Granby City Council, City Hall
302 North Main Street
Granby, Missouri 64844

March 8, 2005

Re:Written objection regarding placement of double-wide trailer house
on property adjoining 337 Rabbit Track Road

To The Granby City Council:

I have always despised your trailer house ordinances as being against the interests of poor White people ever since you have enacted them. I notice Steve White as always being against poor White people living in the only housing they can afford, and have said that in a just political system that Steve White and his entire family would be chained out in the open elements until they died of exposure so that both they and others could reflect upon the injustice of keeping the downtrodden from enjoying what little private property they could amass. At the same time, I have a racial interest in keeping mexcrement out of Granby, home of poor White trash.

So, normally I would fight against your proposal to 'tighten' trailer ordinances. However, in the due course of events, I am being screwed by well-off whigger (white nigger) trash, and this particularly degenerate offal happens to be my own brother, Michael Lindstedt, and Roxie's niece, Sherry Lamp.

You see, a little less than two weeks ago, Sherry's third husband, Joe Treschek (sp?) and Floyd Lamp, Roxie's brother, were over at the house across the street at 337 Rabbit Track Road, which I bought from my stepdaughter Amalie Baldwin and her husband/meercat James Baldwin. My grandchildren having been stolen on August 9, 2004, with the collusion of the Granby Police Department, specifically Police Chief Brandon Beshears and Chris Moreland, I was hoping someday to get them back so that they could live in their home under my supervision. They asked where the boundaries lay and I explained to them that they were marked by the grass produced by the old soil being removed and new soil replaced under the lead-removal project over two years ago. And, oh by the way, the old chicken house with the hand- dug root cellar lined with stone on the property line, why that went with the old house. Sherry and her husband Joe asked if I was going to sell the property and I said that no, I would never sell what I had reserved for my grandchildren to live in. I would fix it up and make it better, especially on the inside to avoid higher taxes, but never sell.

So they bought the acreage from my brother, Michael Lindstedt for $6,000, less than the $7,500 he had wanted. Joe and Floyd Lamp started cutting down trees and burning brush. I decided to help them for 'free,' if they would let me have the wood for my stove. So it was agreed.

Things went amiably, until Saturday, March 5, 2005, when bulldozing was done, and I was informed, when the bulldozer was tearing up the grass on my side of the property line and six inches of black dirt was dozed off that this was not my property. Sherry had been talking to Mike, and Mike said that the property line was no more than 10 feet from the house, an oh, by the way, while a foot of the chicken house/root cellar was on my property, by all means, go ahead and bulldoze it down.

No myself and my brother Mike haven't gotten along since May 2001, when in fixing fence he changed the arrangement to suit himself as having power of attorney over my mother's property and money. He broke the arrangements to not give title to the house across the street to my grandchildren with myself as their guardian, but rather to Amalie and James Baldwin, who as could be expected, invited in all manner of vermin to stay, kept the place in never-ending turbulence so that the DFS was always involved and Granby and Newton County piglice there continually, and put the place as collateral for debt. Mike also said that he was, "Glad the government sent Dad to prison," and "Prison was the best thing that happened to Dad." We've had violent fights since then, and Mike has pretty much told me that he is going to keep all of my mother's money and property upon her death and so "screw me."

Well, his position is not that legally secure, and if he messes with me than I shall have to use the 'law' to finish him off. This latest little episode, totally unnecessary, in trying to screw me over for no real gain is probably going to become the last straw. I am a vindictive man, and working on exterminating my enemies and their spawn is one of the few pleasures I have in life.

So Sherry is a rather gold digging bitch, and the plot that she has with Mike Lindstedt has her wanting to bulldoze down my chicken house/root cellar because it is an 'eyesore.' The greedy stupid bitch hasn't considered that this 'eyesore' has been there for at least 40 years, along with the house, another eyesore, that with its root cellar it is the safest place within the block to be in case of a tornado, or that it was known that it went with my property. Or that she had just made Joe bulldoze the brush and trees screening it from her new double-wide. No, she wants her way, and if Martin Lindstedt doesn't like it, he can, "Shove his chicken house up his ass."

Sherry has gone through two husbands and bids fair to go through three as long as her looks last. Husband #2 didn't like the notion of Sherry showing her tits and twat at "Dimples," a strip joint in Carthage. He also wanted Sherry to stay at home and have children. So there went Husband #2, an amiable fellow. Husband #3 has already been walked out upon for his drinking, and brought to bear, and so poor Joe, being told that he will lose his daughter and pay out the nose for child support, is a poor pussy-whupped fellow. He wouldn't think of ending wifey Sherry's 'Dimples' career. He doesn't want to bulldoze down my chicken house, but doze he will if Sherry cracks the whip.

So I demanded to see the survey to see where the property line was and Joe claimed that he had the survey, but if I wanted to see it, I'd have to pay for my own survey. So I said that if I had to, I'd file litigation to save my chicken house and Joe said I could do what I had to. Appeals to decency and family were to no avail. So I returned Joe's chainsaw and file because I don't feel comfortable to be beholden to those I might have to sue.

So yesterday, when I heard about you city council- critters tightening the municipal ordinances, I decided to look at it. And then, I called Joe and told him that the screwor/screwee situation had changed from him and Sherry being the screwor and me being the screwee to mow me being the screwor and them being the screwee. I was going to safeguard my chicken house by having them pay for a new survey and revise the property line by 10 feet so that the chicken-house was safe OR I would refuse to allow them to put in a double-wide under Granby City Code 410.130. They hadn't had their public meeting yet. Joe then said that Sherry had cleared it with City Hall. I informed him that even if JoAnn Lamp had promised to clear things up, then all that would do is pave the way for litigation against the City of Granby if they dared to go against my wishes for criminal conspiracy, nepotism, and bribery, and so they wouldn't dare go against their inclinations to 'revise' upward and tighten their regulations. Joe and Sherry had better come to an arrangement pretty quick because the City Council is thinking of restricting even double-wides to a trailer park. Joe got huffy and said that I could buy the land, and I said that if they had behaved the status quo antebellum of my chicken house on their land would have been satisfactory to all. But I couldn't trust them no more, they might well be divorced, and I didn't want to face this with the next adjacent property holder. Joe ended up saying that if they submitted. while my chicken house might be safe, I'd never be able to put anything in it. I asked him if he would be mounting a continual search for me putting chickens in my chicken house from his double-wide out in the country. Then Joe hung up.

The Sherry called. She told me that I could stuff my chicken house up my ass. I said that it would fit with ease, along with an adjacent additional 10 foot property line, 10 yards if they wanted to push it. Then Sherry sounded like a coyote pup being castrated on the line, while I yelled that my chicken house would be there long after they had gone, but gone they would be if it had to be. So she hung up.

So therefore, even before any lawful public hearing is to be held, under provision of Granby City Code 410.130, I and Roxie hereby make this written objection to be filed with the City to placement of a manufactured home. Since I and we own both 337 and 338 Rabbit Track Road, and I have an interest in the property north of my home, the only other landowners within 185 feet are the Church of Christ, and the property owner across the street. Thus on the basis of property owners, with Mike owning half the property, the objections are 2.5 vs. .5 for Mike, and 2 for the other property owners. 2.5 vs 2.5 is more than 30%. Thus the Granby City Council, under City Code 410.130 (A) would have to vote by 3/4 to allow Sherry and Joe to place their double- wide on the property.

I would advise against so voting given that Sherry and Joe have already tried to flout your law by trying to get JoAnn Lamp to give you a waiver. If Steve White changes his customary opposition, it would be seen as trying to get back at me. In any case, any violation of City Code to my detriment would be a litigation matter.

Of course, my veto will disappear if Sherry and Joe have the good sense to make another survey, confirm the property lines as they were, and to secure the structure of my chicken-house/root cellar by signing a quit claim granting me another 10 feet change in the property line.

I really am sorry that I have to use your evil, worthless, degenerate, private-property denying legistreason against the worthless, greedy, degenerate whigger scum that is my own brother and Roxie's niece. But I'll do what I have to do in order to secure my legacy to my grandchildren, just as I'll sent the regime criminals who stole them and their spawn screaming to hell with their only burial out of the asshole of dogs, cf. YHWH's destruction of the House of Ahab, II Kings Chapters 9 & 10. But if things don't work out, then I'd just as soon that Sherry and Joe don't move in, as such cannot be trusted. Let them move their double- wide out to the country where they can be a plague of self- serving greediness against others, hopefully just like them. I am,

Most Sincerely Yours,

Martin `Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Candidate for Granby Municipal Judge

Roxie Fausnaught



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