ZOG's War, Six Months Afterwards

by Martin Lindstedt


. . . . It has been six months since ZOG’s War on ‘terrorism’ (other than its own form of imperial-sponsored terrorism) ‘started’ on the aptly named 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers of New Babylon. And how has the mighty Evil Empire fared?

. . . . First of all, such concepts as “truth,” “justice” and “progress” are no longer absolute – such concepts depend, not upon any extinct standard able to be judged by an objective measurement agreed upon by all – but rather in subjective terms whose only objectivity is “what side are you on?” What is “justice” for the likes of ‘our’ 91-IQ, In- Flight, One-Term NWO/ZOG imperial sock-puppet George W[higger] Wuss, Jewnior, is apt to be looked at as less-than- just by the likes of Osama Bin-Laden and Mullah Omar acting under the dictates of their Islamic theocratic law called Sharia. Likewise, truth in an age of competing conspiracy theories depends upon what side one is on. Power and the ability to compel belief alone determine what the ‘truth’ is -- and only for the moment. The circulation of ‘Pravda’ depends altogether upon the moral, mental, and political boundaries of the subject afflicted by competing propagandas. Thus, no less than in Christ’s and Pilate’s time, there is always the question of “Just what is truth?” The answer, then as now, is decided on the moment by the exercise of power.

ZOG’s Excellent Foreign Adventure

. . . . So has mighty ZOG won its war of imperial hegemony? The answer is “No!, Definitely not!” Like Napoleon, ZOG is a pounder, a huge and gross pounder. ZOG’s been pounding a rock pile into smaller rocks, turning rubble into yet more rubble, turning barbarism into further anarchy, successful in a limited fashion of turning gravel into sand. Al-Qaida as an international organization and the Taliban as a national government over the jumble of ethnicities artificially packed together as Afghanistan have been decentralized by means of high-altitude bombing. Yet almost all of those killed have been civilians. The Taliban has been forced out of the cities and into the mountains, especially where the Pashtun exist. Mullah Omar and Osama Bin-Laden are not at the head of several thousand Afghan troops standing in close-order array upon a parade ground. Instead, there are companies, platoons, and squads of guerrillas, each under the tenuous ‘control’ of combat- proven village headmen and tribal warlords adept at mixing in with the local population, burying their arms and ammunition when faced with overwhelming force by outsiders, and digging up those articles of warfare when convenient. These guerrilla fighters are the toughest survivors of those who have already survived a complete generation’s extensive combat experience in fighting a 25-year civil war as proxies for regional powers and foreign superpowers.

. . . . The recent fighting between ZOG’s Armed Farces trying to put some backbone into their rent-a-bandit mercenaries versus the Taliban ended up in casualties which ZOG is unwilling to endure. The bombing campaign was a ‘success’ in dispersing the Taliban as a government. The Taliban, concerned with the well-being of its non-combatants, decided to leave the cities and provinces in which the Pashtun were a minority, and thus curtail having its people murdered without any means of retaliation. They could not fight a war of attrition toe-to-toe with the mighty Evil Empire, so they decided to go guerrilla.

. . . . The Afghan puppet regime, with its array of mercenary bandits, wasn’t able or willing to go into the Pashtun areas and mountains, and so this puppet regime cut deals with Pashtun and Taliban tribesmen to go back home, allowing them to keep their arms. Disarmament is akin to begging for genocide after 25 years of tribal and civil warfare. Short of killing each and every single Pashtun male between the ages of seven and seventy, there simply was no means of ensuring a lasting cease-fire. The Afghan client-regime begged its Evil Empire to support it and protect it from its indigenous unruly subjects, truthfully saying that if its Evil Empire pulls out, like the Russians did in 1988, and ZOG did in Vietnam, then they and their families of puppet-regime criminals would be disemboweled and hung from whatever makeshift gallows the indigenous population found using lampposts and trees.

. . . . ZOG wasn’t ready to pay the price of Evil Empirehood, and so a short-term fix was attempted. Some of ZOG’s elite ninja-clad Armed Farces, skilled at operations like Ruby Ridge and Waco, tried to stiffen the back-bone of its rent-a-bandit mercenaries and deal with a few hundred Taliban and tribal guerrillas. Of course ZOG got its ass whupped, a few of its skilled baby-killers got hosed, a few helicopter gunships were shot down, and ZOG tucked tail and ran, postponing Taliban and Pashtun disarmament indefinitely until it can soften them up again with some high-altitude civilian bombing. ZOG does have means of bombing Stone Age populations five or six years further back into the Stone Age, especially given them mean nine-year-old children who like to throw stones at ZOG’s tanks and armored personnel carriers. Brave baby-killers like ZOG’s Imperial Armed Farces need to have at least 50,000 feet or several hundred miles between them and fierce children armed with rocks and slingshots, and so B-52s, B-117 Stealth Bombers, and Tomahawk cruise missiles can definitely even the odds somewhat. Even after 50 years of murderous genocide, the Jews’ Armed Farces don’t dare go into the relatively small tent-ghetto of Gaza without less than a full expeditionary force -- and Afghanistan is a lot tougher neighborhood.

. . . . So the status of ZOG in Afghanistan is that ZOG’s rent-a- bandit mercenary forces dare not and cannot disarm the Pashtuns and their Taliban form of government by themselves. So ZOG’s puppet regime will from time to time beg for enough money and troops to survive another month or two. Buying these mercenaries will only work just so far – after all the mercenaries have to live with those they oppress, and short of successful genocide exterminating the Pashtun population (and them poor Muslims breed like rabid rabbits, an entire new generation every 15 years or so) – then it is nut- cutting time yet again and ZOG must figure out whether to pursue nation building or bombing in Afghanistan. ZOG puts a few of its elite imperial baby-killers to try to stiffen the spines of their mercenaries and a small engagement is fought, akin to a division with massive fire support finishing off a battalion caught in the unpacified zone. ZOG’s baby-killers get their butts kicked, and then it is back to bombing from afar. (This is the same foolish strategy that failed in Vietnam. ZOG won every single battle and still lost the war.) Ten or twenty thousand ragheads lose their miserable lives over the course of a year while one or two million more are born in a Pakistani refugee camp, each one of them learning to hate imperial ZOG along with their mother’s milk, a significant percentage wanting to be suicide bombers when they grow up, after a scant year or two of rudimentary religious indoctrination in a local madrasa (Islamic theological school).

. . . . So this is a foreign war which ZOG cannot win. It is a foreign war, which like Vietnam, can be dragged on infinitely as long as the political will exists for high- altitude bombing the shit out of the indigenous population. However, this is no longer the 1960s, when ZOG was able to pretend to itself and its core subject population of White Christian people that it wasn’t an Evil Empire, determined to maintain power only for its core criminal-regimeist cadre of Jew and whigger supremacists. The White population is down to 60% or less, overwhelmed by a racial mud-slide of turd-worlder vermin which is even more barbaric and rapacious than those left behind whatever Turd-Whirlld shithole they crawled out of. There simply is no sense in creating yet another bombed-out shithole in Asia and allowing barbaric non-whites who are ‘good Muslims’ to claim political asylum, as the Vietnamese were able to do after their corrupt client-regime collapsed when invaded by their brethren. Nor is there the political will to do so, and increasingly there is no longer the funds in a depleted Imperial treasury either, especially following a serious political and military defeat.

. . . . The Afghan puppet criminal- regimeists know this as well, which is why they simply will not fight without (or sometimes even with) the support of Imperial ZOG ground farces. Count on them to make the evacuation of Saigon look like an Easter-Sunday picnic when it comes time to pull out of Kabul. Yet the ZOG-hogs will pay the price in White blood and treasure simply because if they don’t, then their excellent foreign adventuring days are over, as nobody wishes to be a foreign ZOG sock-puppet if it means facing the tender mercies of a brutalized indigenous population less than patient with their traitors and regime criminals. ZOG didn’t dare abandon Presidents Thieu, Marcos, Mobutu Sese Seko or the Shah of Iran when these corrupt regime-criminals were run off by their looted populations, and the same shall be the case with the Afghan puppet regime. Failure to protect puppet regime-criminals from their rebellious subjects means the end of ZOG’s excellent Imperial foreign adventures.

. . . .

The Domestic Store

. . . . ZOG’s War fought in the domestic arena is being lost as well. George W[higger] Bush the Second is busily trying to explain why Pakis and rag-heads who are in this country are far less dangerous than the exact same ragheads in their indigenous turf ten thousand miles away. The 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers of Nuevo Babylon occurred at Tel Aviv West, Jew York City, not in Islamabad or Kabul. In fact, an item of embarrassment recently was the granting of visa extensions to two of the alleged 9/11 Saudi Arabian hijackers six months after Sept. 11th, 2001. Such embarrassments simply go to show that there simply is no protection against “foreign” terrorism when ZOG itself seems determined to allow any and all non-whites seeking entry to a Western White Civilization preferred access to a social order such can neither love nor understand, but are rather determined to destroy, either through pacific penetration or overt terrorism.

. . . . What is becoming even more clear is that the Federal regime is acting in the classic mode of all Evil Empires on the verge of collapse. The Founding People are oppressed with taxation and regulation, and new slaves to benefit a decaying degenerate elite are imported from abroad. To prevent their imperial slaves from being slaughtered by the native stock, “hate-crime” and “thought-crime” laws are passed, not only to protect the property of these degenerate imperialists, but to secure their rule from neo- aristocracies arising from the native stock from patriotic revolution. In all such declining empires, such as Rome, Assyria, Persia went through, it is a continual race as to whether the native stock shall prevail or whether the native stock shall be wiped out, and the Evil Empire collapses by being destroyed by alien barbarians from without or within.

. . . . Before an Evil Empire collapses, it tries to remain afloat by showing its adversaries from without and within how strong it remains by show of brutal military force. Assyria destroyed first its buffer state of Elam, with the end result that Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, along with its Cimmerian (Israelite) allies, was able to penetrate into the Assyrian homeland and destroy the Assyrian Empire. Likewise, Persia showed the Greeks, through an unsuccessful invasion of Attica, that they were not invincible, paving the way first for Athens and Sparta to become imperial powers, then for Macedon under Alexander to conquer Persia a century later. The Romans bankrupted their empire under the weight of legions unable to hold onto the empire that those legions conquered. In all of these cases, a small nucleus of founding peoples, by their ability to rule over first themselves and then by organization rule over others formed a mighty empire which was later destroyed by the short- sighted greed of its ruling imperial elites insisting that “The Empire” was, and should be, something other than of, by, and for the Founding Peoples which founded it. Conquest inevitably brought alien bloodlines in as slaves, then as masters over the native stock, which was misceginated or scattered away, and the mongrel stock remaining was unable to provide for itself, much less maintain a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic Babylon of competing interests, mores, and cultures as a going concern, much less an empire.

. . . . Today, ‘our’ Evil Empire is being frittered away at the behest of Jews and degenerate whigger ( i.e. “white nigger”) supremacists to benefit their own personal commercial enterprises and the bandit state of Israel from having Asiatic Ashkenazi Khazars pretending to be what they are not overrun by the Arabic Moslems regaining their rightful re-occupation of their Palestinian homeland. A veritable mudflow of non-white Third-World immigrants are being allowed to enter as cheap slave labor to be paid for out of the tax dollars of White working-class people. These Whites cannot afford to even replace themselves as slaves for the Evil Empire -- not that they want to any more. The Evil Empire has convinced them that masturbation, homosexuality, abortion, and materialism are “fun” and “trendy” and that duty, honor, and alliance to God and People are not only old-fashioned and unfashionable, but are in fact “bigotry,” “racism,” and definitely “politically incorrect.” And soon, if those in power have anything to say about it, soon to be ruled illegal, with those who practice these ageless virtues to be made into outlaws, to be plundered at will by legalized brigands authorized by the Evil Empire and its minions.

. . . .

. . . . On September 11, 2001, what I seen was an Evil Empire full of lemmings in no way prepared for war.

. . . . It was such a cold cruel world outside, and the warmth of even an idiotic, self-serving set of lies read to them by an idiotic sock-puppet figurehead yapping worthless reassurances felt to such sheep as being better than nothing. After all, this was all that they would get. And it was what they had grown used to, being fed a diet of witless, transparent lies, suitable fare for those conditioned to mindlessly worship Satan’s criminal regime on Earth, as such should be in their heaven. They ate it up.

. . . . Since then, there have been a rash of layoffs, as working White men are laid off from mid-level positions in service and manufacturing jobs. They won’t be paying taxes to Imperial ZOG. Corporate ZOG, the airlines, Enron, Arthur Anderson, etc., all got corporate welfare from ZOG into the billions of dollars. Alan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve System, a central bank run for the benefit of Jews plundering White People, cut interest rates eleven times, depressing the prime rate to the point where stupid Whites have been mortgaging their homes and businesses several times over, and to where it no longer pays to save by anybody. There are claims that “the recession” is about to be over, and no proof that such is so. Meanwhile, manufacturing jobs are being shipped to Mexico and China as non-tariffed goods are imported because ZOG needs to buy off allies and client kingdoms.

. . . . A post-industrial neo-colonialized society under the submission of imperial elites can neither manufacture goods necessary for its defense, nor provide the tax base to support regimeist programs. An increasingly non-white Evil Empire shall find itself unable to intervene effectively into the foreign affairs of non-white barbarian regimes scattered across the world.

. . . . The ZOG Congress passed a number of measures ostensibly designed to curb terrorism and in reality designed to curb open dissent and covert revolution. Nobody much was fooled, however, a slave population of fools, degenerates, and lemmings really has nothing much ever to say in dissent in any case, so this legistreason suitable for a nation of clueless moral and mental degenerates passed with only a minimum of complaint. The Revolutionary Resistance knows the score, but certainly appreciates the precedent set when it comes to absolute power to act upon regime criminals. Few Resistance activists have money to spend on travel by airports, so why get overwrought when whigger lemmings are subject to a anal body-cavity search by a battalion of dim- witted National Guardsmen unable to survive for five minutes in a rock-fight with the likes of a squad of Palestinian or Afghan schoolchildren?

. . . . The Evil Empire arranged quasi-Nuremberg rallies at its six-month holiday commemoration of 9/11. What has been noticeably lacking are any real spontaneous demonstrations of support for ZOG. The jewsmedia makes a big deal about the never-ending “war on [non-ZOG] terrorism” and the lemmings not in the spotlight seem to have better things to do other than to participate in any meaningful way.

. . . . Are any whigger dimwits flocking to join ZOG’s Armed Farces to go fight in Afghanistan? You have got to be kidding. Armed Farces recruiting is down and the quality standards are down as well. Albeit the Armed Farces of ZOG are not enamored with the idea of recruiting racially conscious Whites who want to join the Armed Farces so as to shoot off guns and kill niggers, wogs, gooks or even Pakis. ZOG is rightfully scared about training Whites to kill non- Whites, especially given the racial composition of its multi- culti, multi-racial Evil Empire.

. . . . In one of the recent skirmishes, one Sgt. Svitak, fresh from the Neosho-Joplin, Missouri area, the buckle of the Baal-Belt, was killed in early March, when his black helicopter from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (called by ZOG “The Nightstalkers” and by Waco Massacre rememberers “The Winged Babykillers”) was shot down by Taliban guerrillas. This ZOG mercenary came home in a body bag and was buried with full Imperial ZOG-hog military honors as cannon fodder in Joplin. About 350 of its fellow maggots attended the funeral. There was much folderol and flapdoodle about how this zero was a “hero.” The Jewplin Glob, the local jewsmedia, Newton County Commission-critters (took time from collecting kickbacks on construction projects), and all of the little local ZOGites loyally proclaimed this dead regime-enforcer to be the epitome of Politically Correct manliness. This zero a hero?!!!! Why, he couldn’t make it as a delivery truck driver and warehouse worker, and so it was back to ZOG’s Armed Farces where this witless regime-criminal enforcer could maim and murder Afghan women and children from an armored helicopter gunship. Dumbo wanted to be Rambo against innocent people who had never done him or his the slightest bit of harm living 10,000 miles away across the planet. Not that it mattered, because this same type of imperial mercenary thug would have probably been even happier cutting loose with a door machinegun against a church full of women and children in Waco, Texas or Granby, Missouri for that matter. It sort of makes one wonder what all the sanctimonious fuss was about concerning the defensive arrangements against Bolshevik Russia forced upon the democratically elected National Socialist regime of 1933-45 Germany. Sgt. Svitak found, to his dismay, that the righteous men of Afghanistan, defending their families, faith, and way of life were far more hardnosed about their right to live in peace than the fat Republican whigger imperial chickenhawks that sent these imperial mercenaries to enforce ZOG’s global imperial and commercial hegemony.

. . . . Of course saying something such as this in the “land of the fee and home of the slave” might end up getting one thrown off an Internet Service Provider or getting one’s house burnt down by worshipful ZOGites, but some things need saying, especially jeremiads.

. . . . One should understand that ZOG, like Imperial Russia described by Bismarck, is never as strong or as weak as it appears. Mighty ZOG has a strong enforcement apparatus of uni[n]formed piglice and mercenary soldiers. However, as has happened in Afghanistan and in ZOG’s very own homeland, ZOG’s writ extends only so far as ZOG is able to enforce it. Selfish criminal piglice and mercenary thugs have no stake, per se, in risking their lives or the lives of their loved ones. They are not supermen, but rather Lothrup Stoddard’s under-men, parasites and predators desperately seeking to return back to the cave where their mentality originated from and never really left. Imperial ZOG, essentially is a parasitic regime living off of the moral, mental, spiritual, cultural and racial capital of its Founding People, White Christian America. As White Christian America is dispossessed and destroyed, so too shall this mighty Evil Empire, to the point where ZOG is nothing more than wandering bands of bandits going about desolate plague- stricken wastelands searching for food and opportunities for rape and loot like in a Mad Max movie.

. . . . All revolutionary Resistance movements are nothing more than the purposeful planned revolutions by new elites of from one to two percent of the population determined to do whatever it takes to propel them to power by destroying the ancient regime of parasites and predators. Therefore, what is always necessary, especially in a revolution of the Founding People against the imperial criminal regime, is for the destruction of the mass of the imperial human herd animals to die off in civil warfare as planned (by both sides) and for the new elites to found military dictatorships or warlordships over the pruned and purged survivors. It does not matter what form of government or to what extent any government is able to rule over embittered survivors. If “government” is nothing more than a headman ruling with a rod of iron over a small tribe of related kinsfolk wherein a hundredth of the population exists where a city or county used to exist in imperial times, what of it? It shall be a population of quality, with all fools and degenerates and parasites and selfish congenital savages unable to live with others weeded out. A military dictatorship of the neo-aristocracy shall in time emerge over watchful survivors remembering the collapse of the mighty Evil Empire, mindful always that the price of freedom is in destroying any fool, parasite, or criminal who in the least infringes upon the social privileges of the Founding People, with never even lip service paid to intangible idols written upon sacred scraps of toilet paper, such as the CONstitution and Bill of Goods.

. . . . ZOG’s War is a superhighway leading from the imperial degenerate present to the racial Revolutionary future. Does ZOG, courtesy of George W[higger] Bush II want to go to war with Iran, Iraq, the entire Muslim world, China, Russia, etc. – everyone who will not bow down to the Beast & False Prophet of Babylon? Does ZOG wish to whine about how everyone other than ZOG has “weapons of mass destruction” and urge that these very same weapons of mass destruction be used in order to make everyone other than ZOG and its asshole buddies, the unwashed talmudic Khazar mamzer elders of Isn’tReal, and whigger shabbes-goy ally Britain, give up their piddling stockpile of weapons of mass destruction (WMD)? When ZOG is running around like a mad dog, it is only a very stupid and irresponsible head of state who gives up his retaliatory WMD pig-sticker. Saddam Hussein, the Ayatollahs of Iran, North Korea, Syria, etc. are not at all that stupid. Put them in a corner, and they shall fight for survival, or at least to take down the enemy which gives them absolutely nothing further to lose. So why should I, or any other Resistance activist have anything other than pleasure over ZOG’s War, ZOG’s imbecilic criminal insanity wherein it floats every at single opportunity trial balloons of madness, spinning webs of deceit that the means of combating terror and weapons of mass destruction is to goad or provoke smaller sovereign nations backed into a corner into having nothing to lose by using counter-terror and their stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction first?

. . . . Gene-spliced weapons-grade biowar agents of over 90% lethality with no antibiotic defenses possible means that the only way for anyone to not become a casualty is to kill anyone who might infect them. This guarantees the certain destruction of social and material infrastructure necessary for NWO/ZOG to survive. There shall be no electricity generated and no trucks hauling food and goods. The cities full of whiggers, niggers, jews, mestizos shall die first, followed by an invasion and destruction of suburbs full of whiggers. Rural and small-town areas shall have no choice other than to try to maintain their quarantine by machine- gunning refugees from the outside. Many shall be unsuccessful. ZOG and government in general shall be rightfully blamed for this collapse in civilization, not that there shall be much time to blame anyone as everyone still alive are scratching and killing for survival. The only survivors shall be Whites who set aside their jewdeo- churchianity shibboleths in favor of survival instincts dictating that only allowing close friends and family sharing their values shall and should survive.

. . . . Thus ZOG’s War shall be the salvation of White Christian America, as everyone and anything not White and Christian shall be utterly destroyed in the collapse of the satanic Evil Empire and its dysgenic masses of quasi-human herd animals. Only this way can the Founding People survive the Evil Empire they foolishly and stupidly established ostensibly for the sake of a false ‘security,’ for the sake of dem[on]ocracy, but in reality so that select masonic Founding Felons could establish themselves as a new class of regime criminal and social parasite after George III was kicked out. The Evil Empire must be destroyed. Delenda est Nova Roma.

. . . .

. . . . The Great Tribulation mentioned in Revelation is really part of the Gospel, or “good news.” The Gospel says that the greatest part of the world’s population shall fight against Christ’s second coming. Billions of people shall die; it shall be as in the days of Noah, when all of humanity was going about its business of copulation and murder. Noah, it should be reminded, was a man of perfect and pure generation, who kept himself and his bloodline unsullied with the seed of Satan. The end result is that a flood came along, and destroyed all of Noah’s ungodly misceginated neighbors, leaving only Noah and his family alive. Likewise too shall be the Great Tribulation. It is indeed “good news” to the godly that the Evil Empire and its mass of moral degenerate subjects keeping ZOG in power shall be utterly destroyed as a prelude to godly government.

. . . . However, the “good news” of the Great Tribulation is the destruction of all of man’s governments of every form, from the absolute autocracy of Nebuchadnezzar’s that YHWH said was the “golden head” to the degenerate mixture of iron and clay, rust and shit, which is today’s NWO/ZOG Evil Empire of satanic jews and shabbes-goy whigger supremacists out to sell out White Christian America into destruction, death and slavery for whatever ephemeral pleasure(s) that they can get out of it. The good news is that evildoers and the spawn of Satan shall be consumed as ashes to be trod upon by the feet of the godly. The good news is that these tares shall exist only in the memory of the wheat, as mementos of what they did, of their struggle against long odds, and of the reward of inevitable fate following the struggle which proved their absolute loyalty to YWHW.

. . . . Of course this view is held not only by the Dual- Seedline Christian Identity devout, but increasingly even by the rapture-crapture fools with the notion that God is going to give them an “escape hatch” from the Great Tribulation for some reason. I’ve seen these idiotic novels of the “Left Behind” series, and while I certainly have not read them other than on the paperback covers, the gist of the entire series is that the godly have been ‘raptured’ with those who are only a little bit evil in some sort of purgatory dealing with getting pimples and boils upon their noses, asses and [not-so] private parts, and the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton running their lives from the county seat on up to New Babylon headquartered in the District of Congoids, Criminals, and Corruption. I didn’t look into the covers to see what was said about pigs or niggers, but got the definite assumption that the sanctimonious authors didn’t get the same pleasure that I get whenever I hear of a riot or firefight between ZOG’s multi-culti ‘protected minorities’ versus ZOG’s army of internal occupation, i.e., the piglice, resulting in casualties for one or both sides. All of the subject population slaves obediently for ZOG; never a more realistic matter of every ZOGling for itself. In short, the entire Left Behind series is written by a jewdeo-khazarianity duo of jewdeo-khazarianity whiggers, with jewdeo-khazarianity assumptions. So why is it interesting, other than by the fact that it is selling all through the Baptist Baal-belt like Sunday-morning bacon?

. . . . It is interesting precisely because of its assumptions. It posits the belief that somehow the reader has a special deal with God to where God is going to ‘rapture’ him directly to Heaven, and from the safety of this Most High Balcony they are going to get to see all their worthless sinning degenerate friends, family, criminal regime get to suffer slowly and agonizingly the Great Tribulation. Yep, all these worthless SOBs (Sons of Belial) will get boils on their lips, butts, cunts, and peckers to where these “Left Behind” will fornicate, adulterate, misceginate and copulate nevertheless, but it shall be extremely painful, lust as a sacred painful chore for the Sons (and Daughters) of Belial. And those in the balcony shall get to voyeuristically enjoy each and every sinful, painful moan and groan.

. . . . I like hearing about millions of so-called Christians enjoying this crap because of the political point made by such an attitude which is inherently hostile against ZOG. It shows that normal jewdeo-churchianity whiggers have no love for either ZOG or their fellow whiggers. Give them the notion, draw them even the most fantastic scenario that they can escape impending doom, and they will draw a good deal of satisfaction of ZOG and their fellow quasi-human under-men getting what is coming in the most excruciating fashion. (Of course, I have the same pleasant dreams of torturing ZOGite lawyers, judges, piglice, regime criminals and their families using ZOG’s own legal precedents, of being a regular “Smiling Feliks” Dzerzhinsky to Imperial ZOG-hogs. Justice is indistinguishable from payback, and payback is proverbially harsh, as it has both the raw elements of revenge, and the prevention of counter-revenge.) The pleasure jewdeo-churchianity whiggers draw from reading the “Left Alone” series stems from their fantasy that they can enjoy the Great Tribulation, see it utterly destroy ‘their’ satanic form of government with absolute power and minimal responsibility, from the safety of a heavenly balcony. As a result, the assumptions that the series makes, that this criminal regime, this Evil Empire, this New World Order/Zionist Occupational Government, is of Satan are held by the readers, shared, as they watch this series unfold. Since there are around twenty of these books, this means riches for the authors. But what is pure gold for the Resistance is the millions of readers who will assume that ZOG is getting what it deserves, although few, if any, shall be any help in a Revolutionary sense.

. . . . Whether they believe in rapture or Götterdämmerung, or any other religion of the self, what is important is that the whigger herd animals and lemmings are largely worthless except as fodder for ZOG. They are not fighters for anything or anyone or any belief system. In their millions they vaguely resent the Evil Empire while at the same time they depend upon it to tell them what they should think. The trick for the Revolutionary Resistance activist is to focus their inherent permanent discontent for anything ruling over them into a simmer, and occasionally a flash outbreak of hatred, to show them that ZOG cannot and will not protect them (just as ZOG wasn’t able to protect them from 9/11), to play on their sullen inertia wanting “the System” to fail for someone else if not themselves.

. . . . Most people, especially Whites, were secretly pleased that some ragheads flew jumbo jets into the Twin Jew Towers of Babylon and secretly disappointed that the death toll of ZOG’s Armed Farces headquartered in the Pentagon wasn’t much, much higher. A lot of people don’t believe it was Osama Bin Laden’s doings at all, but rather the Mossad and CIA which did it anyway, so that Bush and his oil buddies could lay a pipeline for Caspian Sea oil across Afghanistan. That it was jews who knew all about it in advance and that they made a killing selling short on Wall Street. That this was the time for Enron to go belly up, taking with it all records of crooked politicians like Cheney and Bush getting payoffs and kickbacks.

. . . . And now, six months after 9/11, it is suddenly all right to regard the 91-IQ, In-Flight, cowardly thieving NWO/ZOG One-Term Sock-Puppet George W[higger] Bush as a clueless idiotic buffoon yapping the exact same crap his imperial jew and whigger supremacist handlers feed him. Laughing about how “Enron” is part of Dubya’s new “Axis of Evil,” along with anyone else daring to dissent from the corrupt silliness of this evil corrupt thieving stupid ass-clown is almost fashionable. And Whites are dismayed, and amused, by Dubya Whigger-Wuss’s suggestion that Cheney be dumped in favor of Congo-lisa Rice as Dubya’s new running-[pri]mate for 2004. One is seldom fearful of that which panders so shamelessly. What is unforgivable is the racial treason involved in this One-Term NWO/ZOG Sock-Puppet in accelerating the inflow of mestizos into the balkanized multi-culti Evil Empire. Sept. 6, 2001 saw Whigger-Wuss2 advocating allowing millions of beaner immigrunts into ZOG to destroy White Christian America, this scheme was merely put on hold after 9/11. Now George W[higger] Bush has opened up legalizing “illegal aliens,” well over three million of them. The end result is that it is an act of idiocy to vote Republican. I see the beginnings of overt Nationalist political candidates running in the Republican primaries, given that Buchanan and other NOW/ZOG figureheads have finished off the Reform and USTP/Constitution political parties.

. . . . Here in Missouri, for example, I paid $200 for my ‘sedition license’ and filed as a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. To give myself some name recognition on the ballot, I decided to file with the nickname of “Mad Dog.” As expected, two more Republican whiggers filed on the last day of filing because just anyone can file, but mainly to dilute the Nationalist protest vote from rural and small- town White voters. However, this really will not matter, because the favorite ZOG-uglican to win is one James [No]Talent, a total geek and former whigger kongress-kritter from suburban St. Louis who lost the governor’s race to a mediocre Democrat in 2000. Nationwide, and in Missouri, demographics tilted the vote to where the Democrats had a majority victory. Only the fact that the fix was in for the Supreme Kort to give the victory to Dubya Whigger-Wuss2 so that White America could be betrayed by ‘their’ political party gave Dubya the win and the stolen election. Here in Missouri, there was no such kort ‘victory’ and when the rest of the state tallied its votes, St. Louis, being a large city with plenty of non-white voters, put an end to both No- Talent for governor, and John Ashcroft as U.S. Senator, along with the entire Republican state-wide candidates, with the exception of Matt ‘Runt’ Blunt, the son of the 7th Congressional District Kongress-kritter, Roy ‘Skunk’ Blunt, who was [s]elected Secretary of State.

. . . . Back during the February-March 2000 filing season, I encouraged a “Republican for AlGore” Khazar jew from Springfield to run against Ashcroft in the Republican primary. The idea was for this Democrat to put Ashcroft under primary pressure on the moderate left while at the same time I, as a Reform Party candidate, would hammer Asscrack on the Nationalistic right. I also was in mutual support of one Doctor Joseph Keller running as a Reform Party candidate for governor who would do the exact same thing against No-Talent as well. We both thought that the Reform Party was ripe for genuine Nationalist candidates and political campaigns to take down the right-wing of the Imperial buzzard. However, the Reform Party was in reality nothing more than a NWO/ZOG false opposition front, regardless of whether or not the rank-and-file Reform Party voters were White Christian working-class males in rural and small-towns. Buchanan made off, as arranged, with $12.6 million in Reform Party funds courtesy of Whigger-Wuss2’s federal kort judges. In return, Buchanan chose as a running [pri]mate a black female collecting crazy checks and paid her $1,500/month for running. The reason was to create such disgust in the 3.5 percent of White Christian working-class rural males formerly supporting Buchanan ‘Reform’ that they would vote for WhiggerWuss2 as opposed to voting for Buchanan. The scheme worked, but demographically the overall vote switched to the Democrats in 2000. The demographics of 2002 ensures that Jean ‘Widder Minstrel-Show Mel’ Carnahan will retain the U.S. Senate seat she won from Asscrack in 2000.

. . . . As it is now, Nationalists no longer have to reveal themselves by asking for a minor party primary ballot August 6, 2002. They can ask for a Republican ballot, vote for myself as a Nationalist candidate running as a Republican, and thus ensure that No-Talent shall have to run either an overtly pro-White or pro-whigger campaign. Either way, No-Talent is screwed because neither Whites or non- whites will believe No-Talent is for the White working man, and that is the core constituency of the Republican Party. The Republicans lose the White vote, then they become nothing more than a minor party pandering for the non-white vote, with no one fooled whatsoever. There simply is no future for the Republican Party unless it becomes a White Nationalist political party. And this is simply not going to happen, because the Republican Party is a political party with nothing valuable except for rich, thieving corporate- welfare whigger supremacists.

. . . . Now why have I brought this political excursion up? It is to bring out a prediction that the Afghan war, the War on the Muslims, World War III, KhazarWarz3, whatever one wants to call this War of NWO/ZOG Imperial Aggression, shall bring to power as First Criminal a Dem[on]ocrat in 2004. The Kongress-kritters and Senaturds shall be Dem[on]ocrats. So shall most of the states. Then the current stalemate on this phony ‘War on [non-ZOG sponsored] Terrorism’ shall become an overt rout, if it doesn’t happen before 2004. Already there is talk of “nation-building” and building an Afghan Government Army, as if it shall somehow work in a land in which all ethnic and tribal sides are addicted to civil warfare and banditry. The Vietnamese were a far more pacific people, and the very same scheme, called by Nixon and Kissinger “Vietnamization” thirty years ago, was a farcical failure from the start. ZOG pulls out of Afghanistan, and the exact same thing shall happen to the Evil Empire’s puppet regime that happened to the Russian puppet government when the Russians pulled out – the puppet regime’s lackeys and their families shall be gutted and hanged with their own intestines from a lamp-post or whatever other makeshift gallows can be propped up from amongst the rubble.

. . . . Six months after 9/11, ZOG’s War has already been lost. Not that there ever was any chance to win it. All of ZOG’s horses and all of ZOG’s under-men, can’t and won’t be able to put ZOG back together again.

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate -- 2002



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