February 16, 2004

Re: Complaint to Joplin City Council about endemic
corruption of their police department and municipal kort.

Every so often one of your crooked thuggish police take umbrage that I have no respect for their reprehensible thuggish cowardly conduct and they make a false arrest or write bogus tickets, and then I proceed to take them to court or go to trial with the object to cost this municipal corporation as much time, money and reputation as possible. I have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Joplin and its animal police department in 1995. Some of you were named in it until it was dismissed in 2000. Also, I have been convicted in July 1999 of being a 'seat-belt' desperado and had to pay $10 after a jury trial that cost you far more.

Today I am here to complain about the swinish activities of your patrol policeman appropriately named Swinehart.

At approximately 10:25 p.m. I was traveling up Rangeline, also known as State Route 171 to go to the Walmart accompanied by my son-in-law when I was pulled over by a police officer who refused to give his name when requested for identification. This fat policeman asked me "Were you aware that you have a burnt-out headlight?" I told him that I was aware of no such thing and that he was a liar. He asked me to turn my lights back on and then when he looked at it, said that one beam wouldn't reach 300 feet. I then shut the lights back off, and told him that he had just confirmed that he was a liar, and since when was he following Revised Missouri Statutes?

Then this police officer asked me for my driver's license and proof of insurance. I asked him again for identification, which he refused. I then mentioned that he had better not do as some Diamond pigs did and have me falsely arrested and jailed because they refused to show identification. But since he might be impersonating a police officer that I'd play along, but he only had a right to see my driver's license as he had forfeited any right to see proof of insurance by his misconduct in perjuring himself in order to try to see under false pretenses whether or not I had liability insurance. This police officer then demanded to see my driver's license, proof of insurance, and registration. So I told him that the drivers license and registration request was semi-lawful, so I undid my seat belt and unlocked the glove compartment and dug for the registration. A whole bunch of insurance envelopes were all over the car seat until I dug it out and handed it to the pig. He went back to his car to call it in.

Meanwhile, my long-time girlfriend was on the cell phone demanding that I show the pig the insurance papers. She had been traumatized by my arrest by the Diamond pigs on January 23, 2004, and didn't want me hauled off to jail. I told her that I informed the pig that I'd sued the Joplin pigs before and was looking forward to doing so again, but that I'd play it by ear.

The fat pig came back and handed me a ticket made out for failure to provide insurance and a seatbelt violation. I told him that he hadn't said a word before about any seatbelt violation and that he had vindictively wrote it up for sheer viciousness. In addition, since I had shown him all the papers he had a lawful right to see, even given the illegality of the stop, what was his name and badge number? He then handed me a card which said "Larry Swinehart." I then said, "Your name is Swinehart!!! How appropriate." He then opened his jacket and showed me his badge, without a number as I recollect, and his name tag. I told him that at least he was slightly less cowardly than the Diamond pigs, who I didn't know the names of until I was in the Newton County jail.

Then the pig went back to his car and so I used his spotlight to look at the ticket. Swinehart then ran back up to the car and demanded, "Do you have any questions?" I said, "Yes, where is this seatbelt bullshit you allegedly wrote me up for? There is only one ticket." Swinehart then yanked the ticket out of my hand, turned it around looking for another ticket, then remembered that he hadn't written another ticket but had checked a box on the one ticket claiming in addition a seat-belt offense. I was amused by his stupidity and said, "You see, you don't even remember your own lies."

Swinehart was not amused. "Do you know that your lenses on your taillights are dirty? Do you know that you have a cracked windshield?" I told Swinehart that I wasn't aware of any such thing and had no intention of admitting anything which would bring on more bogus tickets. I told Swinehart that I'd be making a complaint to the city council about his conduct. Swinehart then said that he ought to write up more tickets. I told him that he might not have a job if he kept on acting stupid.

Swinehart decided to walk away, but said that if he saw me again that he'd be writing me up for more equipment violations the next time he saw me. I told him that he could write up all the toilet-paper tickets he wanted, but he didn't have legal jurisdiction to even make any stops, much less prevail in a jury trial.

I then seen Swinehart jumping up and down between our cars. Swinehart was having a full-blown tantrum. I decided that while it was enjoyable to watch, that Swinehart might decide to falsely arrest or even torture me while doing his false arrest thing, and that would be unpleasant for me. So I let Swinehart enjoy the rest of his evening by driving away to the Walmart.

What is happening is that the insurance corporations had their bought legistraitors change the rules back in 1987 making everyone is Missouri buy insurance without providing for a common pool of affordable insurance for Missouri citizens. In short, they created a mandatory requirement for the benefit of corporations to be paid for by individuals, some who are just starting out and cannot afford to pay. Then corrupt municipal corporations and their police departments decide to steal under color of law by encouraging their police to "poverty profile" the poor and weak who cannot afford to buy insurance by pulling them over in their old cars under some pretext and then demanding to see proof of insurance. It is just Swinehart's bad luck, along with his appropriate name, to have pulled over someone like myself determined to let no police crookedness go unchallenged. Then when some of them cannot afford liability insurance, your crooked cash-register municipal korts then charge them hundreds, then thousands of dollars in fines and revoke or suspend their licenses, ensuring their endemic poverty, and that of their entire families. And then you wonder why some of them have nothing better to do than to cook meth as an escape from the police-state reality and hopelessness you corruptly imposed upon then, food for your greed and hypocrisy hiding behind an odor of legal sanctity.

Your municipal judge, a former corporate lawyer named Curchin, is a Webb City slumlord. Yet he imposes fines upon poor people who have no place other than their decaying homes to store their 'valuables.' You have a known hypocrite, liar and a thief imposing your will on the People. Where is the justice of that? And by allowing this situation to continue, all of you are as guilty of treason making it impossible for all elements of the social order to live in peace, as are Swinehart and Curchin. When they commit capital crimes of treason it is as if you commit those capital crimes of treason. You are responsible for the acts of your dogs.

Even if you fire Swinehart, which I don't think you will do, there are 666 more just like him, out grubbing for revenue to feed your municipal kort. Things have not changed in Joplin - they've gotten worse in fact - because the taxpayers won't vote in higher taxes to jail all the petty criminals you have created. So you have to make up this revenue somehow, and you do it by thieving under color of legality.

In any case, what I am going to do is to demand a jury trial with its attendant full legal procedure. I am not going to accept Curchin's cash-register kort nonsense. You will have to refile at the Jasper County level. If I show proof of insurance, then your case is immediately over. The seatbelt lie can only carry a fine of $10 but no kort costs.

I am a Resistance soldier, a fighting man, an assault politician, who daily preaches that there is no solution other than armed revolution and absolute total civil, racial, religious and class warfare that destroys the current political system and those who rule today. I thank you for giving me this opportunity to make my point.

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for Governor -- 2004


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