Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt -- Republican Candidate 4 U.S. Senate -- 2002


My International Trade Campaign Issue for June 4, 2002

International Trade Campaign Issue -- To League of Women Voters

We really must thank Jim Talent for all of what he's done to this country thanks for voting for NAFTA/GATT back in 1993, when he was on his first term for Congress.

Talent voted for NAFTA. This created a "giant sucking sound" as major corporations decided to move to Mexico to take advantage of the cheap slave labor. In addition, 'American' corporations like Stanley and Tyco International have headquartered off-shore to avoid paying taxes. So corporate 'America' gets to avoid taxes by means of paying out campaign contributions to Kongress-Kritters like Talent, and the working-class Whites get to not only get taxed harder to make up for the loss of revenue, thanks to these tax-evasion 'tax cuts' Talent voted in for them, but when all these jobs went overseas, Talent voted against unemployment benefits for these newly jobless White working-class Americans, who will not be able to find a high-paying manufacturing job.

So a working-class and middle-class White person voting for Jim Talent is as smart as a white chicken voting for Don Tyson.

Now in addition to this imbalance of International Trade, thanks to Jim Talent, Mexico has come to Missouri, because every single Republican U.S. Senator, including Ashcroft and Bond, voted, along with the Republican House in which Talent served, to give out an additional 2.5 million green cards to illegal aliens, thus making them 'legal.' Only Democrats voted against flooding America with slave-labor aliens.

Of course it is but a matter of time before the dollar is devalued explicitly, as it has lost value against the Euro, yen, and other currencies. However, not until foreigners buy all the assets worth holding will this take place.

Thank you, Jim Talent. You've helped turn America into a multi-culti Evil Empire in which the Founding People are shoved to the wall.

If I am elected, I pledge to impose a tariff on all multi-national tax-dodging foreign corporations and deport non-white aliens.

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate -- 2002