March 28, 2005

Newton County News
200 South Jefferson
Neosho, Missouri 64850

Re: Candidate Survey, Newton County News,
for Granby Municipal Judge and East Newton R-6 Skrewl Bored

Dear Editor:

Enclosed is a filled-out questionnaire for both Granby Municipal Judge and East Newton R-6 Skrewl Bored member. I shall send these questions in text format and in Word2000 to your e-mail address at I shall post these questionnaire(s) to my web pages, at:


I am serious in my proposals which sound radical, but which will end up being implemented, if not by myself, then by my successors. The current level of corruption is such that the only solution is to let the current civil war exterminate not only the regime criminals, but 90% of the ZOGling whigger herd animals which support these policies as well. (ZOG=Zionist Occupation Government, whigger = 'white' nigger).

Since I am running for two offices, I shall reply the same for much of them, and expect you to use the additional space saved for my solutions and policies. I shall write accordingly so that what is most important comes first. My policies at length will be where they belong -- on my web page. Since I do not expect to place anything except second, there is no reason for any censorship to occur on your part. That said, I find it touching that you are one of the few jewspapers or jewsmedia to want to get my opinion, most like the jewplin Glob and the Buzzard's Neosho Daily Douche simply lie that I was unavailable for comment. I am,

Most Sincerely Yours,

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt,
Former Republican Candidate for Governor of Missouri
Candidate for Granby Municipal Judge
Candidate for East Newton School Board

(1) Name: Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt

(2) Position you are seeking: Granby Municipal Judge

(3) Family: I have a thieving brother and sister that I don't talk to, as well as a stupid slut of a stepdaughter, and her weak husband and ex-husband who have recently had their children taken away by DFS. The only family I recognize is my long-term domestic partner and my four grandchildren who have been kidnapped under color of law and by whom the Newton County jewvenile authorities have tried to manufacture child molestation charges against myself in order to have me murdered in prison. This is why this current civil war needs to exterminate both regime criminals and whiggers and their spawn before good government can be restored over the survivors.

(4) Education: I have a B.S. in B.S. from MSSU in 1984. From 1981-83 I targeted battlefield nuclear missiles for ZOG in the US Army. (Zionist Occupation Government). I also graduated at the bottom of my class in 1988 from the Crowder College Truck Driving School. I currently teach Dual- Seedline Christian Identity doxology to sundry White Nationalists, hope to establish a Church and Seminary for said doctrine.

(5) Qualifications: I out-write, out-think and out- lawyer every lawyer I've been in conflict with over eight federal lawsuits, including the ongoing lawsuit against RuntBlunt, current de facto governor of Missouri. I've filed sundry state circuit kort lawsuits and got the crooks to back off, sometimes. I've been convicted three out of three times by a jury of my white-chicken peers for misdemeanors such as driving with a burnt-out headlight, trespassing while daring to video-tape my expulsion from the Missouri Libertarian Party, and for not wearing a seat belt. I served 30 days for contempt of court for refusal to pay fines and court costs over the illegal trial for a burnt-out headlight. Dealing with regime korts proves that it isn't a matter of law, but of power.

Presently I am the Missouri head of the predominate Aryan Nations faction. I am presently showing everyone interested how anyone can spread Chronic Wasting Disease if they have a grievance against the current criminal regime. I publish the dirt on my numerous web pages.

(6) Experience: The 'law' as applied in these cash- register municipal korts are nothing more than perjury parlors manned by piglice to steal from the poor and the weak. They do nothing more than collect fines from those who have no sense other than cooperate with those trying to steal from them. It usually costs more to hire a lawyer to plea-bargain the case down than it does to simply pay the fine. Talking to the prosecuting attorney simply is a question as to whether to pay the fine or to pay double so that the insurance company doesn't take a bite. The current incumbent was sent to Iraq, and according to Missouri law there was supposed to be held a special election to replace him. Instead, lawyers were illegally appointed to keep the money flowing through kort fines. Thus the proceedings since May 2003 - March 2005 are unlawful. Doubtless the same conditions shall apply.

(7) What are your goals if you are elected to office: The goal of me running for office against the same incumbent, for this the fourth time in a decade remains the same: That those who vote for corrupt government be held to account for the crimes of those they [s]elected. Thus they too can be deprived of their lives, liberty and property, when being judged as they too did judge others. The People are responsible for the crimes of their rulers. I give them a choice.

However, in the off chance that I am [s]elected, I would dismiss all charges gained by piglice misconduct, dismiss all 'failure to register' complaints (as it is the state, not the municipal corporation which titles private property), dismiss all failure to show proof of insurance cases unless an accident happens according to law (as it was the insurance companies which bought this legis-treason), and make the prosecutor and piglice pay all kort costs. In addition, known or caught pig or lawyer perjurers will be slapped with a contempt of kort penalty. All judgments will be accompanied by a written opinion based upon fact and law. Also, video-taping of proceedings shall be made, with the defendant allowed to pay for a copy upon request so that this is an informal court of record.

I intend to shut down this municipal cash-register kort.



(1) Name: Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt

(2) Position you are seeking: East Newton Skrule Bored - R6

(3) Family: See above

(4) Education: See above

(5) Qualifications: See above

(6) Experience: I have been 100% anti-regimeist pubic skrewls since 1994. I favor the separation of school and regime because these pubic skrewls do nothing except turn White children into brain-dead, Satan-worshipping government- worshipping addlepated whiggroid idiots who will not obey their parents. Anyone who is wants to keep their children from becoming mindless regimeist drones and slaves and pay less in property taxes should vote for me -- and for no-one else on the ballot even if there is space for two other pro- regimeist degenerate idiots.

(7) What are your goals if you are elected to office: I intend to be a 'bad' skrewl bored member in that there will be no secrets as to what is going on in open or closed session. I will not ever vote to pour more cement so that more 'la cucaracha peepul' i.e. latrino Mexcrement can live off of the White taxpayer. White children can't learn anything anywhere except their native habitat -- a single- wide or double-wide trailer. A green-card & head-lice check every single day to help keep 'em out of East Newton and towards Neosho and Mexmonet where they belong. Remember, itz a 'mad dog' which will bite them dirty greasers and their whigger race-traitor allies and keep your wallet and children safe from higher taxation, disease and slavery.



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