REALLY derailed Reconstruction, Part Uno. It was Nathan Bedford Forrest and the First-era Klu Klux Klan that used hit-and-run terror and whatever else was at their disposal to run off the carpet-bagging kikes and whiggers and place the jigs somewhat back "in their proper place". Ullyses S. Grant basically begged the Klan to stop hurting his whiggers. In exchange, he swore he'd let the Southern states decide upon their own race policies. It was violence on the part of Southern Aryans, not any 'secret' pro-White feelings on the part of the Northern establishement that put a temporary end to the lunatic religious drive to a feces-colored America. There is no defending the indefensible. Lincoln wiped his posterior with all that this country had ever stood for, and after flushing, gave us the 'ideals' of his filthy, loathsome religious faith.

Lincoln's hostility towards nature (shared by all of his co-religionists), his open hatred of decent White men, and his dream of a pax-judaica, all are still with us today. His greed (there was a strong economic motivation for the civil war as well), is shared and made palatable by blather concerning 'rights,' 'human dignity' and the like, by today's heirs to the One-World throne.

The current ZOG CEO Bush is the perfect man to carry the mantle of Lincoln into the 21'st century. He's just as good at playing off the yahoos as Abe was. Look at his approval ratings. I'm sure if they had conducted polls during reconstruction, the majority of Northern Whites would have approved of their governments policies towards their fellow Whites down South. Isn't it amazing how American whiggers can get behind just about anything so long as they think it won't affect them?

Trent was wrong in what he said. Dead wrong. We didn't need Strom Thurmond (who was really nothing more than the Pat Buchanan of his time). What we needed was a First-era Klan to the tenth power! After the two fraticidal jew-wars of the first half of the century (both of which Strom thought glorious American achievements), the last thing we needed was a foolish patrIdiot who would have at best applied a few band-aids to the gut-shot given America by judeo-masonry. The judeobeast was far too entrenched at this point ('48) for any half-measure nonsense to make an ounce of difference.

Finally, a far better(and more honest) thing for Lott to have said would have been:

"It's too bad we didn't follow the lead of Vichy France and Quisling's Norway in supporting Hitler. If we had, we could have avoided all of the problems we've experienced over all of these years. We could be living in an Aryan nation instead of in a messianic jewish pig-sty. Strom old friend, you may have meant well, but you really didn't begin to understand the problems facing us. You picked at the scabs of a wound while willfully remaining ignorant of what/who inflicted it to begin with. On this, your 100'th birthday, I'd like to say thanks for your meager contributions to your country that you more than canceled out by 'apologizing' for your 'wicked racist views' and following up by embracing the murderers of your people. Now wipe the drool from your chin and roll on outta here."



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