Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt -- Republican Candidate for Governor of Missouri -- 2004


Campaign Statement, League of Women Voters

I am running for the office of Governor of Missouri not because I have a chance of winning but rather because I wish bring up life-and-death issues so that the People cannot claim that they haven't been warned. These conditions are insoluble, and the end result shall be that most of you and your families shall die in the collapse of Western Civilization. The survivors shall rightfully say, just like the collapse of the Roman Empire, that there was no saving it and should have been no saving it due to the degeneracy and evil of the inhabitants of this mighty Evil Empire.

If elected Governor, I shall not allow Missouri National Guard troops sent overseas. I shall set up a police unit with prosecutors to detect and criminally charge police, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, politicians and bureaucrats with corruption and terrorism. I shall shut down the Division of Family Services from stealing and selling children and breaking up families, as they have done with my grandchildren. Justice shall not be delayed, denied, or for sale, insofar as possible with an evil population.

Other than myself, incumbent Governor Bob Holden is the lesser of the evils.

(195 words in Campaign Statement body of text.)

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for Governor of Missouri



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